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Changling Tomb

  • Changling is the head tomb of the thirteen Ming tombs, and also the largest one of all. The third Ming Emperor Zhu Di, whose reign title was Yongle, was buried here together with his wife, Empress Xu.


  • ID : 121
  • City : beijing
  • English name : Changling (Ming Tomb)
  • Chinese name : 长陵
  • Type : Ancient Mausoleum,
  • Level : easy
  • Kids : possible
  • Elders: possible
  • Best season : all year round
  • Visiting length : 1-2 hours
  • Distance to city center : 40 km

Introduction of Changling Tomb

  • Changling, built from 1409 to 1427, is located at the foot of the Heavenly Longevity Hill. It is the head tomb of the thirteen Ming tombs, and also the largest one of all. The third Ming Emperor Zhu Di, whose reign title was Yongle, was buried here together with his wife, Empress Xu. He ruled for 22 years from 1402 to 1424, and made great achievements in political, military, economic, cultural and diplomatic fields.

Photo of Changling (Ming Tomb)

  • Changling Tomb photo covers the Gate, Lingen Hall and Ming Tower of the Tomb Changling.
  • Changling (Ming Tomb) photo

Highlights of visiting Changling Tomb, Changling Mausoleum

    Lingen Hall, Soul Tower

Helper to visit Changling (Ming Tomb)

  • Address in English : Changchi Road, Shisanling Town, Changping District, Beijing, China
  • Address in Chinese : 北京市昌平区十三陵镇昌赤路
  • Tel : +86-10-60761888
  • Post code : 102213
  • Ticket time : 8:30-16:30
  • Open time : 8:30-16:30
  • Closing time : null
  • Location : Changling (Ming Tomb) is around 40 km to downtown beijing


  • Public bus: Bus 314, 872, 878, 879, 925, Changping 55, Changping 32(Changling Station)
  • Subway: Take Subway Changping Line, get off at Dongguang Station and change bus 314.
  • Private car is the best method to visit Changling (Ming Tomb) with local tour operator.


  • high season : 45 RMB/person.
  • shoulder season : 45 RMB/person.
  • low season : 45 RMB/person.

Changling Tomb, Changling Mausoleum Tour

Please send us an email if you can not find Changling (Ming Tomb) tour you need on this page. We can tailor a private trip to Changling (Ming Tomb).

Hotel near Changling Tomb

  • 5 star/duluxe hotel
  • Beijing Marriott Hotel Changping
  • 4 star/superior hotel
  • Sinopec Conference Center
  • Auspicious Business Hotel
  • 3 star/comfort hotel
  • JI Hotel (Beijng Changping Longshui Road)
  • Naturetime Hotel
  • Layout of Changling
  • Changling Tomb is square in the front part and round in the rear, representing earth and heaven respectively. For earth was believed to be square and heaven round. It is divided into three courtyards and the main buildings arranged on the central axis are still standing there.

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    • Lingen Hall - the Hall of Eminent Favor Lingen Hall, also called offerings hall, used to be the place to keep memorial tablets inscribed with the names of deceased emperors. Sacrificial ceremonies were held here too. The hall is supported by 60 pillars made of nanmu (phoebe nanmu). Nanmu, a kind of valuable timber, was cut in southwest China and carried all the way to Beijing. The 32 inside the hall are over 12 meters high and the four in the innermost are the biggest, each being 14.3 meters high and 1.17 meters in diameter, so big that two men cannot put their arms around it. They were made out of single tree trunks, rarely seen in the world. Nothing was painted inside the hall to maintain its natural color. The hall is the largest and the most magnificent building of nanmu wood that still exists in China.
      Inside the hall, a bronze statue of Emperor Yongle is sitting on the throne carve with nine dragons. The statue is vivid and exquisite. In addition, hundreds of cultural relics unearthed in the Ming Tombs were displayed here. The live video of excavating the underground palace in 1956 to reveals the mystery of the underground palace. The soul Tower The soul Tower was built at the top of Square City in front of the earth mound. It is the mark of an imperial tomb. Above the gate is a plaque inscribed with the name of the tomb, and inside the tower is a stone tablet carved with characters Tomb of Emperor Chengzu of the Great Ming, Chengzu being the posthumous title of Emperor Yongle.
    • Human Sacrifice in Changling of Ming Tombs
    • According to historical records, there were 16 imperial concubines buried alive in the east and west pits as funeral objects of the emperor. They were called pits because they were vertical shafts without horizontal tunnels. In the slavery society, human sacrifice was commonplace. From the Qin and Han dynasties onwards, wooden or earthen figures were used instead. However, the cruel system was not abrogated thoroughly and the first Ming emperor restored the old system with 46 imperial concubines buried with him. This practice ended when the sixth Ming emperor issued an edict in mid-15th century to abolish the system of human sacrifice.
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