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Xingang Port Map

You may find two maps of Mutianyu Great Wall on this page.  
The first map is designed by Beijingservice team, indicating the distance to Beijing as well as the beacon towers of Mutianyu Great Wall.
The second map is a photo taken on Mutianyu Great Wall, which can be seen when you visit Mutianyu Great Wall.

Introduction of the first map

- It is around 80 km from Mutianyu Great Wall to Beijing Downtown;
- Jingcheng Expressway is located south of Mutianyu Great Wall, which is the main way to Mutianyu;
- Shuttle bus is available, from entrance to the foot of wall, although it needs extra cost;
- Restaurant, parking lot,  shuttle bus station are available near the entrance;
- Ming Tombs are located 80 km west of Mutianyu Great Wall;
- Cable car station is available, which is located near second parking lot;
- Walking staires is avable to the top of wall. It takes around 30 minutes by foot.
- Badaling Great Wall is around  88 km west of Mutianyu Great Wall;
- Beacon tower Mutianyu Great Wall is from 1st one to 23th tower;
- Toliet can be found near the beacon of 4th, 8th and 15th;
- Jiankou Wild Great Wall is northeast of Mutianyu Great Wall, which is not permitted to visit.

Xingang Port Map Designed by Beijingservice.com

Mutianyu Great Wall Map

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