Beijing Unique Tour

Beijing unique tour refers to the tour routes designed by Beijingservice team. The tours are not available in most of other tour operators. Beijingservice team select restaurant, hotel, attractions, vehicle and guide to make our tour products well-designed.


We use local restaurant to let travelers to taste the local dishes with local flavor, unless there is no local restaurant available near attraction. Tour guide will help you to order dish because the restaurant do not speak English.

4 Days Beijing Unique Tour

Tour code:BP-3.1
Tour lenght: 4 days 3 night
Level: easy
Departure: daily
Cost: since 349USD/person

3 Days Beijing Essence Tour

Tour code:BP-2.1
Tour lenght: 3 days 2 night
Level: easy
Departure: daily
Cost: since 159 USD/person

Attraction for Beijing Unique Tour

Part of attraction are only used by Beijing Unique Tour on
They are selected by Beijingservice, interesting and no crowded.