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    Passenger Guide of Beijing Capital International Airport

    • Passenger guide is helpful to make travelers to know the facility and service of Beijing Capital Airport better. Terminal, airline, departure, arrival and transit guide is included.


    • Introduction There are three terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport. It is no easy to get familiar with facilities in the airport.
      Reading this article is helpful to know how to enjoy the service of this huge airport. Terminals, flights, arrival, departure and transfer guide information of Beijing Capital Airport is included.


      Three Terminals are available in Beijing Capital International Airport.
      Terminal 1 covers an area of 60,000 square meters. It is the operational base for Hainan Airlines' domestic flights and its subsidiaries.

      Terminal 2 covers an area of 336,000 square meters, serving more than 30 airlines. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are connected by a public walkway.
      Terminal 3 is the second largest airport terminal in the world, covering an area of 1,713,000 square meters. With unique modernistic design, it was divided into 3 concourses, named C, D and E, from south to north. This terminal serves all flights from Air China and 40 other airlines.

      Free ferry bus is available among three terminals. They can be found at Gate 7 of the Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Gate 5 of the Terminal 3.

    • Airlines

      Beijing Capital International Airport is the main hub for Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines. The destinations include 88 cities in China and 69 cities in other countries.

      Airlines operating in Beijing Capital Airport

      Airlines in Terminal 1

      • Capital Airlines (JD), Grand China Airlines Domestic (CN), Hainan Airlines Domestic (HU), Tianjin Airlines (GS), Lucky Air(8L)

      Airlines in Terminal 2

      • Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (SU), Air Algeria (AH), Air Astana (KC), Air France (AF), Air Koryo (JS),
      • AirAsia X (D7), Alitalia(AZ), Azerbaijan Airlines(J2), Beijing Capital Airlines(JD), Cebu Pacific(5J), China Eastern Airlines (MU),
      • China Southern Airlines (CZ), Chongqing Airlines (OQ), Delta Air Lines (DL), Garuda Indonesia (GA),
      • Hainan Airlines International (HU), Hong Kong Airlines(HX), Iran Air (IR), Jeju Air(7C), KLM (KL),
      • Korean Air (KE), Mega Maldives(LV), NordStar Airlines (Y7), Pakistan International Airlines (PK),
      • Shanghai Airlines (FM), Sri Lankan Airlines (UL), TAAG Angola Airlines (DT), Tajik Air (7J), Turkmenistan Airlines (T5),
      • Ukraine International Airlines(PS), Uzbekistan Airlines (HY), Vietnam Airlines (VN), XiamenAir(MF)

      Airlines in Terminal 3

      • Air Canada (AC), Air China (CA), Air Macau (NX), Air Mauritius (MK), Air Seychelles (HM),
      • Air New Zealand (NZ), All Nippon Airways (NH), American Airlines(AA), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Austrian Airlines (OS),
      • British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific (CX), China Airlines (CI), Dragonair (KA), Egypt Air (MS), EL AL(LY), Emirates Airlines (EK),
      • Ethiopian Airlines (ET), Etihad Airways (EY), EVA Air(BR), Fiji Airways(FJ), Finnair (AY), Hawaiian Airlines(HA),
      • Iraqi Airways (IA), Japan Airlines (JL), Juneyao Airlines (HO), Loong Air(GJ), LOT Polish Airlines(LO), Lufthansa Airlines(LH),
      • Mahan Air (W5), Malaysia Airlines (MH), Mongolia Airlines (OM), Philippine Airlines (PR), Qatar Airlines (QR),
      • Qingdao Airlines (QW), S7 Airlines (S7), Scandinavian Airlines (SK), Shandong Airlines (SC), ,Shenzhen Airlines (HZ),
      • Sichuan Airlines (3U), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Donghai Airlines (DZ), Swiss International Air Lines (LX), Thai Airways (TG),
      • Tibet Airlines (TV), Turkish Airlines (TK), United Airlines (UA), Ural Airlines (U6)

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    • Departure

      Domestic Departure
      Domestic Check-in =>Baggage Claim=>Security Check =>Domestic Concourse=>Boarding

      International Departure
      International Check-in =>Inspection&Quarantine =>Immigration Inspection =>Security Check =>Customs =>International Concourse=>Boarding


      International Arrival
      Gate Arrival=>International Arrival Access =>Joint Inspection(Inspection&Quarantine, Immigration)=>Security Check=>Customs=>Arrival Hall

      Domestic Arrival
      Gate Arrival=>Domestic Arrival Access =>Luggage Claim=>Arrival Hall

      Transit (change flight)

      Domestic flight transit Domestic flight
      Arrival=>Baggage Claim=>Domestic Check-in=> Security Check=>Domestic Concourse=>Boarding

      Domestic flight transit International flight
      Arrival=>Luggage Claim=>International Check-in =>Joint Inspection(Inspection&Quarantine, Customs, Immigration, Security Check)=>International Concourse=>Boarding

      International flight transit Domestic flight
      Arrival=>International Arrival Access =>Joint Inspection(Inspection&Quarantine, Immigration)=>Luggage Claim=>Customs=>Security Check=>Domestic Check-in =>Domestic Concourse=>Boarding

      International flight transit International flight
      Arrival=>Luggage Claim=>International Check-in => Immigration Inspection=> Security Check =>Customs =>International Concourse=>Boarding

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    • Passenger Guide of Beijing Capital International Airport
      Terminal, airline, departure, arrival and transit guide of Beijing Capital International Airport for passengers is presented in this article.
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