Beijing Half Day Tours


Beijing Half Day Tour MapBeijing half day tour refers to the tour in Beijing last around 4 hours. The tours start and end in your downtown Beijing hotel.
Part of business travelers only have half day time to visit the place of Beijing. Beijingservice team designed this half day tour products to cater this need. We will cover private vehicle, driver, English speaking tourguide, admission fee. Travelers may just sit back and enjoy the trip.

Beijing Half Day Tour Map

Please find the Beijing half day tour map on the right side of this page.  Travelers may got an impression of Beijing half day tour timetable from this map.

Tour Type

Beijing half day tours are only available for private tour. This means you will enjoy private vehicle and private guide.

Top Attractions included in Beijing Half Day Tours

Top Attractions included in Beijing Half Day Tours Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace

Downtown Beijing Half Day Tours

BJ-PF-07. National Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-08. Capital Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-09. Beijing Aquarium half day tour
BJ-PF-10. Beijing Zoo (Panda) half day tour
BJ-PF-11. Forbidden City half day tour
BJ-PF-12. Summer Palace half day tour
BJ-PO-09. Beijing Hutong half day tour
BJ-PF-14. Temple of Heaven half day tour
BJ-PF-15. Tiananmen Square half day tour
BJ-PF-16. Beijing Olympic Park half day tour
BJ-PF-17. Beihai Park half day tour
Fragrant Hill Photo taken in AutumnBJ-PF-18. Fragrant Hill half day tour
BJ-PF-21. Lama Temple half day tour
BJ-PF-22. 798 Art Zone half day tour
BJ-PF-23. National Art Museum of China half day tour
BJ-PF-24. Happy Valley half day tour 
BJ-PF-25. Old Summer Palace / YuanmingYuan Garden half day tour
BJ-PF-27. Chaoyang Park half day tour
BJ-PF-28. World Park half day tour
BJ-PF-29. Nationality Park half day tour
BJ-PF-30. China Garden Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-31. China Avaiation Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-32. Beijing Railyway Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-33. Beijing Auto Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-34. Liulichang Culture Street half day tour
BJ-PF-35. Panjiayuan Antique Market half day tour
BJ-PF-36. TaoranTing Park half day tour
BJ-PF-37. Confucius Temple & Imperial College half day tour

Beijing Half Day Tours to Suburb Area

Badaling Great Wall tour PhotoBJ-PO-35-L. Badaling Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-02. Juyongguan Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-03. Shuiguan Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-04. Shixiaguan Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-05. Mutianyu Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-06. Huanghuacheng Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-19. Ming Tombs private tour half day tour
BJ-PF-20. Underground Palace of Ming Tomb half day tour

Itinerary of Beijing half day tour

Beijing Half Day Tour Vehicle and DriverBe met from Hotel lobby at 08:30 or 13:30.
Drive to attractions.
Take sightseeing in attractions.
Be transferred back to your hotel.
Service end.

Time Arrangement for Beijing Half Day Tours

Beijing half day tours include double way transfer from hotel and sightseeing in attraction. Travelers may visit 1 or 2 travelers during the half day tour. Except the double way transfer around 1 to 2 hours, travelers may have 2 to 3 hours in attraction depends on different attractions to visit.

Morning Tour or Afternoon Tour

Travelers may decide to take morning tour or afternoon tour based on travelers' timetable. The start time of morning tour is 08:30 am. The half day tour will be end at around 12:30. The afternoon tour start at around 13:30, and end at around 17:30.

Start and End Place

Beijing Restaurant PhotoThe tour is start and end in your hotel lobby. We suggest you to walk to a hotel near your accommodation place if your are living in the home or apartment of your friend. This will be easy to meet tour guide and vehicle.

Mobile Phone

It is helpful if you have a local phone number, or you may ask our tour advisor to buy one card for you. It is easy to contact with our tour guide. We can not waste any time because there is only 4 hours to spend. And the card have function of Internet connection.

Booking of Beijing Half Day Tour

We need the following information to make reservation: Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Passport number and Date of birth: ___________ / ___________ (It is requested by Forbidden City when book tickets in advance. )
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Hotel name: __________
Hotel address: __________
Telephone number of hotel: __________
Name you used to reserve hotel:__________
Date of check in hotel:__________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Payment Method for Beijing Half Day Tours

We suggest to pay 30 USD as deposit via PayPal or Credit Card. Balance can be paid in cash to our tour guide on tour day.