Beijing Downtown Private Tour

Beijing downtown private tour or Beijing city private tour refers to private tour within downtown area of Beijing,  within 5th ring Road.  The private tour in downtown area show you urban culture and attractions of the Beijing with private vehicle, driver and guide from Beijingservice team.

Top Attractions

Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Olympic par is must place when you visit Beijing. There will be many travelers on each day because all travelers will not miss these places. Actually there are many places worth a visit, please find the routes of Unique Beijing tour designed by Beijingservice for more information.

Vehicle for Downtown Beijing visit

Vehicle for downtown tourVehicle Traffic within downtown Beijing is convenient, so many vehicles are available to visit the urban area. Vehicle option:
- private vehicle and driver: confortable, easy, expensive.
- subway: crowded, need walk before take the train. No traffic jam, low cost.
- public bus: crowded, heavy traffic, low cost.
- taxi: convenient,  driver do not speak English, heavy traffic, can not find empty taxi at busy place or during rush hour, Expensive.
- bike: convenient, only for short distance, no traffic jam, low cost.
- by foot : convenient, only for short distance, no traffic jam, low cost.
- rickshaw : only available in Hutong area for the hutong tour
Private vehicle and driver is for sure the best choice, because it is not so easy to find a empty taxi or take public bus for a foreign travelers near tourism attractions.

Resere and Visit: 

Downtown Beijing visit:  Temple of Heaven The following Beijing one day tour routes will lead you to visit top attractions of downtown Beijing:
BJ-PO-03-D Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Bird Nest and Water Cube
BJ-PO-04-A Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
BJ-PO-04-B Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace
BJ-PO-04-C Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong and Lama Temple
BJ-PO-04-D Zoo, Hutong, Confucius Temple and Tiananmen Square
BJ-PO-14 Zoo, Aquarium, Science and Technology Museum, Olympic Park
BJ-PO-15 Beijing One Day Private Shopping Tour
BJ-PO-18 Beijing 1 Day Museums Tour
BJ-PO-21 Beijing 1 Day Private Celebrities Residences Tour
BJ-PO-22 Beijing 1 Day Antique Market Tour

Downtown Beijing Package Tour

Please find the downtown Beijing package tour. This package tour covers all top attractions within downtown Beijing.

Three Days Downtown Beijing Private Tour
Day 1. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace
Day 2. Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, Olympic Park, Lama Temple
Day 3. Confucius Temple, Imperial College, Qianmen Area, Jingshan Park, Wangfujing Street.

Pick up place

We can pick up travelers from lobby of any hotel within 4th ring Road. Please check with your tour advisor while make reservation.   If your hotel is located in Hutong area, our tour guide will inform you how to walk out the small lanes and meet our vehicle.

Beijing Downtown Tour arrangement

Please send us your request. We will tailor the itinerary according to your request: