Beijing Private Tour Tips

Beijing tour tips as well as the frequently asked questions are edited by Beijingservice team. 

What is Beijing Private Tour?

Beijing private tour , also named Beijing private trip, refers to visiting Beijing with private vehicle, driver and tour guide.

Best Season of Beijing Private Tour

Considering the weather, Autumn and Spring is best season to take Beijing private tour, because it is not very hot and not very cold. If travelers prefer to have a good price, then Winter is also a good season, because the hotel and vehicle will be less expensive. At the same time, the attractions are not so crowded as peak season.

Tour Advisor

Beijingservice owns experienced tour advisor. We worked in inbound tourism field many years. Our team can design private tour itinerary based on the request of travelers. Tour advisor may adjust all elements of private tour including vehicle type, tour guide, hotel, restaurant, evening show as well as the visiting sequence of the tour. Should you have any question or suggestion, please inform your tour advisor. We are always available at

Things Need to be Packed to Beijing

Light package is suggested. Only daily supplies, phone, camera, laptop...
You may find anything you need in local market or shopping mall in Beijing if necessary.

Tailor Itinerary of Beijing Private Tour

Beijingservice offers many private tour routes in Beijing. But sometimes travelers need to tailor it to cater to the timetable of travelers. Please send your request to tour advisor of Then our tour advisor and operator will work together and update you with reasonable tour itinerary. For sure, you may talk about details with tour advisor during the process of tailoring or booking.

Beijing Private Tour Type

Private tours in Beijing covers the following tour types:
Beijing private package tour ,
Beijing private one day tour ,
Beijing private evening tour ,
Beijing private layover tour ,
Beijing Xian private tour ,
Beijing private theme tour
Beijing extension private tour ,
Beijing suburb private tour,
Beijing deluxe private tour ,
Beijing economic private tour ,
The following private tour types are available when there is request from travelers:
Beijing top attractions private tour ,
Beijing transfer service ,
Beijing city private tour,
Beijing farm private tour ,
Beijing sports private tour ,
Beijing no shopping private tour ,

Beijing Private Tour to Top Attractions

The following places are top attractions of Beijing. Travelers should not miss them when plan a Beijing tour. If you are not in an organized tour or package tour, then you may take a separate tour to these places:
798 Art Zone private tour
Beihai Park private tour
Forbidden City private tour
Fragrant Hill private tour
Giant Panda private tour
Great Wall pirvate tour
Hutong private tour
Lama Temple private tour
Ming Tomb private tour
Olympic Park private tour
Beijing Private Great Wall Tour Summer Palace tour
Temple of Heaven tour
Tiananmen Square tour

Beijing Private Tour Vehicle

Beijing private tour is flexible on vehicle. We will arrange
5 seats car for 1-5 travelers;
9-15 seats van for 6 to 9 travelers;
22 seats mini-bus for 10 to 15 travelers;
33-55 seats coach for 16 to 39 travelers;
Beijingservice also offers deluxe vehicle, such as Benz S350, Please let us know in advance if you need.   Travelling Beijing with private car is the best method to discover the city

Driver of Beijing Private Tour

The drivers arranged for private tour are all experienced driver. They are familiar with roads to attractions, hotel and restaurant. The drivers are kind and friendly.

Tour Guide of Beijing Private Tour

Tour guide for Beijing private tour is familiar with top attractions in Beijing. And they should adjust the time or speed of traveling after talking with travelers. Private tour guide will communicate between travelers, driver, restaurant, hotel and tour company. Travelers may talk about details with private tour guide upon being met from hotel or during traveling. Except make introduction of attractions in Beijing, tour guide will introduce building or event on the way to attraction. After reaching the attraction, private tour guide will introduce the attraction. Travelers will be companied by tour guide to visit the attraction. See more details of Beijing tour guide of Beijingservice team.

How to Tip the Guide and Driver

Many travelers ask our tour advisor how much i should tip the driver and guide. We often reply travelers that this is depends on travelers. But travelers are still confused. Actually foreign travelers often give tip to driver and tour guide. Please click in and read the details.

Restaurant of Beijing Private Tour

Restaurant for Beijing private tour covers tourism restaurant, normal local restaurant, deluxe local restaurant, buffet restaurant, fast food restaurant as well as western restaurant. Beijingservice team will arrange normal local restaurant an tourism restaurant based on tour routes. The restaurant arrangement can be tailored according to the request of travelers. For example, part of travelers prefer to use their meal in deluxe restaurant, then we will arrange selected deluxe Beijing restaurant for the client. Restaurant request should be informed when make reservation, or at least 3 days before tour date. See more details of restaurant for Beijing private tour.

Dinner in Beijing Private Tour

Most Beijing private tours do not include dinner in the itinerary, which offers a chance for travelers to discover the local food on their own. Please let us know if you prefer to cover dinners in the private package tour. If you reserved a no-dinner-tour in Beijing private package, extra cost is needed when you decide to add dinner. The extra cost include the guide, driver, vehicle and dinner.

Hotel for Beijing Private Tour

Beijing private package tour can include the following hotel accommodation according to request of travelers.
Budget hotel or hostel: Beijingservice selected safe and clean place to save cost for travelers. Usually they are 2 star
Comfortable hotel: This kind of hotel offers decent room with nice hard ware, service and reasonable price. We often use 3 star hotel for this level.
Standard hotel: Refers to hotel with very good hardware and service. We use 4 star hotel for this level.
Deluxe hottel: Deluxe hotel refers to hotel at level of 5 star hotel, providing excellent service and hardware.
Super deluxe hotel: refers the top level of 5 star hotel, or the hotel offers the best location, such as Beijingservice can arrange hotel in former Imperial Palace.
Hotel with local elements: Many hotels in Beijing are built in old China style. You may touch the old China culture after checking in the hotel.

Suggestion from If you prefer to touch as much China culture, please try the hotel with local elements. But this request need to sent to tour advisor when you make reservation. And the tour cost will be affected based on which kind of hotel you choose.


Tourism class seats will be arranged if travelers need us to arrange air tickets. We will offer the best discount price for travelers. But the price is subject to change before final confirmation. Deposit, scanned copy of passport are necessary before the booking of air tickets. We will send the tickets number to travelers via email after we got the tickets. No paper tickets is available now. Travelers may take passport to airport and board the flight.


China train tickets is only available to be bought 4 weeks before departure date. It is not so easy to buy train tickets as air tickets in China, It is more harder to buy tickets during Chinese festival; and please try to avoid to use train during Spring Festival. Train tickets during or near Spring Festival is almost impossible. Deposit, scanned copy of passport are necessary before the booking of train tickets. Train tickets in China is paper ticket. Our tour guide will hand the ticket to travelers, or we will deliver the tickets to the reception of your hotel. Train tickets are needed when you enter or check out train station. The most train tickets used for Beijing private tour are Beijing-Xian-Beijing and Shanghai-Beijing-Shanghai overnight train and bullet train. We suggest soft train tickets for overnight train, and 1st class train tickets on bullet train.

Evening Show

There are several evening shows available in Beijing, includes Beijing Acrobatic Show, Beijing Opera, Chinese Kongfu Show. Part of Beijing private tour covers evening show, and most of Beijing private tour do not include evening show. Travelers may make decision when reach Beijing, even on tour date adn finalize it with tour guide in Beijing.
Travelers may ask whether they can take taxi there after we bought discount tickets for them. Actually only Beijing local tour guide can pick up the discount tickets with their license Card at the ticket office of theater. Otherwise, travelers can only buy the full price ticket at the ticket office.


We suggest travelers to take light luggage to visit Beijing because it is easy to find supermarket near your hotel. During the daytime traveling, you may put luggage in your hotel room. When you need to be transferred to airport after short sightseeing, we suggest you to put luggage in the car trunk and then transfer to airport directly.


Beijing private tour is available to be adjusted before booking or even in the process of sightseeing. Travelers may inform tour advisor how many days to spend in Beijing, hotel level you prefer and even which place you prefer to visit. Then tour advisor will tailor a Beijing tour itinerary according to your request.

During the sightseeing in Beijing, travelers may inform tour guide of the visiting speed according to your body condition, to add attraction or cut down one or two attractions. It is necessary to sign when you decide to change itinerary.


It is time to finalize the tour and make booking after you tailor the itinerary with advisor. Deposit is necessary when your tour covers hotel, train or flight. Scanned copy of passport is needed when your tour itinerary covers Forbidden City, which will save you the time of waiting in line to get the entry tickets. After deposit and passport, you will receive confirmation via email after few working days.

Booking Time

We suggest travelers to make reservation 2 months before tour date. Then our operator will pick up the best resource for the trip. Reservation need to make reservation at least 2 days before tour date, but we can not guarantee there is hotel or guide available Some travelers

Payment / Deposit / Balance of Beijing Private Tour

Most licensed tour company accept payment via the following method:
- Bank account,
- Credit card,
- Paypal.
Payment in cash is possible when you book part of one day tour.  Balance can also be paid in cash when you reach Beijing.


Beijing private tour can be changed before tour date. The change of hotel, flight or train will lead to extra cost. Please contact your tour advisor for detailed information.


Beijing private tour can be canceled because of unexpected reason. The handling fee will be different based on the canceling date. The cancel of hotel flight and train lead to extra handling fee.


Beijing private tour will be executed according to the confirmation. Signature is needed for any changed or different with confirmation.


Beijing private tour will be executed according to the confirmation. Signature is needed for any changed or different with confirmation.