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Great Wall Tour Start from Beijing Airport

Travelers on Great Wall

Great Wall tour is one of the must do things when visit Beijing, even when you only have one day time in this city. Beijingservice.com can arrange a trip to Great Wall start and end in International Capital Airport of Beijing. Part of travelers call this as layover tour. It is possible to take this tour when you have more than 6 hours.

Process of Great Wall tour from airport
Travelers need to book this Great Wall tour and make deposit before tour date. Then our driver and tour guide will meet you from airport at scheduled time. Drive 1.5 hours to Great Wall. Take sightseeing on Great Wall for about two hours. Transfer you back to Beijing Airport after the tour.

Which part of Great Wall is possible to be visited from airport ?
All parts of Great Wall can be visited. If you have limited time, we suggest Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Shuiguan Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall.  These part of Great Wall is not so far to airport, and the road is in good condition. Jinshanling Great Wall, , Gubeikou Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall and Shixiaguan Great Wall are far from airport or the road in bad condition. You need at least more than 8 hours in Beijing.

One Day Great Wall Tour Start from Airport

More Great Wall Tour routes from airport:

BJ-PO-39-I. Juyongguan Great Wall from airport.
BJ-PO-38-F. Gubeikou Great Wall tour start from airport,
BJ-PO-43-N. Shuiguan Great Wall tour start from airport,
BJ-PO-41-I. Huanghuacheng Great Wall tour from Beijing airport
BJ-PO-40-C. Simatai Great Wall from Beijing Airport
BJ-PO-42-N. Shixiaguan Great Wall from airport.

All Beijing private tours are available to be started and completed in Beijing Capital International Airport. Please inform us you arrival and departure flight, then we will include the airport pick up and transfer in Beijing.

What information needed when book this Great Wall tour ?
Please send us the following information:
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobilephone Number if available: __________
Arrival date: __________
Arrival flight: __________
Arrival time: __________
Pick up sign:__________
Departure date: __________
Departue flight: __________
Departure time: __________
Preferred method for deposit or payment: _____________ ( Bank / Credit Card / PayPal )

Do you accept booking via email ?
Yes, please send above information to travel@beijingservice.com
And please add a remark that this tour to start and end in Beijing Capital Airport.

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Flow of Great Wall Tour from Airport

- Find the Great Wall bus tour you preferred.
- Make reservation.  Confirmation will be sent to you when the tour arranged.
- Remit Payment or deposit before tour date.
- Tour guide will meet you in airport in time.
- Drive to visit Great Wall.
- Drop off at airport after the tour.
- Send feedback to tour advisor and let us know your comments of this tour.

FAQ of Great Wall Tour from Airport

Can we visit other attractions except Great Wall ?
Most travelers only have 6 to 8 hours in Beijing when they take this layover tour. And the traffic of Beijing is heavy, so we suggest visit the Great Wall only. And we will suggest different itinerary when you have more time in this city.

Can you find a hotel for me and do the Great Wall tour ?  I need to change a flight of next morning.
Yes, we can. We suggest a hotel near airport. And we have contract with most hotel near airport. We will transfer you to the hotel near airport after the Great Wall tour on the first day. Then you may take the Shuttle bus of hotel to airport on next day.

I do not have Chinese visa, can i take this tour ?
Yes, it is possible, you can take Beijing tour within 72 hours without visa, we call it Free Visa tour.

Does the tour guide only drive me to Great Wall or walk in with me ?
We have separate professional driver to drive the car. Tour guide will visit the Great Wall together with you. After walk with you for some distance, tour guide will stop there and leave you to enjoy the Great Wall on your own. And tour guide will wait you at the original place.

Can you arrange vegetarian lunch in this tour ?
Yes, the restaurant will arrange vegetarian lunch. Please let us know your request on food when you make reservation. Then we will arrange it in advance.

How far it is from Airport to Great Wall ?
It depends on which part of Great Wall you will visit. Most sections of Great Wall is around 60 - 90 km (one and half hours' driving ) to Great Wall. And the road is in good condition, although part of the road is crowded. Jinshanling Great Wall and Gubeikou Great Wall is around 120 km, 2.5 hours' driving to airport.

Is it necessary to deposit luggage in airport ?
We suggest travelers to deposit luggage in airport. It is more convenient when you visit attractions.

Is the traffic very heavy from airport to Great Wall ?
The traffic is a little heavy near airport and Badaling Great Wall, but it is much better than downtown area. So we will transfer travelers back to airport after the Great Wall sightseeing.

Is there any bus tour available to visit Great Wall from airport ?
Beijingservice provide bus tour to visit Badaling Great Wall start from airport. But it is not available now. Only  Great Wall private tour is available.

I stay in Sheraton hotel. My flight departure from Beijing at 19:00, can i take this tour ?
Yes, it is possible, we will pick you up from hotel and drive to see Great Wall. After the Great Wall tour, we will transfer you back to airport before 17:00.

It is possible to do some shopping on this tour date ?
Yes, it is possible. Please inform your tour advisor when you make reservation. And our tour guide will arrange it based on the traffic condition on tour date.

How far is the airport to downtown? Is the traffic in good condition ?
Beijing International Capital Airport is around 25 km northeast of Tiananmen Square. The traffic to airport is heavy, so Beijingservice.com always leave 1.5 hours on the way to airport.

My flight reach Beijing International Capital Airport on 06:00 am, can you pick me up from airport, take this Great Wall tour and then transfer me to Marriott hotel in Beijing ?
Yes, the tour is possible, please let us know your arrival flight number and arrival time. Our tour guide and driver will pick you up in airport.

Which payment method do you accept when i take this Great Wall tour ?
Prepayment is necessary because our vehicle, driver and tour guide will drive more than 20 km to pick up travelers. Or you may pay deposit(via Bank, Credit Card, PayPal ) and then manage balance in cash in Beijing.