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Great Wall Tour Start from Beijing Train Station

Great Wall tour  star from Train Station is often taken by our clients. Travelers on Great WallOur vehicle, driver and tour guide will pick you up from Beijing Railway Station, and then drive directly to Great Wall and take sightseeing. This tour is preferred by business travelers or foreign travelers live and work in another city of China. The Great Wall tour start from train station will save much time of travelers.

There are three main train stations in Beijing: Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station. It is possible to visit Great Wall start from these three stations.

Hong time time should we book the tour start from Train Station ?

Travelers may make reservation as early as possible. And please let us know your arrival train information when available.

Can you pick me up from the gate of my train cabin ?
It is not permitted to do in this way now. Beijingservice.com always ask tour guide to meet travelers from the gate of cabin in the past. Now tour guide is not permitted to enter train station without tickets. So our tour guide will wait you at the exit of train station with you name on paper.

Great Wall Tour Start from Train Station

More Great Wall Tour routes from Railway Station:

BJ-PO-38-G. Gubeikou Great Wall from Beijing Train Station.
BJ-PO-41-J. Huanghuacheng Great Wall tour from Beijing Train Station
BJ-PO-40-D. Simatai Great Wall from Train Station. Transfer back to hotel or train Station.
BJ-PO-42-O. Shixiaguan Great Wall from railway station.
BJ-PO-39-K. Juyongguan Great Wall from railway station.
BJ-PO-43-O. Shuiguan Great Wall from railway station.

All Beijing private tours are available to be started and completed in Beijing Train Station. Please inform us you arrival and departure time, then we will include the train station pick up.

What information needed when book this Great Wall tour ?
Please send us the following information:
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobilephone Number if available: __________
Arrival date: __________
Arrival flight: __________
Arrival time: __________
Pick up sign:__________
Departure date: __________
Departue flight: __________
Departure time: __________
Preferred method for deposit or payment: _____________ ( Bank / Credit Card / PayPal )

Do you accept booking via email ?
Yes, please send above information to travel@beijingservice.com
And please add a remark that this tour to start and end in Beijing Train Station

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Flow of Great Wall Tour from Train Station

- Find the Great Wall tour you preferred.
- Make reservation.  Confirmation will be sent to you when the tour arranged.
- Remit Payment or deposit before tour date.
- Tour guide will meet you in Beijing Railway Station / Train Station in time.
- Drive to visit Great Wall.
- Drop off at train station or hotel in Beijing after the tour.
- Send feedback to tour advisor and let us know your comments of this tour.

FAQ of Great Wall Tour from Train Station

Is is possible to leave my luggage at railway station?
Yes, it is possible. Our tour guide will lead you to do this if you do not want to travel with luggage.

Which part of Great Wall can we visit can we visit?
We suggest travelers to visit Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall, because these part of Great Wall is closed to Beijing City. And the wall is grand and beautiful. For sure other part of Great Wall is also possible if you have enough time, such as the Jinshanling Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Shixiaguan Great Wall and Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

After the Great Wall tour i will take train to Shanghai, how long time is needed before departure time?
We suggest travelers to leave 2 hours before departure time because the traffic is heavy.

Can i book both tour and train tickets with you?

Yes, we can do it. Please let us know your tour date and departure city. Then your tour advisor will guide you to complete the booking.

Can i pay cash in Beijing? Which payment method you prefer?
This tour needs deposit or prepayment. We suggest you to pay deposit before tour date, and manage the balance in cash in Beijing on tour date. We accept payment via Bank, Credit Card and PayPal.

We reach Beijing with train, can you pick me up from train station and go to Great Wall directly?
Yes, our tour guide will pick you up from train station, and then drive directly to visit Great Wall.

Is it possible to use vehicle only to visit Great Wall?
It is possible if you can speak some Chinese language. Otherwise we suggest you to use a tour guide. Tour guide is very helpful when you reach the train station and met by tour guide.

Can we pay the tour cost in cash in Beijing?
We suggest you to pay some deposit when make reservation. Balance can be made in cash in Beijing to our tour guide.

After reaching in Beijing via train, we will stay one night in Beijing and connect flight back to Au on early morning, can you arrange a hotel in Beijing after the Great Wall tour?
Yes, we have contract with most hotel in Beijing. We suggest a hotel near airport. Then you make take the free shuttle bus to airport on the early morning of next day. After the Great Wall tour of first day, we will transfer you directly to the hotel near airport.

We are on a business trip in Tianjin, can you arrange a Great Wall tour from Tianjin?
Yes, Beijingservice offers Great Wall tour from Tianjin. Two options are available. 1st one, travelers take train to Beijing and be met by our guide and vehicle to visit Great Wall. 2nd one, our vehicle and guide drive 150 km to your hotel in Tianjin and transfer you to Great Wall for the sightseeing. The first option is suggested if you can take train on your own.

Can you arrange a day tour to cover Great Wall and Forbidden City from Train Station ?
It depends on your arrival and departure train. Beijing one day tour of Great Wall and Forbidden City needs at least 10 hours in Beijing. Please send the train info to tour advisor, then we will make an itinerary according to your timetable.

Can you arrange a hotel near airport? we will take the train of next day after the Great Wall tour.
Yes, we can arrange a hotel very closed to train station. But most hotel do not have free shuttle bus to train station. So we will arrange a train station transfer on next morning.

How many sections of Great Wall can we visit within one day?
It depends on the time of arrival and departure train. Usually only one section of Great Wall available. Two sections of Great Wall are only available when you reach Beijing on early morning and departure with a train in the evening, or stay overnight in hotel of Beijing.

Can we start a package tour from the train Station?
Yes, it is possible. Actually, all package tour can be started from train Station or airport. Please inform us your arrival and departure time when you make reservation.

We want to take a Great Wall tour from Shanghai, can you book the tour and train tickets for us ?

Yes, we often arrange Great Wall tour start from Shanghai and the pick up travelers from Train Station. Part of travelers will take overnight train Beijing Shanghai to Beijing, then be met and drive to visit Great Wall. Another part of travelers take fast train to Beijing, then visit Great Wall in the afternoon. We suggest overnight train, because it can save one night room cost.