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Great Wall Tour Start from Xingang Port

Great Wall tour  start from Xingang Port of Tianjin is is designed by Beijingservice for cruise travelers. Travelers on Great WallGreat Wall is the dreaming place of most travelers to China. So no one want to miss the Great Wall after the Cruise ship reach Xingang Port of Tianjin. Xingang Port is located around 250 km southeast of Great Wall. Usually it needs a 4 hours' driving from Xingang Port to Great Wall, Beijingservice arrange the Great Wall tour for Cruise travelers on each year and got very good feedback.

How about the traffic between Xinang Port and Great Wall ?
The traffic of Tianjin and Beijing is very heavy. So we leave 4 hours on the way to Great Wall. One of our tours got stuck near railway station for three hours and have to cancel on of the attractions. The traffic between Great Wall and Xingang Port is better, because we do not need to go through the downtown area. But we still need to departure from Great Wall as early as possible if your ship departure on the same day.

Which is the best time to pick up from Xingang Port?
Usually we pick up travelers at 08:00 am or 08:30 am. Our tour guide will catch your name at the exit of the pier.

Great Wall Tour Start from Xingang Port

More Great Wall Tour routes from Xingang Port

BJ-PO-38-H. Gubeikou Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang Port.
BJ-PO-41-K. Huanghuacheng Great Wall tour from Tianjin Xingang Port.
BJ-PO-40-E. Simatai Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang Port. Transfer back to hotel in Beijing.
BJ-PO-42-P. Shixiaguan Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang Port.
BJ-PO-39-L. Juyongguan Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang Port.
BJ-PO-43-P. Shuiguan Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang Port.

All Beijing private tours are available to be started and completed in Beijing Train Station. Please inform us you arrival and departure time, then we will include the train station pick up.

What information needed when book this Great Wall tour ?
Please send us the following information:
Great Wall you preferred: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobilephone Number if available: __________
Arrival date: __________
Name of ship: __________
Arrival time: __________
Pick up sign:__________
Departure date: __________
Departure time: __________
Preferred method for deposit or payment: _____________ ( Bank / Credit Card / PayPal )

Do you accept booking via email ?
Yes, please send above information to travel@beijingservice.com
And please add a remark that this tour need to be started from Xingang Port.

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Flow of Great Wall Tour from Xingang Port

- Find the Great Wall tour you preferred.
- Make reservation.  Confirmation will be sent to you when the tour arranged.
- Remit Payment or deposit before tour date.
- Tour guide will meet you in Beijing Railway Station / Train Station in time.
- Drive to visit Great Wall.
- Drop off at train station or hotel in Beijing after the tour.
- Send feedback to tour advisor and let us know your comments of this tour.

FAQ of Great Wall Tour from Xingang Port

We had visited Badaling Great Wall in the past, which part of Great Wall do you suggest this time?
We suggest you to visit Juyongguan Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall if your ship departure on same day. Jinshanling Great Wall is suggested if your ship departure on next day, because Jinshanling Great Wall is far from Beijing.

Which part of Great Wall can we visit can we visit from Xingang ?
We suggest travelers to visit Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall, because these part of Great Wall is closed to Beijing City.

We reach Tianjin Xingang by Cruise Ship, after a Great Wall tour, can you transfer us to airport?
Yes, we will pick you up from Xingang port and visit Great Wall. Then we will transfer you to airport afte the tour. Please let us know your flight information, then we will watch the time for you.

Is it necessary to make payment when make reservation, or can we pay cash in Beijing ?

Great Wall tour star from Xingang port need prepayment or deposit, because it needs 3 hours' driving from Beijing to Xingang Port of Tianjin.