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Huanghuachang Great Wall Tour


Huanguacheng Great Wall tour offer you an unique view of Great Wall stopped at an reservoir. This makes the Huanghuacheng Great Wall tour more attractive. This part of Great Wall was built in Ming Dynasty.

Actually there is a signpost said that it is not permit to walk on Huanghuacheng Great Wall, although most travelers ignored the signpost. The reservoir under the foot of Huanghuacheng Great Wall make the attraction more beautiful. Travelers may take a walk around the reservoir or take a boating. It is interesting to see Great Wall while you sitting on a boat in the reservoir.

Except the Great Wall, travelers may enjoy the charming scenery of the forest and reservoir, especially in Summer. At the north end of Huanghuacheng, there is a small sandy beach, which is favored by child.

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Huanghuacheng Great Wall Package Tour

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Day 2. Dingling, Sacred Way, Badaling Great Wall, Overnight under Great Wall.
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Overnight in Hotspring resort.
Day 4. Enjoy Hotsping on the morning, be transferred back to your hotel in Beijing.


Huanghuacheng Great Wall Photo

How far is Huanghuacheng Great Wall to downtown Beijing?

This section of Great Wall is around 60 km north of downtown Beijing. It needs around 2 hours' driving to reach the Great Wall, because there is no expressway to reach the attraction directly.   It needs at least 8 hours if you want t take a Great Wall tour from Beijing airport.

Can we visit both Mutianyu Great Wall and Huanghuacheng Great Wall?

It is possible to visit both part of Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall is only 30 km east of Huanghuacheng Great Wall. But it takes around 1 hour from one to another part of Great Wall. So please don't expect to visit other attractions after these two parts of Great Wall.

How long time should be spend at Huanghuacheng Great Wall?

At least two hours should be used for the visiting of Huanghuacheng Great Wall.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour Map
Huanghuacheng Great Wall photo

Is there any other activity available except climbing Great Wall?

These activities are available: downhill, boating, camping, outdoor development´╝î barbecue, walking along the road around the reservoir.

Can we visit Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Great Wall together with Huanghuacheng Great Wall?

Yes, it is possible. But we suggest you get up early to leave more time on each part of Great Wall if you prefer to visit them within one day. Or you may visit Badaling Great Wall in one day and stay in a hotel near Great Wall, then visit Huanghuacheng Great Wall on the second day. Please make sure you have strong legs because it needs long walk to visit to sections of Great Wall in one tour.

Can we take public bus to reach and visit Huanghuacheng Great Wall?

Beijingservice do not suggest you to take public bus because it takes more than 5 hours to reach Huanghuacheng. Suppose you stay in a hotel near Tiananmen Square, you need take bus5, then bus 872, then bus32,and then bus h21, including a walking around 2.4 km. This means more than 10 hours will be spent on the way.