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Shixiaguan Great Wall Tour

ShixiaGuan Great Wall tour referes to the tour to visit a part of Great Wall around 5km southwest of Badaling Great Wall. This part of Great Wall is about 2000 meters long, but only about 100 meters is opened to travelers.

Most travelers will not choose this part of Great Wall to visit, because it is not so famous as Badaling Great Wall nearby. But the Great Wall in this area is also grand and attractive as Badaling Great Wall. And there is a section ruins of Yan Great Wall, which was built in Spring and Autumn Dynasty (770-476 BC). If you prefer to see a quiet part of Great Wall and do not want to hike a long time, Shixiaguan Great Wall is the best choice for you.

There are two routes to visit Shixiaguan Great Wall, east line and west line. East line lead you to a viewing platform via a newly built stairs. West line lead you to a remant of Shixiaguan Great Wall at the gap, via a hiking trail. The spring spricot and Summer Jinghua flowers made Shixiaguan Great Wall tour more interesting.

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Shixiaguan Great Wall One Day Tour

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BJ-PO-42-D. Shixiaguan Great Wall and Olympic Park One Day Tour
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BJ-PO-42-K. Shixiaguan Great Wall and China Avaiation Museum One Day Tour
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BJ-PO-42-N. Shixiaguan Great Wall from airport.
BJ-PO-42-O. Shixiaguan Great Wall from railway station.
BJ-PO-42-P. Shixiaguan Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang port. Transfer back to Hotel in Beijing.

Shixiaguan Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-42-A. Shixiaguan Great Wall Two Days Leisure Tour
Day 1. China Avaiation Museum, Shixiaguan Great Wall, Enjoy Hotsping and overnight in hotspring resort.
Day 2. Enjoy Hotspring on the morning, visit China North Shotting Ground, Olympic Park.

Simatai Great Wall Photo

How far is Shixiaguan Great Wall to downtown Beijing?

Shixiaguan Great Wall is 85 km north of Tiananmen Square. It needs two hours' driving from Tiananmen Square to Shixiaguan. Most of the road are expressway in good condition, and 20% are countryside road.  For the time being, only pirvate Great Wall tour is available to include Shixiaguan.

Can we visit both Shixiaguan Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall within one day?

Yes, there are travelers had visited Shixiaguan Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall witinin one day. Beijingservice also designed tour routes to cover these two parts of Great Wall. Please make sure you have strong legs to visit these two parts of Great Wall within one day.

Is it possible to take Shixiaguan Great Wall from Beijing Railway Station ?

Beijing Railway Station is located in downtown Beijing. It needs a driving of 100 minutes to reach Shixiaguan Great Wall. We can pick up travelers from the exit of Railway Station and then drive 85 km to visit this part of Great Wall. Please find more details of Great Wall tour from Beijing Railway Station to find more details. It is only available when you have more than 8 hours if you need to take a train departure from Beijing.

Is Shixiaguan Great Wall a wild Great Wall?

No, Shixiaguan Great Wall is an attraction. Travelers needs to buy admission fee before visit it .

Is it possible to visit Shixiaguan Great Wall within half day?

Yes, It is possible. The visiting of Shixiaguan Great Wall only needs 1 to 2 hours.

Is there any hotel under nearby after the Shixiaguan Great Wall tour ?

No, there is no hotel available. We can arrange hotel accommodation near Juyonguan Great Wall, which is not far from Shixiaguan.

Is there any restaurant near Shixiaguan Great Wall ?

There are some small restaurants, but we arrange lunch in Changping County to secure clean and decent food for travelers.

Which is the best season to take Shixiaguan Great Wall Tour ?

Personally, i think all seasons are good for Shixiaguan Great Wall.
Flower and Great Wall in Spring and Summer;
Yellow leaves in Autumn;
Great Wall under snow in Winter;
You may decide which is the best season based on your favor.

Can we make reservation of Shixiaguan Great Wall on tour date?

We suggest you to make reservation in advance via Internet or phone. The driver, vehicle and tour guide may be not available if you make reservation in same day.

We are interested in Great Wall Hiking tour, can we take a Shixiaguan Great Wall Hiking toiur to Badaling Great Wall ?

The hiking tour from Shixiaguan to Badaling Great Wall is not available. Beijingservice offers Great Wall hiking tour from Jinshanling Great Wall to Gubeikou Great Wall. Please visit Jinshanling Great Wall tour page to see it.

We arrive in Beijing Capital Airport on the morning and departure in the afternoon, can we travel Shixiaguan Great Wall with luggage?

Yes, Beijingservice Team often do Great Wall tour from Beijing airport.   We will pick up travelers to take half day Great Wall tour and transfer them back to airport in the same day.   Please let us know your arrival and departure flight, then we will watch the time for you in advance. As for luggage, we suggest you to deposit them in the luggage office in Capital airport.

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