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Simatai Great Wall Tour


Simatai Great Wall tour start from Beijing lead you to visit a part of Great Wall around 150 km northeast of downtown Beijing. One day tour to Simatai or package tour are both available. Simatai Great Wall is attracting travelers by its characteristics of perilous, dense, diverse, ingenuous, and peculiar. Visiting Simatai Great Wall, travelers will be excited to see many kinds of wall and beacon tower.

Simatai Great Wall tour is very hard in the past, because it needs 4 to 5 hours' driving to reach Simatai Great Wall when you start from Tiananmen Square. This means you need to spend around 8 hours on the way when you take one day tour to visit Simatai. After the building of Jingcheng Expressway, everything changed. It needs only two and half hours to reach Simatai Great Wall. It is even possible to take Great Wall tour start from Beijing airport or start a Great Wall tour from Beijing Railway Station within one day. 

Nowadays, more and more travelers chose to travel Simamatai Great Wall. If you want to see Great Wall with more majesty, if you want to see different types of wall and beacon tower, or if you want to see a part of less crowded Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall is an option.

Nowadays, only 1st to 10th beacon towers are available of east section. West section is not available. The admission fee of Simatai Great Wall needs to be reserved one day in advance via internet or travel agent, although sometimes travelers may buy tickets in attraction.

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Simatai Great Wall One Day Tour

Simatai Great Wall Package Tour

2 days one night: Simatai + Gubei Watertown + Wine Castle + Local Plantation
Day 1. Simatai Great Wall, Gubei Watertown, overnight in Gubei watertown.
Day 2. Wine Castle, Local Plantation, Transfer back to Beijing.

2 days one night: Simatai + Yunfeng Mountain + Wine Castle
Day 1. Simatai Great Wall, Overnight in room of temple or Wooden House of Yunfeng Mountation.
Day 2. Leisure morning to climb mountain, Wine Castle, Transfer back to Beijing.


Simatai Great Wall Photo

Is the Simatai Great Wall very steep ? I am not sure wether we can complete the tour.

Yes, Simatai Great Wall is more steep than Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. But it is not a problem if you are a healthy adult, because travelers may control the walking speed on Great Wall. Visiting Simatai Great Wall will make you tired, but the scenery and amazing wall worth the time and energy you spend.

As we know there is a water-town named Gubei Water Town, can we visit it with Simatai Great Wall?

Yes, there is Gubei Water Town, which was built according to Wuzhen Water Town near Shanghai and Hangzhou. The town was newly built within 5 years, but the scenery of the town is nice. It is hurry to visit both Simatai Great Wall and Gubei Water Town within one day, we suggest you only visit Simatai Great Wall if you have only one day. Or you may stay one night in the water town after Simatai Great Wall tour, and then return to Beijing one the second day.

Can we finish Simatai Great Wall within half day?

It is impossible because it needs a driving of 2 hours to reach Simatai Great Wall if traffic is not heavy. Travelers needs at least one day to visit Simatai Great Wall. We suggest travelers to take a Great Wall private tour, then you may talk about visiting speed with travelers.

We only have one day in Beijing, our flight departure from Beijing in the afternoon, can you drop us off at airport after visiting of Simatai?

It depends on the departure time of your flight. It is possible if your flight depart from Beijing after 18:00, and we can transfer you to airport after Simatai Great Wall tour.

Is there cable car on Simatai Great Wall tour?

Is it necessary? Yes, there is cable car on Simatai Great Wall. It will bring travelers directly to the top of mountain, beacon tower of 5th to 8th, which make Simatai tour possible for elders and kids. It is not necessary if you are healthy adult. The cost of cable car is 160 RMB per person, 80 RMB per child. Considering only 1st to 10th beacon towers are available, the cable is not suggested.

Is it possible to visit Simatai Great Wall within one day if we start from Xingang Port?

Simatai Great Wall is 300 km north of Xingang Port. It takes around 4 hours to drive from Xingang Pier to Simatai Great Wall. It is possible to take one day Simatai Great Wall tour if your ship will not departure on same day. You will be transferred back to Xingang port at around 19:00.

We know Simatai Great Wall is located in suburb of Beijing. Can we visit Simatai Great Wall with a local village?

It is possible to visit local village near Simatai Great Wall on th way back to Beijing. Beijingservice discovered several villages to show the condition of local village around Beijing.

We are interested in wine and Simatai Great Wall, do you have a tour to cover wine theme and Simatai Great Wall?

Beijingservice have a tour routes to combine Simatai Great Wall with a famous local wine castle. Travelers even have chance to taste the wine and stay one night in the wine castle.

Do we still have time to visit attractions in downtown Beijing after visiting Simatai Great Wall ?

There is no time for attractions in downtown Beijing, because this part of Great Wall is far from Beijing. But it is possible to stop to see the Olympic Park on the way back to your hotel.

Is it possible to take a hiking tour from Simatai to Jinshanling Great Wall?

This hiking tour is available in the past, but now it is now available, since the building of Gubei Water Town. Beijingservice designed another classic hiking tour routes, from Jinshanling Great Wall to Gubeikou Great Wall.

Do you have a group tour to Simatai Great Wall?

Yes, Beijingservice offers group tour / join in tour to Simatai Great Wall. You will share same bus and tour guide with other English Speaking tour guide. The group tour is less-expensive than private tour.

Which hotel do you suggest if we want to stay one night near Simatai Great Wall?

Beijingservice suggest you to stay in a hotel of Gubei Water Town. There are many hotel for choice.