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Great Wall of Qi

Brief Introduction

The Great Wall of Qi was built in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-476 BC) and the Warring States Period (475 BC-221 BC) . It is the oldest existing Great Wall in China. The wall started at from Jinan on the bank of the Yellow River to the coastal city of Qingdao in the east. Its total length has been estimated at about 600 kilometers. The wall takes advantage of mountains. Some parts of the wall use steep mountain cliffs as a natural fence. The magnificent construction and spectacular scale embodies the diligence and wisdom of working people living in 2500 years ago.

Great Wall Connection

History of Qi Great Wall

During the Spring and Autumn Periods (770 BC-476 BC), conflicts increased and the principalities fought with each other to expand the land and enhanced power. Ruling over a large area of present Shandong Province, Qi was the most powerful state at that time. It offen fought with the other strong states, Jin and Lu. To discourage the invaders, Qi governors started to build a wall on the border between the two states along the Taishan Mountain. Afterwards, the state of Chu developed strong and became a new threat. Qi built another section of wall in its northern boundary. The construction of the great wall had been lasted about 170 years. An integrated fortification was completed in the 284 BC. The wall stretches from present-day Jinan to Qingdao, across the territories of the Tai'an, Zibo, Laiwu, Weifang, Linyi and Rizhao. It's total length has been estimated at about 600 kilometers. With passes, gates, castles and beacon towers, ti is one of the biggest impact on military defense of Chinese and foreign history both. However, the Great Wall of Qi endured much damage and degradation due to natural erosion, construction, mining and land reclamation. After Qin Shihuang unified China, the wall had been destroyed and abandoned. Only part remains remarkably well preserved largely due to its remoteness. The best preserved part is located at Laiwu city. In June 2001, the state council declared the Qi Dynasty Great Wall to be a national key unit of cultural protection. Nowadays, the entrance area of the Great Wall of Qi has been built into a tourism resort.

Main Attractions

Yongquan Scenic Area of Qi Great Wall:
Located in the Yongquan Village of Zibo City, the Yongquan Scenic Area covers an area of 200 square kilometers. The Qi Great Wall ruins Conservation Park is in the scenic area. The best preserved Qi Great Wall ruins, Pisha Pass, beacon towers, Thin strip of sky, Jiannv Terrace and Lianxin Bridge in the park are the miniature of Qi Great Wall.

Qi Great Wall Dafeng Mountain Scenic Area:
Dafeng Mountain Section is the beginning of the Qi Great Wall. The great wall winds across the Dafeng Mountain, stretching over 1500 meters. There are about 200 ancient troop barracks here. The largest Taoist temple in Jinan City is also located in this scenic area.

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Qi Great Wall Tour

It is possible to take a Great Wall tour to visit Qi Great Wall start from Jinan of Shandong Province.
This tour will take you one day time, because there is a distance from Jinan City to Qi Great Wall.


Considering the location and distance of Great Wall, private car and taxi are best choice to Great Wall of Qi.

Ticket of Gubeikou Great Wall

25 RMB per person


Beijingservice team suggest you to stay in a hotel in these nearby cities:  Jinnan, Taian, Laiwu or Zibo.