Beijing Private Tours

Profile of Beijing Private Tour

Beijing private package tour Beijing private one day tour Great Wall private tour Beijing private evening tour Beijing private layover tour Beijing private tour refers to the sightseeing with private vehicle, driver and private tour guide in Beijing. Travelers may tailor the itinerary when making reservation with your tour advisor. Beijing private tour map

Beijing private tour maps are listed on the right side of this page. Travelers may know the visiting sequence as well as service included.

During the sightseeing, travelers may enjoy the flexible itinerary, such as deciding how long time to stay in attractions based on reasonable timetable.  After talking with private tour guide, travelers may decide which kind of food or restaurant to use among suggested places. And travelers will have lunch on separate table.
Beijing private tour is the best choice for travelers when visit Beijing with family, closed friends or colleagues. Tour guide will try to cater your every reasonable need.

Beijing Private Tour Type

Beijing private tour can be devided into the following types according to tour form, area and budget. All tour routes offers private vehicle and tour guide. Beijing private package tour Beijing private one day tour Great Wall private tour Beijing private evening tour Beijing private layover tour
Beijing Private Package Tour
Great Wall Pirvate Tour
Beijing Private One Day Tour
Beijing Private Half Day Tour
Beijing Deluxe Private Tour
Beijing Economic Private Tour
Beijing Private Evening Tour
Beijing Downtown Private Tour
Beijing Suburb Private Tour
Beijing Layover Private Tour

Top Attractions of Beijing Private Tours

As the capital of six ancient dynasties, Beijing is abundant with great masterpieces polished by the time machine. The most representative ones include Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Lama Temple, Beijing Hutong, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Confucius Temple and Qianmen.
Beijing is also a modern metropolis with many new attractions. Such as Beijing Capital Museum, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Olympic Park, Beijing National Museum, Beijing Grand theatre...

Beijing Private Package Tours

BJ-PH-01. 4 Days Beijing Typical Private Tour
BJ-PH-02. 5 Days Classic Beijing Private Tour
BJ-PH-03. 6 Days Deep Beijing Private Tour
BJ-PH-04. 7 Days Complete Beijing Private Tour
+ Great Wall package tour.
Above private tours covers all service aspect in Beijing include hotel accommodation, private vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, meal, parking, fuel.   Beijingservice team will arrange all aspects well in advance.  Travelers may just sit back and enjoy the sightseeing in Beijing.

Beijing Private Tour Vehicle and DriverThe following private package tour do not include hotel accommodation:
BJ-PK-01. Beijing 2 days private tour
BJ-PK-02. Beijing 3 days private package tour
BJ-PK-03. 4 days Beijing private tour
BJ-PK-04. 5 days Beijing private package tour
BJ-PK-05. Beijing 6 days private tour
BJ-PK-06. 7 Days Beijing private tour

See more details of Beijing Packate Private Tours

Great Wall Private Tours

The following 2 days private tours covers Great Wall sightseeing and one night accommodation under Great Wall.   Only Jinshanling Great Wall is available if you want to enjoy the sunrising on Great Wall.
BJ-PH-35-A. Badaling Great Wall + Hotspring, Ming Tomb & Sacred Way 2 days private tour
BJ-PH-36-A. Mutianyu Great Wall + Wine Castle + Local Plantation + Private Museum
BJ-PH-37-A. Hiking at Jinshanling Great Wall and Beijing city private tour
BJ-PH-38-A. Mutianyu + Jinshanling + Gubeikou Great Wall

The following two private tours offers private hiking experience on Great Wall:
BJ-PH-05. Beijing 6 Days Great Wall Hiking Tour Including Hotel
BJ-PH-06. Beijing and Hebei 8 Days Great Wall Hiking Tour Including Hotel

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One Day Beijing Private Tours

The following Beijing one day private tours are popular in foreign travelers.  Mutianyu Great Wall tour is suggest if you take the tour during holiday or weekend.
BJ-PO-03B. Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City one day private tour
BJ-PO-02B. Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace one day private tour
BJ-PO-01B. Mutianyu Wall and Ming Tomb one day private tour
BJ-PO-01A. Badaling Wall and Ming Tomb one day private tour
BJ-PO-04. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace

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Beijing Private Tours start from Xingang Port Tianin

Beijing tour start from Xingang Port is popular for travelers on International cruise ship. Most of travelers will visit Great Wall and attractions in Beijing dowtown.
Beijing One Day Private Tours from Xingang Port
2 Days Beijing Tour from Xingang
4 Days Beijing Tour from Xingang

See more details of Xingang Beijing Tours

Beijing Top Attractions Private Tours

Beijing is a popular tourism city. There are many famous tourism attraction in this city. Beijingservice team selected the most top attractions of Beijing. The top attractions should not be missed from your Beijing private tour itinerary.
Great Wall pirvate tour
Forbidden City private tour 
Fragrant Hill private tour
Beijing Private Great Wall Tour Summer Palace tour
Hutong private tour
Temple of Heaven tour
Tiananmen Square tour
Olympic Park private tour
Ming Tomb private tour
Beihai Park private tour
798 Art Zone private tour
Giant Panda private tour
Lama Temple private tour

Beijing Private Theme Tours

All Beijing theme tours offers private vehicle and tour guide.  Travelers choose the private theme tour because their hobby or job are related with the theme.
Great Wall Hiking Tour - Beijing private tour include Great Wall Hiking.
Beijing Sports Tour - Beijing private package tours include sports related activity.
Beijing Religion Tour - Touch the religions and related culture in Beijing.
Beijing Opera Tour - Enjoy Beijing opera art during the period of Beijing trip.
Beijing Family Tour - Beijing private tour designed for family vacation.

Beijing China Private Tours

China tour include Beijing private tours:
Beijing Xian Tour ,
Beijing Shanghai Tour ,
Beijing Chengde Tour ,
Beijing Taiyuan Pingyao Tour ,
Beijing Lhasa Tour ,
Beijing Yangtze River Tour ,
Beijing Guilin Tour ,

Service provider of Beijing Private Tour

Driver of Beijing private tour,  
Beijing Private Tour Guide,
Vehicle ,
Hotel accommodation for Beijing private tour,
Tipping tips,

Tour Guide

Beijingservice team always arrange English speaking tour guide for travelers.  Tour guide is very helpful when you take sightseeing in this city.   All tour guides are in good manner, friendly with travelers and excellent in Language.   See details of tour guide for Beijing private tour.

Vehicle of Beijing Private Tour

Beijing tour vehicle can be divided into 4 kinds according to seats:
#. 4 seats car (for 2 travelers group, with air-condition, brand: red-flag)
#. 9-15 seats van (for 3-9 travelers group, with air-condition, brand: Benz MB100 or Refine)
#. 22 seats mini-bus (for 10-16 travelers group, with air-condition, brand: KingLong)
#. 33-55seats coach (for 16-30 travelers group, with air-condition, brand: KingLong)
See more details vehicle of Beijing private tour

Beijing Private Tour Tips

Considering the weather, Autumn and Spring is best season to take Beijing private tour, because it is not very hot and not very cold. If travelers prefer to have a good price, then Winter is also a good season, because the hotel and vehicle will be less expensive

Accommodation of Beijing private tour

Beijingservice team choose Beijing hotel each year, from 5 star deluxe hotel to 3 star comfortable hotel. We want to suggest good hotel with affortable price to our clients. We have four steps to select hotel.
1. Find the best location for travelers to Beijing, for example, near Wangfujing or Forbidden City.
2. Look at the travelers' feedback of the hotel; this is the best way to know the facts.
3. Visit the hotel as a travelers; to see the hardware and feel the service.
4. Sign contract with hotel and try to get the best price.
We will recommend the hotel to travelers and look at each feedback.  See more details of hotel for Beijing private tour.

Restaurant of Beijing private tour

Beijingservice team choose restaurant for private tour each year. We have both deluxe and budget restaurant, both tourist and local restaurant for your choice.
Beijing Restaurant PhotoIn Beijing city, there are many excellent restaurants, we choose different restaurants, including revolving restaurant on the top of five star hotel, local restaurant, tourist restaurant as well as buffet dinner.
According to experience, buffet dinner is welcomed by most travelers, because is will save time and travelers can pick up food they prefer.  The only problem is the high price.
Restaurant near Great Wall provides few options because Great Wall is far from city. We suggest tourist restaurant. Some travelers do not like the tourist restaurant just because they are in the same building with tourist shopping place.   There are some local restaurants near Great Wall, but considering the crowded lunch & dinner time, possible smoking smell and waiting in list; we have to admit the tourist restaurant is a good choice: clean, good service, preparing food in advance, experience in providing food for foreign travelers.


Driver is very important to have a pleasant trip in Beijing. Beijingservice is very strict on driver team. All drivers should not smoke in vehicle, familiar with roads in Beijing, in good manner and friendly with travelers.  See more info of driver for Beijing private tour

Tipping of Beijing Private Tour

Foreign travelers usually tip guide and driver at the end of tour.  The amount of tipping depends on travelers as well as the service provided by guide and drive.  See more details of Beijing private tour tipping custom.

Mobile Phone

It is helpful if you have a local phone number, or you may ask our tour advisor to arrange one card for you. It is easy to contact with our tour guide.   And the card have function of Internet connection.

Booking of Beijing Private Tour

We need the following information to make reservation: Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Passport number and Date of birth: ___________ / ___________ (It is requested by Forbidden City when book tickets in advance. ) Beijing Private Great Wall Tour Photo
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Hotel choice: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Where can you pick up travelers to start a Beijing private tour ?

We can meet travelers from airport, train station, cruise port and hotel. If you can provide a detailed address, mobile phone, we also can meet you from a housing estate. If you are in a city out of Beijing, we can arrange the transfer between two cities.
Please visit Beijing private transfer page to know where can we pick up travelers and arrange the transfer.