Xian Layover Tours


Xian layover tour refers to short travel service in Xian when you wait for flight or change another flight. Xian is an important tourism city in China. Many travelers come to take sightseeing in Xian each year. Part of traveler need to change flight to another city, they will have 4 to 9 hours in Xian airport. It is boring to just sit in the waiting hall. Beijingservice designed Xian layover tour to solve this problem.

Xian Tour Map
Xian Layover Tour MapThe map on the right side if designed for Xian Layover tour.   Travelers may get an idea of start place, end place, tour type as wel as service included.

Xian Layover Tour Itinerary

Local Xian tour guide will meet you from Xian airport or train station.
Drive to visit one or two attractions.
Take sightseeing for 1 to 2 hours.
Be transferred back to airport or train station after the service.

XianLayover Tour Style

According to travel time length, the Xian tour can be divided in three types, half day, one day and eveing layover tour.  The half day layover tour and eveing layover tours takes around 4 hours. One day tour takes around 8 to 9 hours

1. Half day Xian layover tour in Xian during daytime.
Xian Layover Tour Photo - City WallXA-PL-01. Terra Cotta Warriors layover tour
XA-PL-02. City Wall half day layover tour,
XA-PL-03. ShannXi History Museum layover tour,
XA-PL-04. Bell & Drum Tower , Shuyuanmet Street layover tour
XA-PL-05. Small Wild Goose Pagoda layover tour
XA-PL-06. Stele Forest layover tour,
XA-PL-07. Great Mosque layover tour,
XA-PL-08. Big Wild Goose Pagoda layover tour,
XA-PL-09. Banpo Museum layover tour,
XA-PL-10. Huaqing Hot Springs layover tour,
XA-PL-11. Hangyang Mausoleum layover tour,
XA-PL-12. Xianyang Museum layover tour,
XA-PL-13. Gao`s Family County Yard include Shadow Opera layover tour,
XA-PL-14. Tang Paradise layover tour,

2. One day Xian layover tour during daytimeXian Layover Tour Photo - City Wall
XA-PL-15. Terracotta Warriors, City Wall layover tour,
XA-PL-16. Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Museum layover tour,
XA-PL-17. Small Wild Goose Pagoda,Stele Fores layover tourt,
XA-PL-18. Great Mosque,Bell & Drum Tower, Shuyuanmet Street layover tour,
XA-PL-19. Terra Cotta Warriors, Banpo Museum layover tour,
XA-PL-20. Terra Cotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool layover tour ,
XA-PL-21. Terra Cotta Warriors, Xian Museum layover tour
XA-PL-22. Terra Cotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda & Square layover tour
XA-PL-23. Qianling Mausoleum, Xianyang Museum, Local Village layover tour
XA-PL-24. Hanyang Mausoleum, Shannxi History Museum layover tour
XA-PL-25. Hanyang Mausoleum, City Wall layover tour

3. Xian evening layover tour.
Xian evening layover tour refers to visit Xian in the evening from airport, which is the best choice when travelers' flight at or after midnight.
XA-PL-26. Xian Tang Dynasty Show layover tour
XA-PL-27. Xian Dumpling Dinner and Tang Dynasty Show layover tour
XA-PL-28. Xian Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show layover tour
XA-PL-29. Xian evening tour of Muslim Street, Drum Tower Square layover tour
XA-PL-30. Xian evening tour of Defu Lane and Big Wild Goose Pagoda layover tour
XA-PL-31. Xian evening tour of Tang Paradise layover tour
XA-PL-32. Xian evening tour of Sleepless Tang Dynasty and Outside view of city Wall layover tour

Top AttractionsXian Layover Tour - Vehicle

The following attractions are suggested if this is your first trip to Xian: Terracotta Warriors Museum, Shannxi History Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Stone Forest Museum, Great Mosque. Beijingservice can arrange some excellent but not very popular attractions if above attractions had already been visited in the past. Please let us know your interesting, then we will tailor a tour for you.


We suggest travelers to deposit luggage in Xian Xianyang Airport. Then you may travel with light luggage. For sure it is also available to put the luggage in the trunk of our vehicle, if there is not too many suitcase

Time Arrangement

Please forward your flight or train information to our tour advisor when you make reservation. Tour advisor will make an itinerary according to your arrival and departure flight. Usually, travelers need 30 to 60 minutes to check out airport. Travelers need to be back to airport at least 3 hours in advance to connect an international flight after the Xian layover tour. It needs two hours if you change to a domestic flight. The traffic in Xian is heavy especially during rush hour. So our tour advisor and tour guide will leave extra 30 to 60 minutes as buffer time.

Xian Layover Tour Include

Xian layover tour covers the follwing travel service:
Double way airport transfer, or train statio tranfer,
one day or half day private tourism vehicle,
experience driver,
professional tour guide for half day or one day,
lunch for one day Layover tour,
admission fee,
parking, fuel.


Xian layover tour do not in clude: flight, train, hotel, personal expense, tips to guide and driver,

Start and End Place of Xian Layover Tour

Xian Layover tour photoXian layover tour is start and end in airport or train station.


We often suggest travelers to take some food and have it as lunch to lease most time for sightseeing if travelers only have half day in Xian. It is available to have normal lunch or dinner if you have more than 8 hours in Xian.


There is no shopping stops arranged in Xian Layover tour because of time limit, unless travelers prefer to use all time shopping in downtown Xian for local crafts or daily use.

Vehicle for Xian Layover Tour

5 to 51 seats tour vehicle will be arranged according to the number of travelers in the half day tour.

Mobile Phone

It is very helpful if you have a local mobile phone number. Tour guide will get in touch with your before meeting you from airport. Please contact tour advisor if you prefer to buy a local phone number for you in advance. And the number may include the INTERNET connection function.

Booking of Xian Layover Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival flight to Xian: __________
Arrival time: __________
Pick up sign: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Payment Method

Xian layover tour covers deposit and balance. Travelers may pay deposit via Bank, Alipay, Paypal or Bank. Balance can be paid in cash in Xian Xianyang Airport to tour guide.
We suggest travelers to pay 100 USD as deposit via Alipay, PayPal or Credit Card. Balance can be paid in cash to our tour guide in Xian on tour date.