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Terracotta Warriors, World-known attraction, is located in Xian. Plenty of travelers come to take sightseeing each year.   Part of travelers come to Xian with organized group tour, most travelers prefer to take private tour to Xian.
Xian private tour refers to Xian travel service covers private vehicle driver and tour guide. This is the best method to discover Xian based on flexible itinerary.

Top Attractioins of Xian Private Tour

Most private travelers prefer to cover the following attractions:
Terracotta Warriors, Shannxi History Museum, Xian Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque. Stele Forest Museum, Muslim Street, Mountain Hua, Huaqing Hotspring, Banpo Museum, Xianyang Museum, Qianling Mausoleum, Famen Temple.

Xian Private Package Tour

The following Xian package tour covers private vehicle, driver, private English speaking tour guide, admission fee, meal, hotel accommodation. Travelers use separate table with other travelers in restaurant.

XA-PH-02. Typical Xian 3 Days Private Tour
Day 1. Arrival.
Day 2. Terracotta, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, City Wall, Dumpling Dinner, Tang Dynasty Show
Day 3. Provincial Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Departure

XA-PH-01. 2 Days Xian Private Tour of Terracotta Warriors
Detailed Itinerary:
Day 1. Arrival, Terracotta, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, City Wall, Tang Dynasty show.
Day 2. Provincial Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque, Departure

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Xian Private One Day Tour

The following Xian private 1 day tours lead travelers to discover Xian within 8 hours. Most one day private tours covers private vehicle, private driver, private English speaking tour gide, admission fee and lunch. 
XA-PO-01. Xian 1 day tour of Terracotta Warriors and Xian Ancient City Wall
XA-PO-02. Xian one day private tour of Provincial Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque
XA-PO-03. Xian one day private trip of Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Hot Spring
XA-PO-04. Xian 1 day private tour to visit Maoling Mausoleum,Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Monastery
XA-PO-05. Xian One Day Tour of Mountain Hua

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Xian Private Evening Tour

It is possible to discover Xian at night.  Most Xian evening private tour offers private vehicle, driver and tour guide to lead travelers to discover Xian within 3 to 4 hours.
Xian Tour Photo - City Wall XA-PE-01. Xian evening tour of Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show
XA-PE-02. Xian evening trip of Dumpling Dinner and Tang Dynasty Show
XA-PE-03. Xian evening tour of Muslim Street, Drum Tower Square
XA-PE-04. Defu Lane and Big Wild Goose Pagoda evening tour in Xian
XA-PE-05. Evening trip of Tang Paradise Xian
XA-PE-06. Xian evening tour of Sleepless Tang Dynasty and Outside view of city Wall
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Xian Private Tour Types

Beijingservice team offers various kinds of Xian private tours as below.  Travelers may choose one of them to fit your timetable in Xian:
Xian private package tour  (2 days to 7 days, include or exclude hotel )
Xian private one day tour ( start and end in travelers' hotel of Xian )
Xian private half day tour ( visit top Xian attraction with 4 hours )
Xian private layover tour ( make full use of your time when wait for flight )
Xian private airport transfer ( Xian airport to hotel, or vice versa )

Private Vehicle in XianXian Private Tour Vehicle

Beijingservice can arrange vehicle from 5 seats private car to 55 seats private coach. Most private travelers use 5 to 22 seats vehicle. We will use the brand include Jinbei, Coster and Refine. All vehicles are equipped with air-condition and in good condition, which offers the comfortable transfer for your private Xian trip.

Xian Private Tour Guide

Our tour guide Xian are licensed and professional guide, worked in tourism field more than 3 years. Private guide will take care all reasonable request, which make the Xian private tour flexible.

Attractions arranged in Xian private tour

Except the top attractions, Beijingservice selected many 'new' attractions. They are not often used by organized tour, but all of them are great and worth a visit when you take a trip to Xian. If you had been in Xian and visited popular attractions, then we will suggest these new attractions to you. Please contact our Xian tour advisor to tailor a Xian private tour for you.


There are three kinds of restaurant can be used for Xian private tour. The first one is tourism restaurant. This kind of restaurant mainly service for foreign travelers. They combine the local favor with international taste. Travelers do not need wait in the restaurant.


Xian Private Tour HotelBeijingservice team can arrange different hotel levels include 2 star economic hostel, 3 star budget hotel, 4 star standard hotel, 5 star deluxe hotel as well as super deluxe 5+ star hotel. All hotels are selected by Beijingservice team after looking through thousands of feedback from travelers. We select hotel based on the service and hardware of the hotel, as well as the reasonable price. You may find the service and hardware is the first and the most important. The hotel we selected in Xian are very good one in same level. If you on a private tour with family, we suggest you to use 3 star or 4 star hotels, these two levels of hotel are clean and safe with very good location.

Start and End Place

Xian private tour may start from Xianyang Airport, Xian Train Station, Xian Station as well as the hotel in Xian. Most Xian private package tour start from Xian Airport or Xian Train Station. After the tour, you will be transferred back to airport or train station. Most Xian private one day tour start from and end in hotel of Downtown Xian.

Private Layover Tours in Xian

Part of travelers change their flight in Xian, they have more than 4 hours in airport. Then you may take a layover tour start from Xian airport. Beijingservice Team will arrange a private vehicle and guide to meet you from airport, and then you will be transferred back to airport after visiting one or two attractions in this city.

Flight for Xian Private Tour

Many travelers come to visit Xian from Beijing or Shanghai, to see the famous Terracotta Warriors. Beijingservice team will arrange the tourism level tickets for all travelers unless you have request for business or first level seats on flight. Please send us your scanned copy of your passport if you need our team to arrange the flight to Xian.


We suggest travelers to make reservation as early as possible after you finalize the tour date. The following information is needed when you need to make reservation.
Tour date: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Hotel level: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Change or Cancel

It is convenient to make a change or cancel when you have to. Beijingservice team will refund unused cost back to you as soon as possible; or you make leave it in your account and we will use it for your further tours.

Local Mobile Phone Number in Xian

It is helpful if you have a local phone number, or you may ask our tour advisor to buy one card for you. It is easy to contact with our tour guide. We can not waste any time because there is only 4 hours to spend. And the card have function of Internet connection.

Payment Method

Xian private tour can be deided into deposit and balance. Travelers may pay deposit via Bank, Alipay, Paypal or Bank. Balance can be paid in cash in Xian to tour guide.
We suggest travelers to pay 30 USD as deposit via Alipay, PayPal or Credit Card. Balance can be paid in cash to our tour guide in Xian on tour date.

Feedback of Xian Private Tour

You will be asked to fill in feedback form after the Xian private tour. It is very useful to improve or keep our service quality. We appreciate it very much.