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Beijing Dough Figurine Tour    |    Study Chinese Dough Figurine in Beijing Trip

Beijing Dough Figurine Tour Profile

Temple of HeavenBeijing dough figurine tour refers to Beijing sightseeing trip include study of Chinese dough figurine. In Chinese Dough figurine is called '面塑' or '捏面人'. So we can call Beijing dough figurine '北京面塑旅游' or '北京捏面人主题旅游'.

Beijingservice arrange the study of dough figurine class in the itinerary of Beijing trip to offer this unique products to travelers. It is interesting when you can make a dough figure after a Beijing excursion.

Beijing Dough Figurine Tour Type and Shortcut

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  • Beijing package tour include dough figurine
  • Beijing one day tour include dough figurine study
  • Beijing half day tour include dough figurine class
  • Beijing dough figurine layover tour
  • Beijing dough figurine tour tips
  • Beijing dough figurine tour FAQ

  • Beijing Dough Figurine Tour Products

    Beijingservcie designed Beijing dough figurine products based on above tour types:

    Beijing Package Tour include Dough Figurine

    Beijing dough figurine package tour covers vehicle, driver, guide, admission fee, hotel, meal and dough figurine class. The number of dough figurine class is subject to change based on the dough figurine level of travelers and arrangement of training school.
    BJ-PH-01Dough-Figurine.  Beijing package tour include learning of Chinese Dough Figurine

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    Beijing One Day Tour include Dough Figurine Class

    Drum Tower Travelers may just taste 2 hours class for Chinese Dough Figurine within a Beijing one day tour. Other time of the day can be used for sightseeing to popular attractions.

    BJ-PO-01Dough-Figurine. Chinese Dough Figurine study and Mutianyu Great Wall one day tour
    BJ-PO-02Dough-Figurine. Dough Figurine study,Badaling Great Wall and Olympic Park day tour
    BJ-PO-03Dough-Figurine. Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Chinese Dough Figurine study 1 day tour
    BJ-PO-04Dough-Figurine. Summer Palace and Chinese Dough Figurine study one day private tour
    BJ-PO-05Dough-Figurine. Hutong, Chinese Dough Figurine study and Lama Temple 1 day tour
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    Half day Dough Figurine Study Trip In Beijing

    Beijing half day dough Figurine half day tour covers the class of Dough Figurine and visiting of a top attraction in Beijing within 4 hours.
    BJ-PF01DoughFigurine. Beijing half day trip of Dough Figure study and Tiananmen Square
    BJ-PF02DoughFigurine. Beijing half day tour of Dough Figure study and Qianmen Area
    BJ-PF03DoughFigurine. Beijing half day excursion of Dough Figure study and Hutong sightseeing
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    Beijing Layover Tour of Dough Figurine

    Beijing Dough Firurine tour covers short Dough Figurine class and one top attractions of Beijing, as well as the double way transfer between downtown and Airport.
    BJ-PL-01Dough-Figurine. Beijing 1 day layover tour of Chinese Dough Figurine study , Mutianyu Great Wall
    BJ-PL-02Dough-Figurine. Beijing layover day tour of Dough Figurine study, Badaling Great Wall, Olympic Park
    BJ-PL-03Dough-Figurine. Beijing one day layover tour of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Chinese Dough Figurine study
    BJ-PL-04Dough-Figurine. Beijing 1 day  layover tour of Summer Palace, Chinese Dough Figurine study
    BJ-PL-05Dough-Figurine. Beijing one day layover trip of Imperial College, Confucius Temple, Chinese Dough Figurine study
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    Beijing Dough Figurine Tour Tips

    Classic Itinerary of Beijing Dough Figurine Trip

    Beijingserivce designed a 7 days Beijing dough figurine trip to cover vehicle, driver, guide, hotel, admission fee and meal. The final itinerary is subject to change based on travelers dough figurine level and arrangement of training school.

    Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel. Day 2. Be met by tour guide and private car, transfer to class room. 3 lessons of Dough Figurine.
    Lunch, Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park. Transfer back to hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch)
    Day 3. Be met by tour guide and driver, transfer to class room. Enjoy 3 lessons of Dough Figurine.
    Lunch, Visit Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Be transferred back to hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch)
    Day 4. Be met by tour guide and driver, drive to visit Badaling Great Wall, Lunch, drive back to Beijing to take 2 lessons of Dough Figurine. (Breakfast, Lunch)
    Day 5. Be met by tour guide and driver, transfer to class room. Enjoy 2 lessons of Dough Figurine.
    Lunch, Beijing Zoo(Panda), Outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube, Beijing Hutong, Be transferred back to hotel.(Breakfast, Lunch)
    Day 6. Leisure day in Beijing. (Breakfast)
    Day 7. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

    Time arranged for learning Chinese Dough Figurine

    HouhaiThere will be 8-10 lessons. The number of classes is subject to Change based on the travelers dough figurine level and arrangement of training school.

    In one day Beijing dough figurine tour, 90 to 120 minutes learning will be included. To learn simple skill of dough figurine.

    Top Attractions included in Beijing dough figurine tour

    Most popular attractions can be included in the Beijing dough figurine excursion, include Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Beijing Zoo, Lama Temple, Beijing Hutong, National Museum, Olympic Park, etc.

    It is also possible to learn Chinese cooking if travelers like it.

    About Chinese Dough Figurine

    Dough figurine is commonly known as pinch dough people or flower cake.
    It is one of the traditional Chinese folk art originating from Shandong, Shanxi and Beijing of China.
    Flour is the main material of dough figurine, then it is adjusted into different colors.
    Under the help of simple tools, the dough will be used to create various vivid images.

    Time to Book Beijing Dough Figurine Tour

    1 day Beijing tour covers short Chinese dough figurine class can be reserved one to seven weeks in advance. The last time to make reservation is 7 days in advance.
    Packaged Beijing Dough Figurine tour needs to be reserved as early as possible because it is necessary to communicate with training school based on your dough figurine making level.

    Payment of Beijing Dough Figurine Tour

    Summer PalaceBeijingservice team accept payment via Bank, Alipay, Wechat, Credit Card and PayPal The 10 days Beijing packaged dough figurine tour needs prepayment 2 month in advance. 1 day Beijing dough figurine tour can be paid one week in advance.

    Information Needed to Book Beijing Dough Figurine Tour

    Please send us the following information to book Chinese dough figurine trip to Beijing:
    Numbers of travelers: __________
    Name on passport: __________
    Nationality: __________
    Tour date: __________
    Tour code: __________
    Mobile phone if available: __________
    Arrival date:__________
    Departure date: __________
    You dough figurine level: __________
    Your preferred payment method: _______________

    FAQ of Beijing Dough Figurine Tour

    Hello, we are looking at the Beijing tour include making dough figure. Its interesting. But we do not have so much time in Beijing. Can we choose 2 or 3 classes to learn the Chinese dough figurine ? thank you for your suggestion. best regards, John

    Dear John, thank you for the email. Yes, it is possible to short the package tour to cover only a few classes of Chinese dough figurine. Please let us know your arrival and departure date as well as the number of travelers, then we will make a new itinerary for you. warm regards, tansy

    dear tracy, thank you for the suggestion on our trip to Beijing and Shanghai. The dough pinching is very interesting. My daughter prefer to learn some Chinese cooking, is this possible to include some cooking training? Helen

    Dear Helen,
    thank you for your email. Yes, the dough figurine is interesting. You can make beautiful figure by dough after the training. Chinese cooking training class is also available. We can arrange one or several cooking class in the package. The training class will be arranged in a professional cooking school. We suggest you to learn 2 Chinese dishes in the trip. Please let us know if you have further suggestion or question.
    best regards,

    hello, how many people in the class of dough figurine? it seems it is not so easy to study, do you think we can make a dough figure after the tour?

    Dear Sir or madame,
    thank you for the message. It depends on the tour you take.
    It is a private training if you take one day tour to cover dough figurine. It depends on the arrangement of training school if you take packaged dough figurine. But we can arrange private class if you prefer to join in a existing class. Most travelers can make dough figure after the packaged dough figurine tour in Beijing. Even the travelers took one day dough pinching trip also can make a simple dough works. So it is not so hard as you think. The dough figurine level is subject to change based on travelers art foundation and feeling. Please let us know if you have further question on the dough pinching trip to Beijing.
    best regards,