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Badaling Great Wall Map

You may find map of Badaling Great Wall, which is designed by Beijingservice team, including map and photo of Badaling Great Wall. It is helpful when travelers plan a trip to Badaling Great Wall.

Introduction of the map

- south 7th tower to north 12th tower are marked on this Map;
- Cable car and a cinema are located near parking lot;
- Badaling Great Wall is around 75 km to downtown Beiing;
- Ming Tombs are located 25 km south of Badaling Great Wall;
- Drive 50 km west of Badaling, you may reach a county named Huailai;
- Mutianyu Great Wall is around  88 km east of Badaling Great Wall;
- An Expressway and Railway goes through the location of Badaling Great Wall;
- Memorial Hall of Mr.Zhantianyou can be found near North 12 tower;

Badaling Map Designed by Beijingservice.com

Badaling Great Wall Map

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