Payment via Bank of China

Pay Beijingservice team via bank

Focus: Bank Payment to Beijingservice Team from an Overseas Bank

The following tips is useful when make payment for tour in China.

Bank Details

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China Beijing Miyun Subbranch
Beneficiary A/C No. 323356009400
Beneficiary name: Beijing Xindong International Travel Service Co., LTD

Time of the Payment to Reach China

Overseas bank payment takes 2 to 7 days to reach China.  Our tour advisor will contact you when we receive the payment in the bank. 

Bank Receipt

Please send the bank receipt after you remit the payment. 
Or please let us know the following information:
- The name which you used to remit the charge: ____________
- The country where you remitted the charge: ____________
- The Bank from which you remitted the charge: ____________
- The total amount you remitted:____________

Bank Receipt

Please send the bank receipt after you remit the payment. 

Time to Pay

Please manage payment via bank as early as possible after we confirm your tour.  Bank payment take several days to reach China.


Please contact your tour advisor if you have any question on the payment. Or you may just contact us

Does all tour operators accept payment via Bank ?

Actually only part of real tour operators accept bank payment in China.  Small table agent can only accept payment via PayPal or "Credit Card via PayPal".   

Bank Payment on tour date

It is not available to pay via bank on tour date.

What kind of tour can be paid via Bank ?

All tours can be paid via bank.  But we suggest bank payment only when the amount is more than 1000 USD because the bank payment is not so fast and convenient as Credit Card or PayPal although their handling fee is high.

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