Payment via Credit Card in China

Credit Card payment tips 

Focus: Credit Card payment to Beijingservice Team

The following tips for Credit Card payment is useful when make payment via Credit Card for tour in China.

Credit Card Type

Beijingservice accept the following types of Credit Card:

Handling Fee

Bank will charge extra 3% as handling fee based on the tour cost.

How to Minimum the Handling Fee

Beijingservice suggest you to pay a deposit via Credit Card when make reservation.
Balance can be paid to our tour guide in cash on tour date.
Please contact our tour advisor to know how much to be paid as deposit.

Time to Pay

Please manage the payment as early as possible after we confirm your tour.

How to Pay

Our accountant will send you a Credit Card payment link via email. Please manage the payment online by yourself.
Sometimes the credit Card Payment link goes to spam folder, perhaps because it includes words of 'payment'and 'credit card'. Please look at your trash or spam folder if you can not find it in inbox. We will ask accountant to send it again if you still can not find the link email.

Very Important Note

Our bank is very strict with the Credit Card info, please make sure all information is correct before push submit button. And the bank only accept one try, please do not try again if your credit card is not accepted. And please let me know after payment.

What should I do if my card was not accepted ?

We will offter you other method to proceed the payment or deposit.
We also accept payment via: Credit Card, Debit Card (Within China), Bank, PayPal, Alipay, Wechat.
Please contact your tour advisor to get further details.


Please contact your tour advisor if you have any question on the payment. Or you may just contact us

Does all tour operators accept Credit Card ?

Actually only small part of real tour operators accept Credit Card in China.  Most of them are just small table agent, they can only accept payment via PayPal or "Credit Card via PayPal".   

Debit Card

It is available to pay if you have a Debit Card issued in China.   But overseas Debit Card is not acceptable, even it is a Debit Card by an overseas Bank of China.

Payment on tour date

It is not available to pay via Credit Card on tour date unless it is really a urgent or last minute tour.

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