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Beijing Adoption Tour Profile

Adoption tour in BeijingBeijing Adoptive tour refers to Beijing tour products related with adopting Chinese child from Beijing, as well as the root-seeking trip to the hometown of the child.
In Chinese, this trip is called '北京收养之旅' or '北京孤儿收养主题旅游'.

Many foreigners are coming to Beijing to adopt a orphan or an abandoned infant/child. Beijingservice team designed the adoption trip for foreign travelers.

Beijing Adoption Tour Type

Packaged adoptive tour
one day tour available for adoptive trip
half day tour available tour for adoptive trip

Beijing Adoption Tour Products

Beijingservice designed packaged adoption trip include vehicle, driver, guide and accommodation in Beijing. It is also available to request Beijingservice team to help to communicate or submit information.

Beijing Packaged Adoptive Tour

Beijing Adoptive trip lead travelers to visit classic attraction as well as Adoptive related organization.
BJ-PH-01Adoptive. Beijing 4 days adoptive private package trip
BJ-PH-02Adoptive. 5 days Beijing adoptive trip
BJ-PH-03Adoptive. Beijing 6 days private package tour for doption
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Beijing Private One Day Tour Available for Beijing Adoptive Trip

The following one day tour is good choice before or after the adoption trip in Beijing.
BJ-PO-01-B. Beijing private one day tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs
BJ-PO-01-A. Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs one day private tour
BJ-PO-04-A. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace one day private tour.
BJ-PO-04-B. Beijing one day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City , Summer Palace
BJ-PO-04-C. Beijing one day tour of Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park, Hutong, Lama Temple
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Join in One Day Tour Available for Beijing Adoptive Trip

The following Beijing one day join in tour (also called seat in coach tour) is also favored by conference travelers.
BJ-ST-01. Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day join in tour
BJ-ST-02. Beijing city 1 day jonin tour to visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
BJ-ST-03. Hutong, Lama Temple and Beijing Zoo 1 day join in coach tour
BJ-ST-11. Beijing one day join trip of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall
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Beijing Half Day Tour Suggested for Adoption Travelers

Beijing half day tour is suggested when there is only 4 hours available in Beijing.
BJ-PF-07. Beijing National Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-08. Beijing Capital Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-09. Beijing Aquarium half day tour
BJ-PF-10. Beijing Zoo (Panda) half day tour
BJ-PF-11. Forbidden City half day tour
BJ-PF-12. Beijing Summer Palace half day tour
BJ-PO-09. Beijing Hutong half day tour
BJ-PF-14. Temple of Heaven half day tour
BJ-PF-15. Tiananmen Square half day tour
BJ-PF-16. Beijing Olympic Park half day tour
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Tips of Beijing Adoption Tour

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Adoptive Tours

The following itinerary of adoptive trip can be adjusted according to the request of travelers.
Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Be met from hotel. Handling of adoption procedures. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Be met from hotel. Handling of adoption procedures. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and Badaling Great Wall. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 5. Be met from hotel. Visit Temple of heaven and Beijing Hutong if time permit. Transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Sightseeing during Adoptive Trip to Beijing

Great Wall trip in Adoption Tour BeijingPart of travelers prefer to take sightseeing before adoption. Most travelers take sightseeing when take the child back to Beijing for feedback or root seeking. The sightseeing only cover top attractions of Beijing.

Best Season of Adoption in Beijing

Spring and Autumn is the best season, because it no very hot or cold.

Beijing Adoption Related Information

The following contact information is often be used by Beijing adoptive travelers.
Adoption Document Registration (Office) Tel: 65548806 Fax: 65548807
Adopter Qualification Tel: 65548816 Fax: 65548820
Child placement Tel: 65548825 Fax: 65548828
Foreigners living in China adopting children Tel: 65548935 Fax: 65548935
Adoption Fee Tel: 65548868, Fax: 65548869,
Report after adoption Tel: 65548874 Fax: 65548836
Adoption policy Tel: 65548998 Fax: 65548856

Why Use Beijing Adoption Related Travel Service of Beijing Service

Experience driver,
Helpful and professional tour guide,
Well selected accommodation place,
flexibility based on adoption request in Beijing.

Travelers Permitted to Adopt Child From Beijing

Travelers of the following countries can adopt child from Beijing or China:
America, Italy, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands,
Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Britain,
Australia, Belgium, New Zealand,

Documents Send to Foreign Adopters

Confirmation to the foreign adopters, as well as the following child documents
1. confirmation letter,
2. certificate of health examination of child
3. child growth report
3. two-inch bareheaded photos and family life photos

Beijing Adoptive Tour FAQ

Is it possible for foreign adopters go to social welfare institutions to select a child directly or adopt a specified child?

Foreign adopters cannot go to social welfare institutions to select a child directly. China adoptive organization will select and recommend suitable social welfare institutions for adoption.

What documents should be submitted if they intend to apply for adopting children from Beijing of China?
adoptive trip in BeijingAdopters should re-prepare and submit adoption application documents according to the requirements on adoption documents by Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners.

The documents should also include naturalization certification of the former adopted children, and reports on their adaptation and growth in adoptive families.

Can the adoption be revoked ?
The adoption registration can be revoked when the following terms show:
1. The facts of the adoptee is inconsistent with the information provided to adopters;
2. The adoptee suddenly suffers serious illness;
3. The adoptee cannot assimilate into an adoptive family;

What procedures should foreigners follow if they wish to apply for adoption of a child from Beijing of China? What paperwork do they need to prepare?
1. Submitting adoption application.
2. Accepting and registration.
3. Review and matching.
4. Issuing notification.
5. Coming to China for adoption.
6. Adoption registration.

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