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Beijing Art Tour Profile

Beijing OperaBeijing Art tour refers to Beijing sightseeing products covers both popular attractions and art related place. Beijing is never short of art related places. It is very convenient to discover the art face of this old and new city.

Beijing Art Tour Type

Beijing Art Packaged tour
Beijing Art one day tour
Beijing half day art trip
Beijing evening art tour
Beijing evening layover tour

Beijing Art Tour Products

Most art lovers or artist to Beijing needs hotel, transfer, car rental and tour guide service. Beijingservice offers several kinds of Art related travel service, which make Art tour to Beijing easy and convenient.

Beijing Private Packaged Art Tour

Beijing Art trip lead travelers to visit classic attraction as well as Art Temple of this ancient city.
BJ-PH-01Art. Beijing 4 days package tour focused on art
BJ-PH-02Art. Beijing 5 days Beijing art package trip
BJ-PH-03Art. 6 days Beijing private art package tour
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Beijing One Day Art Tour

The following Beijing one day trip covers most top Beijing attractions suitable for Art travelers.
BJ-PO-01Art. Beijing art one day tour to enjoy amazing Mural of Ming Dynasty, Enjoy National Level Painting art, Wangfujing Street. ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-02Art. Beijing art one day tour of International level gallery to know the development of film art,  , visit 798 Art Zone, have an outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube. ( , Lunch)
BJ-PO-03Art. Beijing 1 day art tour to visit National art collection of China,  local folk art museum related with local daily life, enjoy Chinese Tea Art and taste Chinese Tea, Museum focused on Stage art. After dinner, Drama performance in a famous local theater. ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PO-04Art. 1 day Beijing art tour to enjoy Chinese Garden Art, Stop at a Stone carving art gallery, Mermorial Hall of Famous Painter Xubeihong. ( , Lunch)
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Beijing Half Day Tour Suggested for Art Travelers

Beijing half day art tour offers a chance to enjoy one art zone within 4 hours start from and end in hotel of downtown Beijing. Normal half day art trip does not include lunch. Please let us know if you prefer to cover lunch.
BJ-PF-01Art. Beijing half day art tour to visit 798 Art Zone,
BJ-PF-02Art. Beijing half day art trip to Enjoy amazing Mural of Ming Dynasty.
BJ-PF-03Art. Beijing half day excursion of International level gallery to know the development of film art.
BJ-PF-04Art. Beiing half day trip to enjoy National Level Painting art.
BJ-PF-05Art. Enjoy Chinese Tea art, Have an outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube.
BJ-PF-06Art. Beijing 4 hours half day tour to enjoy Chinese Garden Art
BJ-PF-07Art. Beijing half day tour to enjoy stone Carving art
BJ-PF-08Art. Beijing half day art tour to visit Memorial Hall of Famous Painter Xubeihong
BJ-PF-09Art. Beijing half day art tour to Songzhuang Art Zone
BJ-PF-10Art. Beijing half day art tour to Caochangdi Art Zone
BJ-PF-11Art. Beijing half day art tour to Dongjiaominxiang Area, the former Embassy area.
BJ-PF-12Art. Beijing half day art tour to JiuChang Art Zone
BJ-PF-13Art. Beijing half day art tour to local folk art museum
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Beijing Evening Art Tour

BJ-PE-01Art. Beijing evening art tour visiting Nanluoguxiang Hutong
BJ-PE-02Art. Beijing evening art tour of Yandaixiejie Hutong and Houhai area
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Beijing Art layover tour

BJ-PL-01Art. Beijing 1 day art layover tour to visit Tiananmen Sauare, Forbidden City, 798 Art Zone
BJ-PL-02Art. Beijing art layover day tour to visit Songzhuang area, Beijign Hutong and Summer Palace
BJ-PL-03Art. Beijing art layover day tour of 798 Art Zone and Mutianyu Great Wall
BJ-PL-04Art. Beijing one day art layover tour to visit Beijing Fine Arts Museum and 798 Art Zone
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Tips of Beijing Art Tour

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Art Tour Package

Most travelers prefer to use the following art package tour as below:
Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Enjoy National Level Painting art, Lunch, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Lunch, visit an International level gallery to know the development of film art, visit a new Art Zone of Beijing. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Feature of Beijing Art Tour

Beijing Art tour covers both Art attractions and popular attractions of this city. Great Wall BeijingPopular attractions covers:Great Wall, Tianmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Art attractions include: Dongyue Temple, Baiyunguan Art Temple, a local Art related street, Huodezhenjun Temple and Lvzugong Temple.

Feature of Beijing Art Tour

Beijing Art tour combines Beijing top attractions as well as Beijing Art related place. Part of Art Zone located in downtown area. There are several art related places located in the are of JiuXianqiao Area. Most art related places are not so crowded like popular attractions. Travelers may enjoy the art place with enough time.

Famous Art Zone and art related places in Beijing

The following art zone are often be visited by travelers. 798 Art Zone, Beijing Caochangdi Art Zone, Jiuchang Art Zone, Songzhuang Art Zone, Beijing Fangjia Hutong Art Zone, Beijing Jili Art Zone, Beijing No.1 Art Zone, The Twenty Two Street Art Zone, Beijing Dagao International Art Zone, Yonghe Art Zone, Dongjiaominxiang Area,

The following art related attractions are also can be included in Beijing art tour. Beijing Art Museum, Chinese Art Zone, Beijing Fine Arts Museum, China Film Museum, China Fine Arts Museum, Chinese Tea House, Chinese Garden Museum, Beijing Stone Carving Art, Memorial Hall of Painter Xubeihong.

Accommodation of Beijing Art Tour

Beijingservice team can arrange art related accommodation in Beijing. Such as theme hotel, Nostalgic hotel, art hotel, super deluxe designed hotel, local hotel in famous attraction, Chinese style hotel in former palace ... Please let us know your request on hotel, then we will arrange room according to your request.

Beijing Evening Performance Suggested for Beijing Art Tour

Beijing Opera is the first option for art tour. This local art impress each travelers to Beijing. Acrobatic Show and Chinese Kongfu Show are also popular for foreigners to Beijing.

Payment of Beijing Art Tour

Deposit is needed when make reservation. Balance is needed one week before tour date. Another option for balance is paying tour guide in cash in Beijing. Beijingservice team accept payment via Wechat, Alipay, Bank, Credit Card and PayPal. Credit Card and Paypal needs extra handling fee charged by bank.

Information Needed for Reservation of Beijing Art Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Art Tour FAQ

Dear Tracy, Thank you for your itinerary. We prefer to visit 798 Art Zone in Beijing. Can you arrange the trip for us?

Yes we can arrange the visiting of 798 Art Zone on second day. We suggest you to visit the art zone on the way back from Mutianyu Great Wall. best regards, Tracy

Dear Jasper, how are you? We have two clients (two painters) to Beijing in October of this year. They are very interested in to see some studio of Beijing local painters. Which please are you suggest to visit? Can you arrange the trip for them? They reach Beijing on October 14 and departure for Washington on October 18. Please arrange two single rooms in 5 star hotel of downtown Beijing. thank you for your advice as always. best regards, Jennifer

Dear Ms.Jennifer, Pleased to have your email. I am fine, how are you doing? We suggest the clients to visit Songzhuang and 798 Art Zone to discover the clocal painters' studio. Please find the Beijing Art tour itinerary as below:
October 14. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel. Visit Beijing Hutong if time permit.
October 15. 798 Art Zone and Mutiany Great Wall.
October 16. Songzhuang Area, Summer Palace.
October 17. Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, China Fine Arts Museum.
October 18. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure.
Please let us know your suggestion, then we will work out quotation. best regards, Jasper

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