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Beijing Autumn Tour Profile

Autumn tour to Botanical Garden Beijing Beijing Autumn tour refers to the sightseeing trip or excursion to Beijing in fall.
The Autumn tour in Beijing is called '北京秋天旅游' or '北京秋天之旅'.
In Beijing, Autumn refers to September to November. During this period, chrysanthemum, red leaves, yellow leaves and comfortable temperature add brilliance to the present splendor of Beijing tour.

Autumn is one of the best season to visit Beijing, especially the end of September till the middle of November.

Beijing Autumn Tour Type

Beijing packaged autumn tour
Beijing autumn one day tour
Beijing autumn half day tour
Beijing autumn evening tour
Beijing layover trip suitable for Autumntime

Beijing Autumn Tour Products

Beijingservcie designed Beijing autumn tour products based on above tour types:

Beijing Private Autumn Package Tour

Autumn trip to   Mutianyu Great WallTravelers may enjoy beautiful flower while discover classic attraction of this ancient city.
BJ-PH-01Autumn. Beijing 4 days Autumn Package tour
BJ-PH-02Autumn. Beijing 5 days Autumn package tour
BJ-PH-03Autumn. Beijing 6 days Autumn package trip
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Beijing Autumn One Day Tour

Take one day sightseeing to Beijing in Autumn. 
BJ-PO-01Autumn. Beijing one day Autumn tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City,  Fragrant Hill (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-02Autumn. Autumn day tour to Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, Lama Temple, Ginkgo Biloba (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-03Autumn. One day Autumn tour of Frgrant Hill, Jingshan,  Tea, Beijing Hutong and Houhai (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-04Autumn. Beijing one day Autumn tour of  Ginkgo Biloba,Sanlitun and Xiushui Market (, Lunch,)
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Beijing Classic One Day Tour Suitable for Autumn

The following Beijing one day trip covers Beijing attractions suitable for visiting in Autumn within 8-9 hours.
BJ-PO-01-A Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs private day tour
BJ-PO-02-A Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace one day private tour
BJ-PO-01-B Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day private tour
BJ-PO-02-B Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace one day tour
BJ-PO-02-D Mutianyu Great Wall and Olympic Park one day private tour
BJ-PO-03-D Tiananmen, Forbidden City and Olympic Venue 1 day trip
BJ-PO-03-B Tiananmen, Forbidden City and Mutianyu Great Wall
BJ-PO-03-C Tiananmen, Forbidden City + Juyongguan Great Wall
BJ-PO-04-A Beijing city one day tour of Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
BJ-PO-09. Beijing one day private tour to Beijing Hutong
BJ-PO-10. Beijing Zoo (for pandas ), Fragrant Hills and Beijing Botanical Garden one day tour
BJ-PO-5-6 1 day Hiking trip from Jinshanling to Simatai
BJ-PO-06 Jinshanling Great Wall one day tour
BJ-PO-47. Beijing Mountain Mangshan Forest Park one day private tour
BJ-PO-49. Beijing Yunmengshan Forest Park
BJ-PO-57. Beijing International Flower Port one day private tour(chrysanthemum show)
BJ-PO-61. Beijing Jingdong Gorge one day private tour
BJ-PO-23. Beijing Botanical Day Tour
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Beijing Half Day Autumn Tour

The following half day tour is suggested if you visit Beijing in autumntime.
BJ-PF-05. Mutianyu Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-06. Huanghuacheng Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-12. Beijing Summer Palace half day tour
BJ-PO-09. Beijing Hutong half day tour
BJ-PF-16. Beijing Olympic Park half day tour
BJ-PF-17. Beihai Park half day tour
BJ-PF-18. Beijing Fragrant Hill half day tour
BJ-PF-27. Chaoyang Park half day tour
BJ-PF-30. China Garden Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-36. TaoranTing Park half day tour
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Suggested Beijing Evening Tour for Autumn Trip

Autumn tour of BeijingThe following evening tour of Beijing is suggested:
BJ-PE-08. Qianmen Area, Grand Theatre, Corner Tower of Forbidden City
BJ-PE-09. Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Sanlitun Area,
BJ-PE-10. Jingshan Park, Houhai Lake / Shichahai Area (including bar street)
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Suggested Beijing Layover Tour for Autumn Trip

The following evening tour show you top attractions as well as the beautiful color in Autumn.
BJ-PH-02layover. Beijing 2 days typical layover package tour based on Mutianyu Great Wall
BJ-PH-04layover. Beijing 3 days layover package tour based on Mutianyu Great Wall
BJ-PL-02. Mutianyu Great Wall layover tour
BJ-PL-03. Airport - Shuiguan Great Wall tour - airport
BJ-PL-04. Juyongguan Great Wall layover tour
BJ-PL-05. Huanghuacheng Great Wall layover tour
BJ-PL-08. Summer Palace layover tour,
BJ-PL-09. Beijing Hutong layover tour
BJ-PL-14. China Garden Museum layover tour,
BJ-PL-15. Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City one day layover tour

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Tips of Beijing Autumn Tour

Classic Beijing Autumn Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch, National Museum, Beihai Park, Houhai Area. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Autumn Palace, Beijing Hutong, Capital Museum, Xiushui Market, Mutianyu Great Wall. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

- Beihai Park and Houhai area is good place to send your time.  This area is not so hot because there are many lakes.  
- Great Wall visiting is arranged in late afternoon to avoid the strong sunshine. 
- Museum is arranged for the noon time (hottest time in a day).  Most museum provides air-condition. 

Autumntime of Beijing

Autumn tour to Botanical Garden Beijing Autumn Solstice is one of the twenty-four solar terms in Chinese calender. Beijing officially entered the autumntime from this day. But the Autumn Solstice only work based on Chinese calender, it is not a fixed date based on new calenders. Most young people think Autumntime of Beijing covers: June, July, August and September, which is based on new calenders.

Temperature of Autumntime in Beijing

It is from 18℃ to 28℃ in Autumntime of Beijing. Sometimes it can reach 36℃.
Beijing is Wet and hot in the middle period of Autumn (around July and August).
June and September is not so hot.

Popular Attractions for Autumn trip to Beijing

The following attractions are suggested to be included in the itinerary of Beijing Autumn trip: National Museum, Beihai Park, Houhai Area, Autumn Palace, Beijing Hutong, Capital Museum, Xiushui Market, Mutianyu Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Stone Flower Cave, Garden Museum,

Time Arrangement of Beijing Autumn Tour

Beijingservice arrange outdoor attractions on early morning or in later afternoon to avoid hot air and strong sunshine in Autumntime.

Add on activity of Beijing Autumntime trip

- Enjoy 2 hours swimming tour in national Olympic building: Water Cube,
- Take a cruise on Kunming Lake of Autumn Palace or in Taoranting park,
- Spend you evening time in Houhai area, enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a drink at Bar Street,
- Two days Grassland trip
- Two days tour to beach

Suggested Activities and Places in Autumn of Beijing

Fragrant Hills Park香山公园
Address:No. 40, Trading Street, Haidian District, Beijing北京市海淀区买卖街40号
Activies: enjoy red Jaundice leaves 红叶/黄栌树

Beigong Forest Park北宫森林公园
Address: No. 55, Dahuichang East Road, Changxindian Town, Fengtai District, Beijing北京市丰台区长辛店镇大灰厂东路55号
Tel: 010-83840830
Activies: enjoy Maple leaf / 枫叶

Beijing labagou virgin Forest Park喇叭沟门原始森林公园
Address:No. 300, Sunzhazi Village, Manzu Township, Trumpet Gate喇叭沟门满族乡孙栅子村西300号
Activies: enjoy Gesang flower and birch forest / 格桑花 白桦林

The Lakeside Great Wall of Huanghuacheng,黄花城水长城
Address:Xishuiyu Village, Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, Beijing北京市怀柔区九渡河镇西水峪村
Tel:010-61651111 61651818

The miaofeng mountains scenic area 妙峰山风景区
Address:北京市门头沟区涧沟村Genggou Village, Mentougou District, Beijing

Badaling National Forest Park八达岭国家森林公园
Address:Badaling Forest Farm, Yanqing County, Beijing北京市延庆县八达岭林场(八达岭长城登城口往南2公里)
Activies: enjoy red leaves / 主景区称为“红叶岭”,比香山的红叶观赏期要早至少半个月,会持续到11月上旬

Mutianyu Great Wall 慕田峪长城
Address:Mutianyu Village, Menghai Town, Huairou District, Beijing北京市怀柔区渤海镇慕田峪村

Ginkgo Avenue 银杏大道(钓鱼台银杏林)
Address:East Side Road, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing北京市海淀区三里河路钓鱼台国宾馆东侧路
Activies: enjoy golden Ginkgo leaves / 银杏叶

Hongluosi Scenic Spot 红螺寺
Address:No. 2, Hongluo Road, Huairou District, Beijing北京市怀柔区红螺路2号
Activies: Astragalus, Fire Moment, Pentagram, Persimmon, Oak, Mongolian, Eucalyptus, Ginkgo Chrysanthemum, 黄栌、火矩、五角枫、柿树、橡树、蒙栎、栾树、银杏 菊花展

Tanzhe Temple潭柘寺
Address:Tanzhe Temple Town, Mentougou District, Beijing 北京市门头沟区潭柘寺镇
Activies: enjoy red leaves / 潭柘十景之一,平原红叶

Yuanmingyuan park圆明园遗址公园
Address:No. 28, Qinghua West Road, Haidian District, Beijing北京市海淀区清华西路28号
Activies: enjoy ginkgo and red leaves银杏+红叶

Tiantan Park 天坛公园
Address:No. 7 Dongli, Tiantan, Dongcheng District, Beijing北京市东城区天坛内东里7号
Tel: 010-67028866(总机),010-67013036,010-67012402
Activies: enjoy ginkgo / 银杏

Ditan Park 地坛公园
Address: Andingmenwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing北京市东城区安定门外大街
Activies: enjoy ginkgo / 银杏

Beihai Park 北海公园
Address:No. 24, Di'anmen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京市西城区地安门西大街24号
Activies: enjoy chrysanthemum / 菊花

Jingshan Park景山公园
Address:No. 44, Jingshan West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京市西城区景山西街44号
Activies: enjoy ginkgo / 银杏

Olympic Forest Park 奥林匹克森林公园
Address:No. 33, Kehui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区科荟路33号
Tel:010-64529090 010-64529060

Address:Midwestern, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区中西部
Activies: enjoy ginkgo / 东五街使馆区银杏大道

Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum五塔寺(北京石刻艺术博物馆)
Address:Wutasi Village, Baishi Bridge, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区白石桥五塔寺村
Activies: enjoy ginkgo / 银杏

Dajue Temple 大觉寺
Address: 北京市海淀区大觉寺路9号 No. 9 Dajue Temple Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Activies: enjoy ginkgo / 银杏

Payment Method of Beijing Autumn Tour

Beijingservice team accept payment via Wechat, Alipay, Credit Card, Bank, and PayPal. 

Information Needed for Booking of Beijing Autumn Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Autumn Tour FAQ

Hello, i am planning a trip to Beijing this coming Autumn. Is it possible to include a one day trip to grassland near Beijing ?

Autumn tour of BeijingThank you for contacting Beijing service. Yes, we can arrange a grassland trip to Bashang Grassland, but we suggest two days trip start from and end in Beijing, because the grassland is around 4 to 5 hours' driving from Beijing. You may stay one night at grassland and then come back to Beijing on next day. Autumntime is the best season to visit Grassland, especially the July and August.

Dear Lisa, thank you for your itinerary and quotation of our private Autumn trip to Beijing. We are love swimming. After reading your website, we found it is possible to swimming in previous Olympic building - Water Cube. Can you cover this in our Beijing Autumn tour? Please let us know if there is extra information needed.

Dear Paul, thank you for your information. Yes, it is possible to cover a swimming experience in your autumn trip to Beijing. We suggest to arrange this swimming in the afternoon of August 6. Passport info is enough.

Dear Jasper, we are very interested in your Autumn package tour of Beijing. I know Beijing is hot at noon time. I have one question, is this possible to pick us up from hotel on early morning for sightseeing at around 06:30 am? We prefer to get back to hotel at around 10:30am. In the afternoon, you may meet us at 16:00, and then complete the tour at around 21:00. Is this itinerary possible ?

Thank you for your email. Yes, it is possible to arrange this tour. But most attractions will stop ticking at around 16:00. We can put the attraction visitong on the morning from 08:30 to 10:00am. Please let us know your arrival and departure date, then we can tailor an itinerary for you.

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