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Beijing Conference Tour Profile

Conference in BeijingBeijing conference tour refers to Beijing tour products designed for travelers come to Beijing to attend conference. In Chinese, it is called '北京会议旅游' or '北京会议主题旅游'.

The time of travelers can be divided into two parts, 1st part is conference time, 2nd part is leisure time. During the date of conference, most travelers needs transfer between hotel and conference place.

In the leisure days, travelers may take sightseeing to popular attractions of Beijing. Beijing Conference tour is the best choice when travelers come to Beijing for congress, conferences, exhibitions, cultural performances and other related activities.

Beijing Conference Tour Type

Packaged Beijing Conference Tour
Beijing airport transfer
Beijing train station transfer
Private One day tour service for Beijing Conference Tour
Join in one day tour service
Find conference conference hall or meeting room in Beijing
Translator service for conference in Beijing

 Conferences Tour of Beijing

Conference in BeijingBeijingservcie designed Beijing Conference tour products based on above tour types:

Packaged Conference Tour to Beijing

Beijingservice team designed private package tour to cover airport transfer, vehicle, driver, guide, admission as well as the transfer between hotel and conference place. The itinerary of the conference can be adjusted based on travelers conference arrangement in Beijing.
BJ-PH-01Conference. Four days Beijing private conference tour
BJ-PH-02Conference. 5 days Beijing private conference tour
BJ-PH-03Conference. Beijing 6 days private conference tour
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Beijing Transfer Service between Hotel and Conference Center

Beijingservice can arrange the transfer between hotel and conference center.
The transfer service is only for single way, from hotel to conference center or vice versa.
BJ-PT-04 Transfer between downtown hotel and conference center.

Airport Transfer to Hotel or Conference Center in Beijing

Beijing airport transfer is necessary for travelers to attend meeting or conference in Beijing. Part of travelers prefer to be transfered to meeting place after reaching Beijing airport. The following transfer is also available.
BJ-PT-01. Beijing Airport Transfer

Beijing Train Station Transfer

Conference in BeijingPart of travelers prefer to reach Beijing via train when they come to Beijing for conference.
The price is also availabel when you need to be met from train station and transfer to conference place in downtown Beijing.
BJ-PT-02. Beijing Train Station Transfer

Private One Day Travel Service of Beijing Conference Tour

Most travelers prefer to take Beijing one day tour after their business time. Beijingservice team offers the one day tour service to top attractions in Beijing.
BJ-PO-01-B. Beijing private one day tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs
BJ-PO-02-B. Beijing 1 day tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace
BJ-PO-03-B. Beijing one day Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen, and Forbidden City tour
BJ-PO-01-A. Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs one day private tour
BJ-PO-06. Jinshanling Great Wall one day private tour
BJ-PO-04-A. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace one day private tour.
BJ-PO-04-B. Beijing one day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City , Summer Palace
BJ-PO-04-C. Beijing one day tour of Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park, Hutong, Lama Temple

Join In One Day tour for Travelers Attend Meeting in Beijing

The following Beijing one day join in tour (also called seat in coach tour) is also favored by conference travelers.
BJ-ST-01. Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day join in tour
BJ-ST-02. Beijing city 1 day jonin tour to visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
BJ-ST-03. Hutong, Lama Temple and Beijing Zoo 1 day join in coach tour
BJ-ST-05. Hutong, Lama Temple, Beijing Zoo, Bird Nest & Water Cube one day join in tour
BJ-ST-06. Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tomb one day join in tour
BJ-ST-07. Beijing one day group tour of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall
BJ-ST-08. Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace one day join in group trip
BJ-ST-11. Beijing one day join trip of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall

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Find conference conference hall or meeting room in Beijing

Conference in BeijingBeijingservice team cooperate with most of good hotel in Beijing. We often select conference place for partners. There are conference rooms available for 2 people to 300 people. Tea or coffee break are included. The conference equipment is available upon request, such as Whiteboard, projection equipment, LED equipment, plasma equipment, computer, video player, video converter, video central control equipment.

Translator service for conference in Beijing

Part of travelers needs translator for the conference in Beijing. Beijingservice provides the service for our clients. Please contact us for details.


Tips of Beijing Conferences Trip

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Conference Tour

The following conference itinerary covers airport transfer, transfer to conference place as well as the classic itinerary of Beijing.
Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Be met from hotel and transfer to Conference Center on the morning. Transfer back to hotel in the afternoon. (Breakfast)
Day 3. Be met from hotel and transfer to Conference Center on the morning. Transfer back to hotel in the afternoon. (Breakfast)
Day 4. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and Badaling Great Wall. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 5. Be met from hotel. Visit Temple of heaven and Beijing Hutong if time permit. Transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Sightseeing Arranged in Beijing Conference Tour

Great WallMost conference travelers only visit top attractions after meeting in Beijing.
The top attractions covers: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Beijing Zoo, Lama Temple, Beijing Hutong and Olympic Parks.

Best Season of Beijing Conference Tour

The tour time is subject to change of the conference arrangement. If you can decide the conference time, we suggest the conference time in April, May, September or October. This period is not so hot or cold.

Conference Room Type Available in Beijing.

Conference room is available in hotel, conference center as well as some resort. In the hotel of Beijing, the conference room is available from 3 star hotel to 5 star hotel. Usually, hotel offers meeting room available for 2 to 80 participant, such as Boardroom meeting room, Round table meeting room, etc.

Part of resort in or near Beijing offers many kinds of meeting room, which is available for participants of 2 to 300. Accommodation, dinning and entertainment are available in the resort. Most of the resorts are located out of downtown Beijing. The resort offers a quiet and beautiful environment to offer a comfortable and private place for participants of the meeting.Conference in Beijing

Conference center is a professional place works for meeting and congress in Beijing. Except all kinds of meeting room, conference center offers dinning and accommodation service. Most conference center are located in downtown Beijing and there is Subway station, which is convenient for participants.

Equipment available in Conference Room of Beijing.

The following equipment is available in Beijing:
Pen, paper, whiteboard, computer, projector, recorder, video recorder, microphone,
Business Center Services: Fax, Copy, Telecom, DDD/IDD International Call, Wireless Internet, Chinese and English Typing Service
Conference in BeijingOffice stationery, copiers, printers, scanners, network equipment
Matrix switchers, amplifiers, speakers, video tracking cameras, plasma devices, video players, video converters, video central control devices,
Lighting effect control equipment, such as computer lights, PAR lights, chasing lights, floor lights, laser lights, etc.
Lifting stage, boom, electronic display, movie screen, audio equipment, VIP room, dressing room, lounge.
Photographic camera, speed recording, recording equipment,
Stage effect equipment, special equipment for conference sessions, voting equipment,
Barcode, scanner, statistical software

Conference Center Available in Beijing

The conference centers is listed as below, include English name and Chinese name.
Beijing International Convention Center / 北京国际会议中心,
Beijing National Convention Center / 北京国家会议中心,
Beijing Conference Center / 北京会议中心,
Beijing Sunshine International Conference Center / 北京阳光国际会议中心,
Beijing Tianhu Convention Center / 北京天湖会议中心
China International Exhibition Center / 北京中国国际展览中心
Beijing Qiaobo International Conference Center / 北京乔波国际会议中心 北京市顺义区顺安路6号
Xi Yu Yuan Conference and Resort Center, / 西御园会议度假中心 北京市昌平区兴寿镇桃峪口水库西北侧
Beijing Xiadu Convention Center, / 北京夏都会议中心, 延庆湖南西路22号
Beijing Sinopec Conference Center / 北京中国石化会议中心 北京市昌平区水库路21号
Beijing Petroleum Sunshine Conference Center / 北京石油阳光会议中心 北京市昌平区长陵镇北京石油阳光会议中心
Yishengyuan International Conference Center / 怡生园国际会议中心 北京市顺义区北小营镇左堤路5号
Beijing Debao Hot Spring Conference Center / 北京德宝温泉会议中心 北京房山区良乡镇多宝路一号
Beijing Tangshan Holiday Conference Center / 北京汤山假日会议中心 北京市昌平区小汤山镇中心街西端
Beijing Tianhu Conference Center / 北京天湖会议中心 北京市房山区青龙湖镇小苑上村150号

Resort Offers Convention and Meeting Service in Beijing

Conference in BeijingThe following resort is known for their conference and meeting service.
Most of them are located around 1 hour driving from downtown Beijing.

Beijing Yunhu Resort / 北京云湖度假村,
Lake Park Conference Training Center / 湖园会议培训中心
Song Xiu Yuan Resort / 松秀园度假村
Beijing Ruihaimu Country Resort / 北京瑞海姆田园度假村
Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort / 春晖园温泉度假村
Jiuhua Spa Resort / 九华山庄
Longmai Hot Spring Resort / 龙脉温泉度假村
Wendu Water City / 温都水城
Beijing Jingzhihu Resort Hotel / 北京静之湖度假酒店
Yulin Tangquan Resort / 御林汤泉度假村
Wuling Resort / 雾灵山庄
Beijing Tangyun Resort / 北京唐韵山庄, 北京市怀柔区庙城镇宽沟8号
Xinghuyuan Hot Spring Resort / 星湖园温泉度假中心,

Conference Related Service in Beijing

The following Beijing convention related service is available to be arranged by Beijingservice team.

Beijing Private tour, Beijing Join in tour, Great Wall tour, Xian tour from Beijing, Beijing, Airport transfer, Beijing Train Station transfer, Beijing car rental, Beijing tour guide service, Beijing hotel reservation, Beijing dinning service: table meals, buffets, stand-up receptions, lawn meals, Satellite phones, local and international Internet, business center services, telecommunications technicians, security personnel.

Entertainment Available in Resort or Conference Center

The following entertainment is available in conventional center or resort of Beijing. Tennis, bowling, table tennis, shuffleboard, billiards, shooting, archery, swimming, sauna, medicated bath, song and dance, beauty salon, etc.

Conference Suggestion and Experience from Beijingservice Team

Conference in BeijingIf you have less than 50 people to need a conference room in Beijing, we suggest to use the meeting room in a local hotel. The accommodation and dinning can also be arrange in same hotel, which is convenient for participants. Travelers can be picked up the hotel when they need conference service.

If there are 51 to 200 participants to help convention in Beijing, local conference resort is suggested. Accommodation room and dinning are suggested in the same place. Travelers may be met from the resort on tour date.

Professional conference center is recommended when there is more than 200 people to have a conference in Beijing. Accommodation and dinning can be arranged in the conference center or in hotels closed by. Travelers may be met from the conference center or hotel when they need a leisure tour.

Information Needed to Book Beijing Conference Tour

Please send us the following information to book conference trip to Beijing:
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Emails & Question of Beijing Conference Tour

How many conference centers there are in Beijing ? Where they are ?

There are more than 15 conference or convention centers in Beijing.
The location covers downtown and suburb of Beijing.

Do you suggest us to use conference room in conference center or in a local hotel.
Conference in Beijing
It depends the number of participants you have. Convention center is suggested if you have more than 200 people. Local hotel or resort are recommended if you have less than 200 people.

dear Jasper, we are on our convention trip to Beijing this september. Can you arrange airport transfer and sightseeing trip for us, we have 16 travelers. our flight reach Beijing on the morning of September 16, then we will attend a meeting on 17 and 18. 19 is a leisure day, we need to be transferred back to airport on 20. please put up something for us. thanks as always, albert

Dear Albert, thank you for your email, and welcome to visit China again. Yes, we can arrange travel service based on your conference arrangement. I think each traveler has luggage, so a 33 seats coach will be arranged for the airport transfer on September 16 and 20. The sightseeing trip will be arranged on 17 and 18. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer will be visited on 17. On November 18, we will visit Mutianyu Grat Wall and Ming Tombs. I think you also need the transfer service between hotel and convention center. Please let us know your hotel address and the name of the convention center. Please let us know if you need us to select hotel for you in Beijing. best regards, Jasper

Dear Colleagues,
How are you?
Can you help us with a new request?
We need 2 single rooms (1 standard and 1 category higher) for your regular Clients Mr *** and Mr ***** Alexander:
Dates: 22 to 25 of Jan.
+ Conference room for 5 pax on the 16th floor on 23d of Jan from 15.00 - 18.00 with 1 coffee break
And 24th from 10.00 to 18.00 + 2 coffee breaks.
Plus we will need transfers as well.
Last time we use Kuntai Royal Hotel, clients are satisfied with the hotel, is it possible to use this hotel again ?
Can we use the executive floor and the conference room in same floor ?
regards, Katya

Dear Katya,
Happy new year,
I am fine thank you. Hope you are well.
Yes, it is possible to use the executive floor of Kuntai Royal Hotel.
Please find the details as below:
Hotel: Kuntai Royal Hotel Beijing / No. B12, Chaoyangmenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Tel: 010-58285588

Conference in BeijingNumber of rooms: 2
Room type: Executive room include 1 breakfast
Number of rooms: 2
Check in: 2018.01.22 / Check in time: 12:00
Check out: 2018.01.25 / Check out time: 12:00
Nights: 3
Cost of executive room: 161 USD/room/night.
Cost of deecutive deluxe room: 230 USD/room/night.
Meeting Room:
Conference room on Executive floor (5-7 people)
Participants: 5-7
Date & time: 1.23(15:00-18:00), 1.24(10:00-18:00)
Tea and Coffee: 3 (1 for January 23, 2nd and 3rd on January 24)
Airport transfer
January 22,2018 airport transfer from airport to hotel, Cost: 26USD*2people.
January 25,2018 be met from hotel and transfer to airport Cost: 26USD*2people.
Shall we arrange two executive rooms or one executive room and one executive deluxe room?
best regards,

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