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Beijing Farm Tour Profile

Farm of BeijingBeijing Farm tour, also called Beijing Agricultural tour,  refers to Beijing tour products covers visiting of local farm as well as popular attractions of this city. In Chinese, Beijing farm tour is called '北京农业旅游' or '北京农场旅游'. Most farm is located out of downtown area, which can be combined with local Beijing attractions.

Beijing Farm Tour Type

Beijing packaged farm tour
Beijing one day tour include farm visiting
Beijing half day farm tour
Beijing farm layover tour

Beijing Farm Tour Products

Farm of BeijingBeijingservice offers several kinds of farm visiting travel service, which make Farm tour to Beijing easy and convenient.  All farm visiting needs to be communicated with farm 2 or 3 weeks in advance.

Beijing Private Packaged Farm Tour

Beijing package tour covers both popular attractions and local farm in or near Beijing.
BJ-PH-01Farm. Beijing 4 days farm trip
BJ-PH-02Farm. Beijing 5 days package tour include farm trip
BJ-PH-03Farm. 6 days Beijing farm package tour
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Beijing One Day Farm Tour

The following Beijing farm one day trip lead travelers to visit local farm within 8 hours.
Part of day tours covers one popular attraction of Beijing.
BJ-PO-01Farm. Beijing one day farm trip of Flower Farm, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-02Farm. One day Beijing farm tour to visit Morning Poultry Farm and Badaling Great Wall. (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-03Farm. Beijing 1 day farm tour to visit local farm and Beijing Agricultural Museum (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-16. Beijing one day farm tour to visit Hancunhe Village and Jinxiu Dadi Agriculture Park (, Lunch, )
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Beijing Half Day Farm Tour

Beijing half day farm visit Beijing half day industry tour is only available to visit farm in downtown Beijing.
BJ-PF-01Farm. Beijing half day farm tour of local planting farm: Chaolai Farm
BJ-PF-02Farm. Beijing half day farm tour of local planting farm: Xiaotangshan Farm
BJ-PF-03Farm. Beijing half day farm tour of local planting farm: Xiedao Farm
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Beijing Farm Layover Tour

Farm of Beijing


The following Beijing layover tour pick up travelers from airport or train station to visit  visit local farm. At the end of the trip, travelers can be transferred back to airport, train station or hotel in downtown Beijing.
BJ-PL-01Farm. Beijing layover farm tour of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and local planting farm
BJ-PL-02Farm. Badaling Great Wall and Xiaotangshan Farm layover tour
BJ-PL-03Farm. Beijing layover tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Xiedao Farm
BJ-PL-04Farm. Beijing layover trip to visit local planting farm
BJ-PL-05Farm. Xiaotangshan farm layover tour
BJ-PL-06Farm. Beijing layover farm tour of Xiedao Farm
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Tips of Beijing Farm Tour

Classic Beijing Farm Tour Itinerary

The following 4 days Beijing farm tour is often be used by travelers to Beijing.
Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel. Visit Summer Palace if time permits. (Dinner)
Day 2. Farm visiting on the morning, Lunch, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 3. Farm visiting on the morning, Lunch, Visit Badaling Great Wall. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 4. Be met from hotel. Visit Beijing Hutong if time permits. Transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Feature of Beijing Farm Tour

Village of BeijingBeijing Farm excursion combines Beijing popular attractions and local farms.
Most farm visiting groups contains more than 15 travelers.
Beijing packaged farm tour package covers breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Most farm of Beijing is located out of downtown.
The visiting of local farm need to be reserved at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

Top Attractions of Beijing Farm Tour

Most Beijing farm tour include top attractions of Beijing, such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and Great Wall.

Best Season of Beijing Farm Tour

Beijingservice suggest the best time of Beijing farm tour from late Spring to Autumn. It is around May to October. During this period, travelers have change to see more farming details in local farm.

Farm Type in Beijing

Beijing farm covers the following types: traditional farm, agricultural village, Ecological farm, Agricultural tourism area, Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park

Beijing Local Farm Can be Arranged in Beijing Farm Trip

Beijingservice often arrange the following farms in Beijing argrcultural trip.

COFCO Smart Farm 中粮智慧农场
Address:Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing

Beijing Chaolai Agricultural Gargen北京朝来农艺园
Address:Laiguangying, Chaoyang District, Beijing

The Beijing big country 北京锦绣大地农业股份有限公司
Address:No.166, Liaogongzhuang, Sijiqing Township, Haidian District, Beijing

Liuminying Ecological Farm 北京留民营生态农场
Address:Liuminying Village in Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing

Colorful Nangong 南宫旅游区
Address:Nangong Village, Wangzuo Town, Fengtai District, Beijing

Jinfu Yi Nong金福艺农
Address:Hujiafa Village, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Shunlixin Agriculture Park北京顺丽鑫生态观光农业园
Address:No.1, Jiuchang Road, Water Source, Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing北京市顺义区高丽营镇水源九厂路1号

Time to Reserve Beijing Farm Tour

Most Beijing farm trip were served around 3 months in advance. The last time to make reservation is 3 weeks in advance.

Payment of Beijing Farm Tour

Deposit need to be remitted when make reservation. Balance need to be sent 3 weeks before tour date. Beijingservice team accept payment via Alipay, Wechat, Bank, Credit Card or PayPal. Extra handling fee is needed if you prefer to use Credit Card or PayPal.

Information Needed for the Reservation of Beijing Farm Tour

Farm of BeijingPlease send us the following information to make reservation:
Numbers of travelers: __________
Company or Organization name: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Special request on farm visiting: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Farm Tour Related FAQ and Email

Dear Jasper, we got your contact from a friend (Nicolaas). They visited farm in 2016 with you. We are planning a visit to Beijing this July. Please let us know what kind of farm can we visit in Beijing? thank you in advance, Martin

Farm of BeijingDear Martin,
thank you for your email.
Yes, we can arrange farm trip in China. The following farm can be included in your Beijing trip of Beijing. Chaolai planting farm, Xiedao Farm Xiaotangshan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Jinxiudadi farm, Liuminying Ecological farm, Nangong tourism agricultural area, It is possible to contact other farm or agricultural village to visit. Please send us your arrival date, departur date, number of travelers and your request on the farm.
best regards,

How long time shall we stay in each farm ? What kind of activity is included ?
Usually, we will stay 1 to 2 hours in each farm.
The activity include introduction of the farm and visiting of the farm.
Part of farm also provide PPT show, questions ask answer.
Small part of farm also provide lunch.

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