Beijing Leisure Tour

Beijing Leisure Tour Profile

Beijing leisure tour, also called Beijing leisure travel, refers to taking recreational sightseeing in Beijing at leisure space based on travelers will.
Beijing leisure tour is called '北京休闲旅游' or '北京休闲之旅'.

There will be one day or more days leisure day for travelers to discover the city on their own. Beijing leisure tour is the best product for travelers want to visit Beijing in deep or with no tight schedule.
It is also a good choice when you travel Beijing with aged people or kids.

Beijing Leisure Tour Type

Beijing leisure tour covers the following type:
Beijing leisure package tour
Beijing leisure package for travelers with kids
Beijing one day leisure tour
Beijing half day leisure tour
Beijing evening leisure tour
Beijing leisure tour star from Xingang Port

Beijing Leisure Tour Products

Beijingservcie designed Beijing leisure tour products based on above tour types:

Beijing Private Leisure Package Tour

Beijing private leisure package covers airport transfer and leisure sightseeing in Beijing.
BJ-PH-01Leisure. Classic Beijing Private Leisure Package Tour
BJ-PH-02Leisure. Beijing Private Leisure Package Tour
BJ-PH-03Leisure. Beijing Private Leisure Package Tour
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Beijing Packaged Leisure Trip For Famly with Kids

Leisure sightseeing is suggested when you travel Beijing with Child. The itinerary is not hurry and there is interesting attractions for child.
BJ-PH-01Kids. Beijing private kids package tour to see Aquarium Museum and Paleozoological Museum
BJ-PH-02Kids. Beijing package tour based on Film Museum and Garden Museum
BJ-PH-03Kids. Beijing kids package tour to Wax Gaddery Train Museum and Botanical Garden
BJ-PH-04Kids. Beijing Kids package tour to Auto Museum and Happy Valley
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Beijing One Day Leisure Tour

BJ-PO-01Leisure. Leisure day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City and Xiushui Market. (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-02Leisure. Beijing leisure 1 day tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and outside view of Bird Nest. (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-03Leisure. Leisure day tour to Summer Palace, Hongqiao Market and Qianmen area (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-04Leisure. 1 day leisure trip to Badaling Great Wall with leisure time at Houhai area (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-05Leisure. Beijing one day leisure tour of Beijing Zoo and China Garden Museum, (, Lunch,)
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Beijing Classic One Day Tour At Leisure Space

Beijing one day leisure trip show you Beijing attractions at leisure space within 8 hours.
BJ-PO-03-D. Beijing one day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City + Olympic Venue
BJ-PO-04-B. Tiananmen, Forbidden City , Summer Palace one day tour in Beijing
BJ-PO-04-C. Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park, Hutong, Lama Temple 1 day tour of Beijing
BJ-PO-04-D. Beijing one day private tour of Hutong, Confucius Temple, Zoo, Tea, Tiananmen Square
BJ-PO-06. Beijing one day Jinshanling Great Wall tour
BJ-PO-07-A. Beijing 1 day Private Tour to Badaling Great Wall from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07-C. Beijing 1 day Private Tour to Mutianyu Great Wall from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07-D. Beijing 1 day Private Tour to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City from Xingang Port
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Beijing Half Day Leisure Tour

There no hurry if you prefer to spend half day in one attractions. And part of travelers change the half day to a one day leisure trip based on extra cost.
Beijing Hutong leisure tripBJ-PF-09. Beijing Aquarium half day tour
BJ-PF-10. Beijing Zoo (Panda) half day tour
BJ-PO-09. Beijing Hutong half day tour
BJ-PF-15. Tiananmen Square half day tour
BJ-PF-16. Beijing Olympic Park half day tour
BJ-PF-17. Beihai Park half day tour
BJ-PF-18. Beijing Fragrant Hill half day tour
BJ-PF-21. Lama Temple half day tour
BJ-PF-22. 798 Art Zone half day tour
BJ-PF-24. Beijing Happy Valley half day tour 
BJ-PF-27. Chaoyang Park half day tour
BJ-PF-28. World Park half day tour
BJ-PF-29. Beijing Nationality Park half day tour
BJ-PF-30. China Garden Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-31. China Avaiation Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-32. Beijing Railyway Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-33. Beijing Auto Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-34. Liulichang Culture Street half day tour
BJ-PF-35. Panjiayuan Antique Market half day tour
BJ-PF-36. TaoranTing Park half day tour
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Beijing Evening Leisure Trip

It is a good idea to take a evening leisure trip after daytime sightseeing. The evening trip covers both performance and sightseeing trip.
BJ-PE-01. Beijing Roast Duck Dinner and Acrobatic Show evening tour
BJ-PE-02. Beijing Roast Duck Dinner and Beijing Opera evening trip
BJ-PE-03. Beijing evening tour of Roast Duck Dinner + Kongfu Show
BJ-PE-04. Beijing evening trip of Laoshe Tea House for dinner and show
BJ-PE-05. Beijing evening tour of Imperial Cuisine Tour
BJ-PE-06. Beijing evening tour of Bird Nest & Water Cube, Tiananmen, Changan Avenue, CBD area, Shimaotianjie
BJ-PE-07. Wangfujing Street, CCTV Tower evening trip in Beijing
BJ-PE-08. Qianmen Area, Grand Theatre, Corner Tower of Forbidden City evening tour of Beijing
BJ-PE-09. Beijing evening tour of Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Sanlitun Area,
BJ-PE-10. Beijing evening trip of Jingshan Park, Houhai Lake / Shichahai Area (including bar street)
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Beijing Layover Leisure Trip Favored by Child

Beijing Avaiation leisure kids tripBJ-PL-11. Beijing Aquarium layover trip for child,
BJ-PL-12. Beijing layover kids tour of 798 Art Zone,
BJ-PL-13. China Avaiation Museum layover kids tour,
BJ-PL-14. Beijing layover child tour to China Garden Museum,
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Beijing Leisure Tour Start from Xingang Port

Take a Great Wall tour from Xingang Port. Being transferred to hotel after the tour.
BJ-PO-36M Beijing one day Mutianyu Great Wall tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-35J Beijing one day Badaling Great Wall tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-39L 1 day Beijing trip of Juyongguan Great Wall from Tianjin Xingang Port.
BJ-PO-43P Shuiguan Great Wall one day private tour from Tianjin Xingang Port.

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Tips of Beijing Leisure Tour

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Leisure Tour

The following packaged itinerary if used by most of the leisure travelers.
Day 1. Entry Beijing. Be met and transfer to hotel for check in.
Day 2. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Free afternoon. (B)
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Lunch, Take outside view of Bird Nest. Remainder of the day is at leisure. (B, L) Day 4. Summer Palace, Free afternoon. (B)
Day 5. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (B)

Popular Attractions of Beijing Leisure Tour

Leisure trip to Badaling Great WallThe attractions of Beijing leisure tour is same with Beijing classic tour. Just the time arrangement is more leisurely. The popular attractions covers: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Beijing Zoo and Olympic Parks.

Start Place and end place of Beijing Leisure Trip

Beijing package leisure tour start from airport. After the trip, travelers will transferred back to airport. Most Beijing one day leisure tour star and end in hotel.

Time Spend in Each Attraction

Most travelers spend 1 to 2 hours in each attractions. Leisure tour is more flexible than normal tours. Travelers may talk about the time with tour guide. Part of travelers even spend one day time in each attraction.

Add On Activity of Leisure Tour in Beijing

Among the performance in Beijing, we suggest Chinese Kongfu Show or Acrobatic Show when you travel with kids. These two performance is interesting for child.

Restaurant and Food Arrangement for Beijing Leisure Tour

Beijing Tea Tasting for Leisure tourThe food and restaurant is very flexible for leisure tour. Travelers may choose a local restaurant recommended by Beijing local tour guide. Or use a Beijing tourism restaurant to have quick and professional service. Part of travelers even take some boxed food to restaurant and enjoy a whole day in attraction. There was some travelers take food and stay one day on Great Wall or in Forbidden City.

Payment Method of Beijing Leisure Tour

Beijingservice team accept payment via Wechat, Alipay, Credit Card, Bank, and PayPal.  Most Beijing leisure tour clients make reservation 3 to 9 month in advance, then made 30% deposit when make reservation; Balance in cash in Beijing. 

Information Needed for Booking of Beijing Leisure Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Leisure Tour FAQ

How many attractions is arranged in one day trip of Beijing leisure tour?

Usually we arrange 1 to 2 attractions in one day. Remainder of the day is at leisure.

Dear Lisa, thank you for your confirmation. Is this possible to talk about visiting speed with guide on tour date? Anyway this is a private tour ?

Good morning Ms.Tina, yes, you may talk about the time and speed in each attractions based on possible time arrangement. Please sign your name on itinerary if you prefer to change attraction.

Dear Sir or Madame, we are interested in your leisure tour in Beijing. Can we start the tour after lunch on each day ?

Good morning, thank you for the email. Yes, you may star each sightseeing day after lunch Please let us know your arrival date to Beijing and departure date, then we will work out an itinerary based on your timetable.

Dear Tracy, thank you for the itinerary and quotation.
Do you think it is necessary to take cable car to reach the top of Great Wall? My child is 8 years old.

Thank you for the email, we do not suggest cable car. It is not hard for a 8 years old child to reach the top of Badaling Great Wall.

Dear Tracy, thank you for arranging the leisure pack tour in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the suggestion for buffet dinner. I think my child can not accept the local dish. The extra cost 40USD/buffet dinner /person is ok. Can we change only part of lunch or dinner to a buffet style ?

Dear Mr. Hubert, thank you for the email.
Yes, it is possible to change part of the lunch or dinner to buffet style to cater the needs of your child. We suggest to use simple lunch near attractions, and then back to hotel after the leisure trip.
Buffet dinner will be arranged in your hotel or near your hotel. best regards, Tracy

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