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Beijing Marathon Tour Profile

Summer PalaceBeijing Marathon tour refers to the travel service for travelers who come to Beijing to watch or attend the Marathon Match in Beijing. This tour is also called Peiking Marathon tour.
In Chinese it is called "北京马拉松旅游" or "北京马拉松之旅". Many domestic and foreign travelers come to Beijing during this period.
Beijingservice designed the unique private tour based on this famous sports event.

Beijing Marathon Tour Type

Beijing Package Tour for Beijing Marathon
One day trips for Beijing Marathon
Half day excursion for Marathon in Beijing
Evening Tour of Beijing
Transfer service for Marathon tour
Beijing Car Rental
Beijing Tour Guide Service
Beiing Hotel Accommodation

 Beijing Marathon Related Tour Products

Beijingservcie designed Beijing Marathon tour products based on above tour types:

Beijing Private Package Tour for Peiking Marathon

Beijingservice team designed private package tour to cover airport transfer, vehicle, driver, guide, admission as well as service related with Marathon Event of Beijing. The itinerary of the marathon can be adjusted based on Marathon arrangement in Beijing.
BJ-PH-01Marathon. Beijing 6 days Marathon package tour
BJ-PH-02Marathon. Seven days Beijing Marathon tour package
BJ-PH-03Marathon. Beijing 8 days packaged Marathon trip 
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Beijing Marathon One Day Tour

BJ-PO-01marathon. 06:00. Marathon, Tiananmen Square, Olympic Park,Mutianyu Great Wall (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-02marathon. 06:00. Marathon, Olympic Park, Sacred Way, Badaling Great Wall (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-03marathon. 06:00. Marathon, Beijing Hutong, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace. (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-04marathon. 06:00. Marathon, Tiananmen, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-05marathon. 06:00. Marathon, Tiananmen, Capital Museum, China Garden Museum, (, Lunch, )

Beijing Half Day Marathon Tour

BJ-PF-01marathon. Beijing half day marathon tour: 06:00am. Tiananmen. Marathon Start, Marathon end, outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube 09:40-10:30.
BJ-PF-02marathon. Beijing half day marathon tour: 06:00am. Tiananmen. Marathon Start, Marathon end, Beijing hutong.

Classic One Day Tour for Beijing Marathon Trip

Most travelers prefer to take Beijing one day private tour after Beijing Marathon event. Beijingservice team offers the one day tour service to cover popular attractions in Beijing.
BJ-PO-01-B. Beijing private one day tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs
BJ-PO-02-B. Beijing 1 daay tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace
BJ-PO-03-B. Beijing one day Mutianyu Great Wall, Tiananmen, and Forbidden City tour
BJ-PO-01-A. Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs one day private tour
BJ-PO-06. Jinshanling Great Wall one day private tour
BJ-PO-04-A. Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace one day private tour.
BJ-PO-04-B. Beijing one day tour of Tiananmen, Forbidden City , Summer Palace
BJ-PO-04-C. Beijing one day tour of Beijing Zoo, Olympic Park, Hutong, Lama Temple
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Beijing Seat in Coach One Day tour for Travelers to Attend or Watch Beijing Marathon Event

The following Beijing one day join in tour (also called seat in coach tour) is also favored by conference travelers.
BJ-ST-01. Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs one day join in tour
BJ-ST-02. Beijing city 1 day jonin tour to visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
BJ-ST-03. Hutong, Lama Temple and Beijing Zoo 1 day join in coach tour
BJ-ST-05. Hutong, Lama Temple, Beijing Zoo, Bird Nest & Water Cube one day join in tour
BJ-ST-06. Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tomb one day join in tour
BJ-ST-07. Beijing one day group tour of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall
BJ-ST-08. Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace one day join in group trip
BJ-ST-11. Beijing one day join trip of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall
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Half Day Excursion for Marathon Travelers in Beijing

Beijing half day tour is suggested when there is only 4 hours available in Beijing.
BJ-PO-35-L. Badaling Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-05. Mutianyu Great Wall half day tour
BJ-PF-07. Beijing National Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-08. Beijing Capital Museum half day tour
BJ-PF-09. Beijing Aquarium half day tour
BJ-PF-10. Beijing Zoo (Panda) half day tour
BJ-PF-11. Forbidden City half day tour
BJ-PF-12. Beijing Summer Palace half day tour
BJ-PO-09. Beijing Hutong half day tour
BJ-PF-14. Temple of Heaven half day tour
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Evening Tour Available for Beijing Barathon Trip

Beijing evening tour is suggested when only evening time is available.
Private Evening Tour in Beijing:
BJ-PE-01. Beijing evening tour of Roast Duck Dinner + Acrobatic Show
BJ-PE-02. Beijing evening tour of Roast Duck Dinner + Beijing Opera
BJ-PE-03. Beijing evening tour of Roast Duck Dinner + Kongfu Show
BJ-PE-04. Beijing evening tour of Laoshe Tea House for dinner and show

Seat in Coach Evening Tour in Beijing

BJ-ST-17. Beiijing join in evening tour of Acrobatic Show
BJ-ST-18. Beiijing join in evening tour of Beijing Opera
BJ-ST-19. Beiijing join in evening tour of Chinese Kong Fu Show

Transfer service for Marathon tour

The following transfer service is often be used by Marathon travelers in Beijing.
BJ-PT-01. Beijing Airport Transfer
BJ-PT-02. Beijing Train Station Transfer
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Beijing Car Rental

Olympic ParkBeijingservice team offers private vehicle from 4 seats to 55 seats. The vehicle is family with the routes and location related with Beijing Marathon event.

Beijing Tour Guide Service

Beijingservice can arrange a local tour guide when clients need. Most tour guide speak English and Chinese. We also can arrange French, Germany, Italy and Spanish speaking guide, but please make reservation at least one month in advance. 

Beiing Hotel Accommodation

Beijingservice can arrange various hotel in Beijing include 5 star deluxe hotel to 2 star hostel. We will arrange a hotel near the Marathon event, please contact us for details.

Translator service for marathon in Beijing

Part of travelers needs translator for the marathon in Beijing. Beijingservice provides the service for our clients. Please contact us for details.


Tips of Beijing Marathons Trip

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Marathon Tour

The following Marathon tour is suggested when travelers visit Beijing to attend the Marathon event. Itinerary of the trip is subject to change based on the date of Marathon event in Beijing.
September 15. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
September 16. Get ready for Marathon Beijing. Rest time of the day is at leisure. (Breakfast)
September 17. 06:00. Be met from hotel and transfer to Marathon. 07:30 start Marathon. Transfer back to hotel after Marathon. Remainder of the day is at leisure. (Breakfast)
September 18. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace (Breakfast, Lunch)
September 19. Ming Tombs, Lunch, Mutianyu Great Wall, Outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube. (Breakfast, Lunch)
September 20. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Feature of Beijing Marathon Tour

Great WallBeijing Marathon tour is available for athlete to attend Marathon event in Beijing. This tour products is also available for travelers to watch Beijing Marathon event. The itinerary is available to be adjusted according to the request of travelers or the new timetable of Beijing Marathon. Accommodation of the Marathon offer 5 star deluxe room to 2 star budget room. Prepayment or deposit is needed. Driver and tour guide of Beijingservice is reliable with very good service.

Attractions Can Be Included in the Marathon Tour of Beijing

Most top attractions can be included in the Marathon package tour, include Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, etc. Please note the Forbidden City is not available on Monday.

Date of Beijing Marathon

Beijing Marathon start at 07:30am of each September 17 or 16.

Official Website of Beijing Marathon

Length of Beijing Marathon

It is 42.195 km.

Start and end of Beijing Marathon.

Beijing Marathon start from Tiananmen Square at 07:30am. The route passes through Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Haidian District and Chaoyang District. The Marathon end at Central Celebration Square of Landscape Avenue in Beijing Olympic Park.

About Beijing Marathon

Beijing Marathon is held annually since 1981. It is the highest level marathon in China. The 1981 Beijing Marathon was the first marathon held in Beijing. The best result of the marathon was 2 hours, 15 minutes and 20 seconds created by Shel Erikstal of Sweden.

The registration for the 2013 Beijing Marathon took only 13 hours and all the 30,000 matches were filled. This speed has created a new record for the domestic marathon registration.
On September 20, 2015, the Beijing International Marathon opened at Tiananmen Square. After more than two hours of competition, 41-year-old veteran Jeep Zumba from Kenya won the championship in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 58 seconds.

On September 17, 2017, 2017 Beijing Marathon was released. Finally, Bonather from Morocco won the men's championship. The 2018 Beijing Marathon has a scale of 30,000 people.

Beijing Marathon is the single-class event with the highest degree of marketization, the largest scale and the most representative of the China Athletics Association. It has developed into a traditional sports event with international influence.
Beijing Marathon is an IAAF Gold Label event certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Marathon and Road Run Association (AIMS).

Time to Book Beijing Marathon Tour

Beijingservice suggest travelers to make reservation 2 to 3 month in advance.
The registration date is around 1 month in advance.

Contact Information of Beijing Marathon

Fragrant HillTelephone / 联系电话:010-67167482
Office time / Monday to Friday, 9:00-11:30 13:00-17:30 / 工作时间:周一至周五 9:00-11:30 13:00-17:30
Email: 联系邮箱

Information Needed to Book Marathon Tour

Please send us the following information to book Chinese painting trip to Beijing:
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Tour code: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

FAQ of Beijing Marathon Tour

How much is the registry fee of Beijing Marathon ?
Chinese applicants (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan): 200 yuan per person.
Foreigner registration fee: 50 US dollars / person. The registry fee is not refundable.

Is there any limit on the participant of Beijing Marathon ?
Age requirements: 20 years old or above.
People with the following physical conditions is not permitted to participate:
1. Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;
2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;
3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases;
4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;
5. Diabetes with high or low blood sugar;
6. Suffering from a cold within two weeks before the competition day;
7. Other diseases that are not suitable for exercise;
8, pregnant women.

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