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Beijing Private Deluxe Tour

Great Wall Sightseeing of Beijing Deluxe TourBeijing private deluxe tour refers to private or personal tour with deluxe vehicle, hotel, restaurant, and unique tour arrangement. This kind of tour is designed for celebrity, important client of company as well as VIP travelers to Beijing. Beijingservice team often tailor deluxe private tour for clients. The tour is different with normal private tour in the following aspect.


Part of deluxe private tour clients do not have special request on vehicle, because of our normal tour vehicle covers Passat, Redflag, Refine, GL8 or Benz MB100. And most of tour vehicles are produced within 5 years. Part of clients need deluxe vehicle, we can arrange Benz S350 for VIP travelers. There are only 5 Benz S350, please make reservation as early as possible.


Beijing deluxe private tour can be tailored based on the existing tour itinerary from 2 days to 7 days tour.
6 days Beijing deluxe tour
Beijing 4 days private tour including hotel
Or tailor your own deluxe Beijing tour:


Accommodation of Beijing Deluxe TourThe following accommodation can be arranged for Beijing private deluxe tour.
- normal 5 star hotel in downtown Beijing,
- super 5 star hotel in downtown area,
- deluxe hotel abundant with Chinese feature, like the photo on the right side.
- amazing hotel in previous Imperial Palace,
Super 5 star hotel is the best choice if the travelers are your clients or boss. Deluxe hotel with Chinese feature and the hotel in previous Imperial Palace is the best way to discover the mysterious country as well as its history.   If you already have hotel arranged, we can take care of the rest of the tour.


Deluxe private tour use the following restaurant:
- Chinese style local deluxe restaurant, such as Caixuan Restaurnat
- Western style deluxe restaurant, such as TRB or CHAR.
- Chinese restaurant in Imperial Style, such as Courtyard Bai.
Most clients prefer to pay the restaurant directly, we will suggest restaurant while arrange itinerary. Please inform us the flavor, location, style or budget, then we will select the restaurant for you.
After tailor the details, travelers may make reservation with our tour advisor and then enjoy your worry free package tour in Beijing.


Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Great Wall, Ming Tomb and Lama Temple are the main and popular attraction for Beijing tour. But they are not all highlights of Beijing, Beijingservice discovered many attractions, they are not so popular, but they are excellent and worth visit, at the same time, they are not crowded.  Here is several unique attractions for your reference:
- wooden structures and from the Ming Dynasty, with a group of musicians regularly perform ritual music which has been handed down over 27 generations.
- masterpiece of mural painting dating back to Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644).
- a real Buddhist temple, Pious, quiet and beautiful.
- located in downtown, contains national treasure, seldom included in itinerary. ...
Beijingservice team can combine the normal popular itinerary with the kind of above amazing places to make an excellent trip in Beijing. We also know how to enjoy the quiet Badaling Great Wall like the photo on the right side.

Tour arrangement

Most private deluxe tour clients prefer a leisure pace on visiting, Beijingservice team will arrange two or tree attractions within one day.  Our tour advisor will also tailor the itinerary according to your request.

Tailor your own deluxe Beijing tour: