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Beijing Private Package Tour

Beijing Private package tour refers to Beijing package tour with private vehicle, driver, tour guide and enjoy meal on separate table.
Beijing private package tour is be best selling products because travelers do not need to worry for any operating steps of the trip, just sit back and enjoy the sightseeing arranged by team.

Except the private package tour, there are group package tour, please find details on Beijing package tour page.


  • Length: 2 days to 7 days
  • Language : English
  • Level : easy
  • Accommodation:  included

Tour Type

Beijingservice can arrange the following private package tour in Beijing
- Beijing glance packate tour - First visit to Beijing, and only spend two days.
- Quick Beijing Package tour - First visit to Beijing, spend three days in Beijing.
- Classic Beijing package privatge tour - First visit to Beijing, spend 5 days 4 nights in Beijing.
- Beijing private package tour with Beijing elements - tour Beijing flavor via hotel, food, restaurant and attractions.
- Beijing Great Wall Hiking package tour.
- Deluxe Beijing Private Package tour. - offers the best service providers in Beijing.
- Deep Beijing private package - Show you the real Beijing beyond the normal attractoins.
- Beijing Shopping Package tour.
- Beijing private Great Wall tour with one night under Great Wall.

Beijing Package Tour Products

4 days Beijing private tour,
5 days Beijing private tour,
6 days Beijing private tour,
7 days Beijing private tour,

Beijing Package Tour exclude hotel

2 days Beijing private tour,
3 days Beijing private tour,
4 days Beijing private tour,
5 days Beijing private tour,
6 days Beijing private tour,

Package Covers

Most Beijing private tour covers:
- Vehicle. from 5 seats to 55 seats.
- Driver. Professional tourism driver.
- Tour guide. English speaking tour guide.
- Admission fee. First entry tickets of attractions.
- Lunch. In tourism restaurant or local restaurant.
- Hotel. From 2 star hostel to 5 star hotel.

Part of clients also need the package to cover the following aspect :
- Domestic Air tickets. between Beijing and other cities in China.
- Interntaional Air tickets. Between Beijing and other country.
- Dinner. To taste the local dish of Beijing.
- Evening Show. For example the Acrobatic Show, Kongfu Show,

Tailor the Beijing Private Package Tour

Travelers can tailor the itinerary when make reservation with tour advisor of Beijingservice team. You may talk about the following aspect of the package tour:
- Hotel: which level hotel you prefer;
- Vehicle: which kind of vehicle to be used, how many seats in the vehicle;
- Tour guide: gender and age of the tour guide;
- Attractions: how many attractions you want to visit within one day, visiting speed in the attraction.
- Restaurant: what kind of food or restaurant you like;
- Tour length: how long time or how many days to spend in the city;
- what time to start and end the tour on each day;

After tailor the details, travelers may make reservation with our tour advisor and then enjoy your worry free package tour in Beijing.

Starting Place

Beijing private package tour can be started from the following place
- Beijing Capital International Airport.
- Beijing Train Station
- Xingang Port of Tianjin
- Hotel in Beijing
- Apartment in Beijing.
- City near Beijing.
Beijingservice team even can start the private package tour from another city.
For example, we can arrange the tour to start from Shanghai, Guangzhou or HongKong. The flights between Beijing will be arranged by

Accommodation of Beijing Private Package Tour
Beijing private package tour can include the following hotel accommodation according to request of travelers.
- Budget hotel or hostel: Beijingservice selected safe and clean place to save cost for travelers. Usually they are 2 star
- Comfortable hotel: This kind of hotel offers decent room with nice hard ware, service and reasonable price. We often use 3 star hotel for this level.
- Standard hotel: Refers to hotel with very good hardware and service. We use 4 star hotel for this level.
- Deluxe hottel: Deluxe hotel refers to hotel at level of 5 star hotel, providing excellent service and hardware.
- Super deluxe hotel: refers the top level of 5 star hotel, or the hotel offers the best location, such as Beijingservice can arrange hotel in former Palace of Emperor or Prince in ancient China.
- Hotel with local elements: Many hotels in Beijing are built in old China style. You may touch the old China culture after checking in the hotel.

Suggestion from If you prefer to touch as much China culture, please try the hotel with local elements. But this requst need to be sent to tour advisor when you make reservation. And the tour cost will be affected based on which kind of hotel you choose. Please read more on page of Hotel for Beijing private tour.

Food and restaurant for Beijing private package tour
There are many kinds of food and restaurant to choose when you take Beijing package private tour. Travelers may talk about the food and restaurant with tour guide on tour date before lunch time. Usually we will cover the lunch in package price, and leave dinner arranged on your own. Then you may discover the place near your hotel. Beijing tourism restaurant is the most often used by travelers and tour company because the restaurant offers good dinning environment, reasonable price and acceptable flavor for foreign travelers. The food will be provided very fast, travelers do not need to wait in line for table. And there is no smoking people in the restaurant. Beijingservice also provide food in local restaurant, please find more details on the page of Restaurant for Beijing private tour.

Runnning of Beijing Private Package Tour
Our tour guide and driver will be in Beijing International Airport or hotel in time as confirmed. And the datailed tour itinerary will also be same with the itinerary as scheduled. Please keep in touch with your tour advisor during the sightseeing in Beijing. And you may let us know your suggest or advice at any time, then we will adjust the tour according to your suggestion.

At the end of the private package tour in Beijing. You will be asked to fill in the questionnaire. Please fill in the form according to you idea, then we will know which place need to be improved. The information is very important, it is the base we pay or punish the service provider.