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Beijing Skiing Tour Profile

Skiing of BeijingBeijing skiing tour refers to tour products covers both skiing experience and popular attractions of Beijing.

In Chinese, the products is called '北京滑雪旅游' or '北京滑雪之旅'. Beijingservice team select very good hot-spring for travelers to Beijing. Beijing Skiing tour is one of the first choice when travelers come to Beijing in Winter. With more than 20 skiing resort in Beijing, are you ready to follow us to take the white trip to Beijing ?

Beijing Skiing Tour Type

Beijing Skiing package tour
Beijing one day Skiing tour
Beijing half day Skiing tour
Beijing Skiing evening tour
Beijing layover Skiing tour

Beijing Skiing Tour Products

Great Wall of BeijingBeijing popular attractions combines local Skiing resort offers Beijing skiing tour for travelers.

Beijing Private Packaged Skiing Tour

Beijing packaged skiing tour covers airport transfer, hotel accommodation, Beijing skiing service, admission fee and meal. This packaged Beijing skiing tour is the best choice if you want to travel Beijing to include skiing experience.
BJ-PH-01Skiing. Beijing 4 days skiing tour
BJ-PH-02Skiing. 5 days Beijing private package include skiing
BJ-PH-03Skiing. Beijing 6 days private skiing package trip

Beijing Popular Skiing Tour Routes
BJ-ski-1 . Beijing Five days Skiing Tour
BJ-ski-2 . Beijing Three days Skiing Tour
BJ-ski-3 . Beijing Two days Skiing Tour
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Beijing Winter Package Tour include Skiing Experience
BJ-PH-02Winter. Beijing 5 days Winter package tour include Sunsetting hotspring and Skiing
BJ-PH-03Winter. Beijing 6 days Winter package trip include skiing and hotspring
BJ-PH-04Winter. Beijing 6 days Winter package tour include skiing, hotspring and ice lantern
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Beijing Unique Designed Tour include Great Wall and Skiing Experience
BJ-PH-35-B. 2 days Badaling Great Wall tour of Badaling Great Wall, Skiing, Hotspring and Ming Tomb
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Beijing One Day Skiing Tour

Skiing Resort of BeijingBeijingservice team offers one day tour routes to cover popular attraction sightseeing and skiing experience. 
BJ-ski-4. Badaling Great Wall and Badaling Ski Resort one day tour
BJ-hotspring-5 . Beijing one day Huaibei Skiing & Hot Spring tour
BJ-hotspring-8 . Beijing one day Snow World Ski & Hot Spring tour
BJ-hotspring-9 . Beijing one day Ski & Hot Spring tour
BJ-PO-01Skiing. Mutianyu Great Wall and Nanshan Skiing Resort one day private tour
BJ-PO-02Skiing(BJ-PO-36f). Mutianyu Great Wall and Huaibei Skiing Resort one private tour
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Beijing Half Day Skiing Tour

BJ-PF-01Skiing. Beijing Half day skiing tour in indoor skiing ground.
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Beijing Skiing Evening Tour

BJ-PE-01Skiing. Beijing skiing evening tour in indoor skiing ground.
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Beijing Skiing Layover Tour

BJ-PL-01Skiing. Airport. Beijing Skiing layover tour to Badaling Skiing Resort, Badaling Great Wall. Airport.
BJ-PL-02Skiing. Airport. Beijing Skiing layover tour to Huaibei Skiing Resort. Mutianyu Great Wall. Airport.
BJ-PL-03Skiing. Airport. Beijing Skiing layover tour to Badaling Skiing Resort. Airport.
BJ-PL-04Skiing. Airport. Beijing Skiing layover tour to Huaibei Skiing Resort. Airport.
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Tips of Beijing Skiing Tour

Classic Beijing Skiing Tour Itinerary

Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Transfer to Skiing Resort at around 14:00. Stay overnight and enjoy Skiing. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Enjoy Skiing till noon. Have lunch in Skiing Resort on your own. Be met at around 14:00 and transfer to downtown, Outside view of Bird Nest and Water Cube, Visit Beijing Hutong. (Breakfast)
Day 5. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Feature of Beijing Skiing Tour

Skiing of BeijingBeijing Skiing tour is often be choosed in Winter tour to Beijing, although skiing is also available in indoor skiing resort. Most Skiing resort is located out of downtown, 1 to 2 hours driving from Beijing.

The main Skiing Resort in Beijing

Most of skiing resorts are located in north part of Beijing. And small part of them are located in downtown area.
Beijing Nanshan Skiing Resort, Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort, Beijing Snow World Skiing Resort,
Beijing Badaling Skiing Resort, Beijing Jundushan Skiing Resort, Beijing Yunfoshan Skiing Resort, Lianhuashan Skiing Resort, Beijing Wanlongbayi Skiing Resort, Beijing Lanhushan Skiing Resort, Beijing Jingzhihu Skiing Resort, Beijing Duolemeidi Skiing Resort, Beijing Qiaobo Skiing Resort, Beijing Yuyang Skiing Resort, Beijing Shijinglong Skiing Resort, Xuedu Skiing Resort,

Top Attractions included in Beijing Skiing Tour

Most top attractions can be included in Beijing Skiing excursion: Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall or Simatai Great Wall can be visited together with Huaibei Skiing Resort or Nanshan Skiing Resort.

Skiing of BeijingBadaling Great Wall, Jvyonguan Great Wall, Ming Tombs or Shixiaguan Great Wall can be visited with Badaling Skiing Resort. All downtown attractions can be combined with any skiing resort. We suggest morning sightsee trip to attractions, and then take skiing in the afternoon.

The attractions in downtown covers Tiananmen Squeare, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple and Olympic Park.

Skiing Period in Beijing

The Skiing period is from the end of each November till the middle of February. The skiing time is subject to change based on weather.

Time to Reserve Beijing Skiing Trip

We suggest the Beijing Skiing tour needs to be reserved 1 to 2 month in advance. The last time to make reservation is 2 days in advance.

Few Words About Skiing

With a history of 4,000 years, skiing is a kind of leisure and exercise, which is loved by man women and even children. From life to competition and then back to life, it seems nobody can resist this white temptation.

Normal Steps in Skiing Resort

Warming up is essential preparation for all skiers. The adaptation of snow and snow board is the first step. Walking on the snow with snow board without snow poles to find balance. Side walk to the uphill and sideways slide down the hill to feel the brake. Control capability on the legs and the whole body should be practiced. Learning from a ski instructor to get rapid improvement is available in each Skiing resort.

Notes for Beijing Skiing Tour

Do not slide too fast out of your capacity.
Pay attention to the skiers on the crowded snow slope.
Take a rest when you feel tired.
Do not slide across the snow slope.

Selection of Ski Clothing in Beijing Local Skiing Resort

It should not be too small or too tight (except professional racing suit) in case the gliding action is limited. The jacket and pants should be long enough to cover your ankle and finesse when you squat and elbow bends and they should close up to prevent the snow. The jacket should be loose and the collar should be high necked to prevent the cold wind. Choose bright color cloth if possible. When choose gloves, use five-fingers-separate and its wrist straps should be long to cover the cuffs.

Payment of Beijing Skiing Tour

Deposit is needed after confirmation of Beijing Skiing trip. Balance need to be remitted two weeks before tour date. Travelers also may pay the balance in cash when reach Beijing. Alipay or Wechat is suggested if available because there is no handling fee. Bank, Credit Card and PayPal are also acceptable.

Best Season to Take Skiing Tour

Skiing of BeijingThe end of November till the end of December is the best Skiing time in Beijing, ecause it is not very cold during this period. 
Please try to avoid the period of Spring Festival (around the beginning of February) as well as the new year holiday(Janurary 1). It is crowded during the public holiday.

Information Needed to Book Beijing Skiing Tour

Please send us the following information to book Skiing trip to Beijing:
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Skiing Tour Related FAQ and Email What is included in the package of Beijing Skiing trip?
Beijingservice team will arrange vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, parking and fuel for the package trip. In the Skiing resort, A pair of ski equipment, cable cars, towing and ski runs are included. Hotel accommodation and lunch will be arranged upon request. Lunch is on travelers own when take one day Skiing in the Skiing Resort.

What should we pack for the Beijing Skiing excursion?
Skiing of BeijingThere is nothing special need to be packed. The ski equipment is included in the package. Please take thick coach to Beijing because the Skiing period is Winter. It is very cold in winter of Beijing. Theres is discount if you take your own Skiing equipment to Skiing Resort.

Is it possible to stay overnight in Skiing Resort ?
Part of Skiing Resort offers accommodation. Most of the are wooden house or villa. The service and hardware can not compare with the hotel in downtown, but it is an unique experience to stay overnight in Skiing Resort.

Dear Lisa, I want to take my boy to Beijing. Is it possible to touch Snow in Beijing ? Can you arrange a trip to local Skiing Resort?
We are not good at Skiing, but prefer to feel that in our vacation to Beijing, is this possible? regards, Cindy
Dear Cindy,
thank you for your email. Usually there is snow from the end of November till the middle of February. Yes, we can arrange a trip to local skiing resort. If you only let you boy to touch snow or play on snow, we suggest you to rent a Snow circle, which is safe and interesting. Please let us know the number of travelers as well as your tour date, then we will tailor an itinerary for you. best regards, Lisa

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