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Beijing Taoist Tour Profile

Taoist tour in BeijingBejing Taoism tour lead travelers to visit local Taoist Temple and touch taoist culture.
In Chinese, it is called '道教旅游' or '道家旅游'.
Taoism is one of the religions originated from China. It became the official religion of whole country under the Tang Dynasty.
With a history of more than 1800 years, Taoism is closely connected with Chinese native culture. After the founding of Taoism, the Laozi was regarded as the leader of the Taoism. Laozi advocates inaction and no need teach. He believe things always reverse themselves after reaching an extreme. He always teach people to be humble and not fighting with others.

Beijing Taoist Tour Type

Beijing Private Package Tour Type
Beijing Taoist one day trip
Beijing half day Taoist tour

Beijing Taoist Tour Products

Most Taoist travelers to Beijing needs hotel, transfer, car rental and translate service. Beijingservice offers several kinds of Taoist travel service, which make Taoist tour to Beijing easy and convenient.

Beijing Private Packaged Taoist Tour

Beijing Taoism trip lead travelers to visit classic attraction as well as Taoist Temple of this ancient city.
BJ-PH-01Taoist. Beijing 4 days Taoist Package tour
BJ-PH-02Taoist. Beijing 5 days Taoist package tour
BJ-PH-03Taoist. Beijing 6 days Taoist package trip
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Beijing One Day Taoist Tour

The following Beijing one day trip covers most top Beijing attractions suitable for Taoist travelers.
BJ-PO-01Taoism. Beijing Taoist one day tour of Dongyue Temple, Tiananmen, Forbidden City (, Lunch, )
BJ-PO-02Taoism. One day Beijing Taoist tour of Mutianyu Great Wall, Baiyunguan Taoist Temple (, Lunch,)
BJ-PO-03Taoism. Lvzugong Temple, Summer Palace and Beijing Hutong one day Taoist Tour (, Lunch)
BJ-PO-04Taoist. 1 day Taoism tour of Temple of Heaven, Jingshan, Houhai, Huodezhenjun Temple, Hutong(, Lunch,)
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Beijing Half Day Tour Suggested for Taoist Travelers

The following half day tour lead travelers to visit Taoist Temple of Beijing. 
BJ-PF-01Taoism. Dongyue Taoist Temple half day Taoist Tour ( , Lunch, )
BJ-PF-02Taoism. Beiijing Taoism half day tour of Baiyunguan Taoist Temple ( , Lunch)
BJ-PF-03Taoism. Lvzugong Temple half day Taoist Temple ( , Lunch)
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Beijing Taoism layover tour

BJ-PL-01Taoism. Beijing Dongyue Taoist Temple layover tour
BJ-PL-02Taoism. Beijing Baiyunguan Taoist Temple layover trip
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Tips of Beijing Taoist Tour

Classic Itinerary of Beijing Taoist Tour Package

Day 1. Be met from airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 2. Dongyue Taoist Temple, Lunch, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City.(Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 3. Mutianyu Great Wall, Baiyunguan Taoist Temple. Visit a street to discover Taoist Supplies. (Breakfast, Lunch)
Day 4. Be met from hotel and transfer to airport for departure. (Breakfast)

Attractions Arrangement of Beijing Taoism Tour

Beijing Taoism tour covers both Taoism attractions and popular attractions of this city. Great Wall in Taoist Tour BeijingPopular attractions covers:Great Wall, Tianmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Taoist attractions include: Dongyue Temple, Baiyunguan Taoist Temple, a local Taoism related street, Huodezhenjun Temple and Lvzugong Temple.

Famous Taoist Temple and Mountain in Beijing

Dongyue Temple, Baiyunguan Taoist Temple, a local Taoism related street, Huodezhenjun Temple, Lvzugong Temple. Taoyuan Taoist Temple, Zhenwu Taoist Temple of Mr.Shenglian, Yaowang Taoist Temple, Chenghuang Taoist Temple, Shangyingshui Zhenwu Taoist Temple, Xinglong Taoist Temple, Dragon King Temple, Qinglong Taoist Temple, Xiuyun Taoist Temple, Wudao Taoist Temple, Yaji Mountain and Youmin Taoist Temple.

Features of Taoism

Since its founding, Taoism has inherited the Taoist and some etiquettes that have absorbed Confucianism and traditional Chinese etiquette. It is closely linked to the Chinese native culture and deeply rooted in the fertile soil of China. It has a distinctive Chinese Features.

Notes for Visiting Taoist Temple

When worshipping the Taoist gods, you must be neatly dressed, not wearing vests, pants, slippers, this is a kind of embarrassment to the Taoist gods.
To worship in the hall, you should understand some rules of worship. Entering the hall is generally on the right side of the door, because the Taoist temple view is generally located in the north and south, so entering the hall on the right side is also on the east side). Walking on the left side is also ok, but you are not suggested to walk in the middle.
Visitors shouldn't be loud when speak.
If you enter the temple from the right side, it is the right foot to enter the right side of the door. When you walk out from the west side, then it is still the the right foot from the right side of the door. According to Taoism, it is natural according to the natural law of the sun rising to the west.
At the time of worship, travelers may find five kinds of sacrifices, such as incense, flowers, lamps, water and fruit, are worshiped on the altar. They are called sacred offerings, and there are provisions and taboos for the five offerings.

Beijing Taoist Temple in English and Chinese

Taoist temple
Bai Yun Guan白云观

Dongyue Temple东岳庙
Address:No. 141, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing北京市朝阳区朝外大街141号

Lv Zu Palace吕祖宫
Address:No. 15, North Shuncheng Street, Fuxingmen, Xicheng District, Beijing北京市西城区复兴门北顺城街15号

Fire-god Temple火德真君庙
Address:No. 77, Di'anmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京市西城区地安门外大街77号

Taoyuan Guan北京桃源观
Address:Beijing Fenghuangling Natural Scenic Park, 19 Fenghuangling Road, Haidian District, Beijing北京市海淀区凤凰岭路19号北京凤凰岭自然风景公园

Zhenwu Temple圣莲山真武庙
Address:Liulinshui Village, Shijiaying Township, Fangshan District, Beijing北京市房山区史家营乡柳林水村

Yaowang Temple药王庙
Address:Jinhaihu Town, Pinggu, Beijing北京平谷金海湖镇滑子村

Chenghuang Temple居庸关都城隍庙
Address:Juyongguan Great Wall, Changping District, Beijing北京市昌平区居庸关长城

Zhenwu Temple佛子庄真武庙
Address:Fozizhuang Township, Fangshan District, Beijing北京市房山区佛子庄乡

Address:Emeishan Village, South Dulehe Town, Pinggu District, Beijing北京平谷区南独乐河镇峨眉山村

Gubeikou Niangniang Temple古北口娘娘庙
Address:Gubeikou Village, Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, Beijing北京市密云县古北口镇古北口村

Qinglongguan 青龙观
Address:北京市昌平区南口地区龙潭村Longtan Village, Nankou District, Changping District, Beijing

Youmin Guan 佑民观
Address:Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing北京通州区张家湾镇

Longwang Temple 挂甲峪龙王庙
Address:Guajiayu Village, Dahuashan Town, Pinggu District, Beijing北京市平谷区大华山镇挂甲峪村.

Other Taoist Related Places in Beijing

Taoist Restaurant
Address:No.32, East Cotton Hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Xicheng District, Beijing北京西城区南锣鼓巷东棉花胡同32号

Beijing Taoist Club Hostel 北京道家会馆
Address:No. 54 Fangezhuang Village, Yanqi Town, Huairou District, Beijing北京 怀柔区 雁栖镇范各庄村54号

Information Needed for Booking of Beijing Taoist Tour

Please send us the following information to make reservation:
Tour date: __________
Tour code: __________
Numbers of travelers: __________
Name on passport: __________
Nationality: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date:__________
Departure date: __________
Your preferred payment method: _______________

Beijing Taoist Tour FAQ

Can we take photo when visit Taoist Temple?

Travelers can take photo at some place. But the statue can not be taken photo. Our tour guide will remind you when some place can not photo.

Dear Jasper, we are very interested in Taoism of China. Can we take a talk with the Daoist in the Temple?

Hi Jack, thank you for the email. Yes, it is possible to talk with Daoist in the Taoist Temple. If the Daoist do not reject, our tour guide will do the translate for you, best regards, Jasper

We are interested in Taoism package tour. Can you arrange lunch in the Taoist Temple or in a restaurant near the temple?

Thank you for the email. Yes, we can arrange the lunch in Taoist Temple or in a street near the Taoist Temple. best regards, Jasper

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