China Cruise Tour  |  China Tour Start from Cruise Port

Profile of China Cruise Tour

China cruise tour refers to coming to visit China via international cruise ship or China tour covers cruising experience. All travelers need to be met from cruise port or transferred to cruise port. Beijingservice team will arrange private vehicle, English speaking tour guide, admission fee and meal for the cruise trip.

Type and City of China Crise Tour

China city tour start from International Cruise Ship
Cruise tour to Beijing start from Xingang Port
Cruise tour to Shanghai start from Shanghai Cruise Port ( Huishan Port or Waigaoqiao Port )
Cruise tour to Dalian start from Dalian Cruise Port River Cruise in China
Yangtze River Cruise ( between Chognqing and Yichang )
Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

China Cruise Tour Products

Beijingservice team offers cruies tour in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dalian, Yangtze River and Guilin

Beijing Tour Start from Xingang Port

Xingang Port if around 180 km southeast of Beijing, which make possible for travelers to visit Beijing via private vehicle. 
BJ-PH-19. 2 days Beijing private package tour from Xingang Pier
BJ-PH-20. 4 days Beijing package trip from Xingang Port
BJ-PK-08. 2 days Beijing private tour from Xingang -exclude hotel BJ-PO-07A. Badaling Great Wall 1 day private tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07C. Mutianyu Great Wall 1 day private tour from Xingang Port Tianjin
BJ-PO-07D. Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City 1 day tour from Xingang Pier
BJ-PO-07E. Hutong and Temple of Heaven 1 day private tour from Xingang Port
BJ-PO-07F. Tiananmen Square and Capital Museum 1 day private tour from Xingang Pier
BJ-PO-07G. Tiananmen Square and Juyongguan Great Wall 1 day trip from Xingang Port 

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Shanghai Tour Start from Cruise Port

Ther are several cruise port in Shanghai include Waigaoqiao Port and Huishn Port.   It is possible to visit attractions in downtown Shanghai as well as the watertown near  Shnghai.
SH-PO-05. The Bund, Yu Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum
SH-PO-01Cruise. Local Building area, Old House Setting Museum, Postal Museum, 1933 Old Millfun,
SH-PO-02Cruise. Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl Tower, Enjoy amazing scene of Old Shanghai, Renmin Square, Shanghai Fine Arts Gallary, Try Maglev Train, Cruise on Huangpu River (1 hour),
SH-PO-03Cruise. Old Street, Chinese Brush Pen & Ink Museum,Qing Dynasty Building, Old Dock, Xintiandi
SH-PO-04Cruise. Zhujiajiao Watertown One Day Tour From Shanghai
SH-PO-05Cruise. China Martial Art Museum , Shanghai Glass Museum
SH-PO-06Cruise. Shanghai one day shopping tour from cruise port: Nanjing Road, Huaihailu Shopping area, Pudong New Area, The Bund.

Shanghai City Two Days Tour from Cruise Port / exclude hotel
Day 1. Yu Garden, Yu Market, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Museum, Renmin Square, Old French Concession Area (, Lunch, )
Day 2. Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl Tower, Enjoy amazing scene of Old Shanghai, Nanjing Road, The Bund. (, Lunch, )

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Dalian Tour from Cruise Port

Beijingservice team often arrange one day Dalian city tour start from Dalian Cruise Port.  The top attractions covers Xinhai Park, Sunasia Ocean World, Xinghai Square, Tiger Beach Square, Binhai Road, Zhongshan Square, Renmin Square, Laodong Park, Dalian Natural Museum, Fujiazhuang Bathing Beach, Bangchui Island, Haizhiyun Park.  

China Cruise Tour Tips

Tips of China tour start from Xingang Port

Xingang Port is located 180 km southeast of Beijing. It takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours from Xingang Port to Beijing. It is possible to visit Beijing from Xingang Port within 1 day or two days. We suggest travelers to stay overnight in Beijing if the cruise ship stop at Xingang Port for 2 days. The top attractions for Xingang Beijing tour is Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. It is only possible to visit Great Wall travelers stay one day in this area. Tianjin is around 65 km west of Xingang Port. It takes around 1 hours' driving from Xingang Port to Tianjin. Part of cruise travelers prefer to discover Tianjin within 1 or 2 days. The top attractions included in cruise tour covers Courtyard of Family Shi, Fifth Anenue, Ancient Culture Street, Binjiang Avenue, Century Clock Square, Tianjin Eye, Jing Garden, and China House .

Tips of China tour star from Cruise Port in Shanghai

There are several cruise port in Shanghai includes Waigaoqiao Port, Baoshan Port, Huishan Port, Longyanglu Port. Waigaoqiao Port and Boshan Port is located out of downtown. It needs around 1.5 hours from cruise port to downtown Shanghai. Huishan Port and Longyanglu Port is located closed to downtown Shanghai. Most cruise ship dock in Shanghai for one or two days. One day is enough to visit top attractions of Shanghai. Travelers may visit a watertown near Shanghai if the cruise ship stop at Shanghai for two days. Part of travelers stay in Shanghai for 4 days, then connect a cruise ship from Shanghai. Part of travelers stop their cruise in Shanghai. Travelers request to be transferred to airport after several days sightseeing in Shanghai.

Tips of China Cruise tour start from Dalina Cruise Port

Beijingservice team offers Dalian cruise tour each year. Dalian cruise port is located in downtown, which is convenient for travelers to discover this city. Most ship stop at Dalian port for one day. Most top attractions can be included in the Dalian cruise tour: Zhongshan Square, Renmin Square, Xinghai Square, Bangchu Island, Tiger Beach and Fujiazhuang Bathing beach.

Tips of Yangtze River Cruise of China tour

Cruise trip on Yangtze River is on of the highlights of China tour. The cruise ship offers comfortable to deluxe accommodation, dinning, traveling and other travel related service. The cruise trip covers visiting of the main gorges, Three Gorges Dam, attractions along Yangtze River as well as branch stream of Yangtze River. It is possible to join in some class on ship, such as Tatchi class... Most travelers choose the cruise from Congqing to Yichang. The cruise tour takes 4 days time. Beijingservice use Centruy Cruise Ship Series and American Cruise Ship Series.

Tips of Cruise in Guilin

There are three kinds of cruise trip in Guilin and surrounding area. The top one is the cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo along Li River. The cruise trip takes around 5 hours to enjoy the most top attractions along Li River. This cruise start from Zhujiang Pier near Guilin and reach Yangshuo at around 14:00 in the afternoon. Lunch is included on the cruise ship. Part of travelers prefer to take evening cruise on Li River, Beijigservice can arrange the evening cruise on the downtown section of Li River, which is called Two Rivers and Four Lakes. The evening cruise takes around one hour on the river. The third type of cruise near Guilin start from Yangshuo and end in Fuli Town. This cruise is on a branch of Li River. The cruise takes around one hour.

Tips of Huangpu River Cruise in Shanghai

Travelers may take cruise tour on Huangpu River start from a place near the Bund. Huangpu River cruise can be taken during daytime or in the evening. This is a good method to see the building along Huangpu River. The cruise take around 1 hour, which is convenient to be included in one day Shanghai tour or Shanghai package tour.

Tips of Cruise on Tianjin Haihe River

Haihe River is the biggest river in Tianin, which go through the downtown area of the city. Cruising on Haihe River is one of the best way to see new Tianjin. The cruise tour on Haihe River last 40 to 60 minutes. It is possible to visit Terracotta Warriors in Xian if your cruise ship stop at Xingang Port for two days or more.

China Cruise Tour Related Questions

Which city can you arrange cruise tour in China?

Beijingservice can arrange private tour start from cruise port in Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian.
We also can arrange river ruise in Guilin, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Yangtze River and Shanghai.

Which service is included in the cruise tour of China ?

Beijingservice offers private vehicle, experienced driver, English speaking tour guide, admission fee and lunch. Par of travelers prefer to stay in a local hotel instead of return to cruise ship.  We can arragne a good hotel in downtown area.

Dear Tracy, thank you for your confirmation.  We know your tour guide will wait us outside the exit of cruise port.  Consider the age of us and the luggage we have, is it possible for you vehicle and guide to drive in the port and meet us near the ship ?

Dear Mr.Alan, thank you for your email. Yes, it is possible to drive into the cruise port. The cruise port will charge an entry permission fee around 50 USD/vehicle. Please let us know this is acceptable, then we will arrange the vehicle entry permission. best regards, Tracy

Dear Jasper, thank you very much for organizing the cruise trip for us.  we already board Holland America on the ms Statendam that will arrive in Xingang Thursday, March 29, at 8 a.m..
We met severl couples on ship, they would like to join in our trip to Beijing.   Is this possible to change this to a group tour ?   Can we get a better price if we have more people

Dear Connie, thank you for your email. Yes, it is possible to change this to a group tour if you do not mind. We will arrange a bigger vehicle for your group. And the price will be lower when there is more travelers. Please let us know how many travelers there will be then we will send you a new quotation. best regards, Jasper

China Cruise Tour Review

Beijingservice got many positive feedback. Most of them via feedback form at the end of the tour. Part of them are on Internet. Here we share one feedback of on cruisecritic.

We used last October, while in Shanghai. Our contact was with Jasper. He helped us customize a day tour, which was wonderfu. The guide spoke perfect English and the van (there were 4 of us) was clean and air-conditioned.
Our tour consisted of: Yu Yuan Garden, Jade Buddah Temple, Old city, the Bund, Nanjing Road and a rest stop at a delightful tea shop, where we sampled different types of tea (the sales pitch was quite subtle). The price included pick-up from and return to a container port about 45 minutes outside the city center (we were on the Sapphire Princess), admission fees, lunch (which we really enjoyed... we ordered from a menu that had pictures). We paid the tour guide in cash at the beginning of the tour. I recommend the company highly. I actually gave his name to 2 couples and both had positive experiences.

In Dalian, 6 of us hired a van with an English-speaking guide, just outside the dock area. It was a great tour. If you do a tour of Dalian, be sure and ask them to take you to the new area... I think it's called Liaodong Provence. The area has a larger square than that of Tianimen Square in Beijing. The whole area is impressive.