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China Layover Tour Profile

China layover tourChina layover tour refers to visiting the city of China while changing or waiting for flight, train or cruise ship in China. Driver and tour guide will pick up travelers from airport train station or cruise port.

After the layover trip, travelers will be transferred to appointed place for departure. Most China layover tour last 1 to 3 days, start and end in airport.

China Layover Tour Type

China layover tour start from airport
China layover trip start from train station
China layover tour start from cruise port

China Layover Tour Products

China layover tour is available in main popular cities of China include Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Kunming and Tianjin.

Beijing Layover Tour

Beijing Layover TourBeijing Layover tour refers to the short tours in Beijing on the way to another city, while you wait another flight or train in Beijing. Most Beijing layover tours start from Beijing International Capital Airport.
BJ-PL-01. Beijing Badaling Great Wall layover tour
BJ-PL-02. Mutianyu Great Wall layover tour
BJ-PL-06. Beijing Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City layover tour
BJ-PL-08. Summer Palace layover tour,
BJ-PL-09. Beijing Hutong layover tour

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Xian Layover Tour

Xian Layover TourXian layover tour refers to short travel service in Xian when you wait for flight or change another flight.
XA-PL-01. Terra Cotta Warriors half day layover tour
XA-PL-02. City Wall half day half day layover tour,
XA-PL-03. ShannXi History Museum half day layover tour,
XA-PL-15. Terracotta Warriors, City Wall 1 day layover tour,
XA-PL-16. Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Museum 1 day layover tour,
XA-PL-17. Small Wild Goose Pagoda,Stele Fores 1 day layover tour,
XA-PL-18. Great Mosque,Bell & Drum Tower, Shuyuanmet Street 1 day layover tour,

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Guilin Layover Tour

Guilin Layover TourGuilin layover tours refers the short trip in Guilin when travelers wait for flight or train. Usually the Guilin layover tour covers double way airport or train station transfer as well as the sightseeing in Guilin area.

GL-PO-01Layover.  Guilin 1 day layover tour of Reed Flute Cave, Fubo Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill.
GL-PO-02Layover.  Guilin 1 day layover tour of Jingjiang Palace, Duxiu Peak, Pedestrian Street
GL-PO-01LayoverHalf. Guilin half day layover tour of Reed Flute Cave,
GL-PO-02LayoverHalf. Guilin half day layover tour of Elephant Trunk Hill,

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Shanghai Layover Tour

Shanghai Layover TourShanghai layover tour refers to half day, one day or even multi-days Shanghai sightseeing tour for changing flight, train or cruise ship. Many travelers have to stay in airport or train station for several hours or even several days to wait for another flight.
SH-PO-01Layover. Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, Renmin Square, Jade Buddha Temple (, Lunch, )
SH-PO-02Layover. Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road, The bund (, Lunch, )
SH-PO-03Layover. Old House Museum, Xintiandi Area, 1933 Old Millfun, local street (, Lunch, )

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China Layover Tour Tips

Xian Terracotta Warriors bus tourClassic China Layover Tour Itinerary

Be met from airport railway station or cruise port on the morning.
Drive to visit attractions on the morning. Have lunch in local restaurant near attractions.
Drive to take afternoon sightseeing after lunch.
Be transferred to airport train station or cruise port after the layover trip.

Process to take a layover trip in China

Select a China layover trip from
Make reservation and remit deposit via Wechat Alipay Credit Card or PayPal.
Tour guide information will be sent to travelers one day in advance via email or SMS messge.
Travelers will be met by tour guide and driver in time at appointed place.
The layover sightseeing trip will be operated as confirmed.
Travelers will be asked to fill in a simple feedback form after the layover trip.
The trip will be completed at appointed place.
2 days or 3 days layover tour may include the accommodation in downtown.
After the multi days sightseeing trip, travelers will be transferred to airport, train staiton or cruise port.

Pick up place of China layover tour

When travelers reach Beijing via flight, tour guide will wait you in the waiting hall of airport. Tour guide will meet travelers outside the exit of train station if travelers arrival with train. Please follow other travelers to walking out train station after reaching the city. Tour guide id not permitted to enter train station to meet travelers since 2014. If travelers take cruise layover tour, tour guide will meet travelers outside exit of cruise port. Tour guide will catch a paper with travelers name.

China Train Station Layover Tour

Part of trains departure every week, such as departure every Tuesday and Tursday. So travelers need to wait for a couple of days for another train. We can arrange the layover trip while you wait for the next train. Travelers will be met form train station. Be transferred to hotel after sightseeing trip. On second day, travelers will be met from hotel at 08:30am, then take one day sightseeing trip include lunch. Travelers will be transferred to train station to connect departure train.

China Cruise Port Layover Tour

International cruise port dock at several cities of China include Hong Kong, Guanghzou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing (Tianjin) and Dalian. Beijingserivce offers China layover tour start from cruise port. Most cruise port layover tour last one or two days. Travelers will be met from cruise port on the morning before one day layover sightseeing trip. After the layover trip, travelers will be transferred to cruise port. Part of travelers prefer to have two days layover tour start from cruise port. Beijingservice may arrange two days sightseeing trip and one night accommodation in downtown area.

Information needed to make reservation of China layover trip

City name of China: __________
Tour code: __________
Tour date: __________
Numbers of guest: __________
Name on passport: __________
Mobile phone if available: __________
Arrival date: __________
Arrival method: __________ ( flight / train / cruise ship )
Arrival time: __________
Pick up sign:__________
Departure date: __________
Departue method: __________ ( flight / train / cruise ship )
Departure time: __________
Your preferred payment method: _____________

Payment of China Layover tour

All layover tours needs prepayment before tour date. Beijingservice team accept payment via Ali Pay, Wechat, Bank, Credit Card, or PayPal. Payment via Credit Card or PayPal needs extra handling fee.
Pay by WechatPay by AliPay pay by master card pay by visa card pay by paypal pay by AmericanExpress card pay by Bank of China

China Layover Tour Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

hi, we are very interested in the Shanghai one day layover trip. Our flight will reach Shanghai early in the morning. We need a private vehicle to pick up from airport. If there any extra cost for the early pick up ? We need to be transferred back to PVG before 20:30. Can you arrange the layover trip for us ?
Thank you for your email. Yes, we can pick you up early in the morning. There is extra cost if you need to be met early than 07:00 am. Please let us know your arrival and departure flight info, then we will update you with itinerary and quotation. There is enough time to be transfered back to Pudong airport. Or you may want to try the Maglev train to Pudong airport, which takes less than 15 minutes to Pudong airport.

Hello, our flight reach Beijing at 10:55 am. Our flight departure from Beijing at 19:30. Is it possible to take a Great Wall layover tour ? I think we can buy some food on the way, and skip lunch to save time.
Thank you for your information. Yes, the layover trip to Great Wall is possible if we skip lunch. Please find an itinerary as below: Be met from airport at 11:30am. Buy some food in airport after meeting with tour guide. Drive to Mutianyu Great Wall. Have your lunch on the vehicle. Visit Great Wall from 13:00-15:00. Cable car of Great Wall is suggested. Drive back to airport. Reach airport at around 17:00 to connect your flight at 19:30.

There are some fast food restaurant near Mutianyu Great Wall. You may discuss the lunch with tour guide on tour date.

Dear sir or madame, our flight reach Beijing on Monday Morning. Our next flight departure from Beijing on Wednesday evening. Can you arrange a layover trip for us ? Can you arrange a hotel near airport. Thank you in advance, Polman
Dear Mr.Polman, thank you for your email. We suggest the following three days Beijing layover tour of China.
Day 1. Be met from airport. Drive to visit Mutianyu Great Wall and Ming Tombs. (, Lunch, )
Day 2. Be met from hotel at 08:30am. Visit Tiananmen Suare, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven. (Breakfast, Lunch, )
Day 3. Visit Beijing Hutong via Rickshaw before being transferred to airport for departure. (Breakfast, )

As for hotel, we suggest you to stay in a hotel in downtown, which is convenient for you to take a walk near hotel. Please let us know your request on hotel level as well as your flight info, then we will work out further information. best regards, Jasper

Dear Ms. Tracy, Thank you for your arrangement of layover tour. It seems we have a tight schedule. I know this is because of our flight. I think we can skip the last attraction if there is not time for that. Do you have suggestion ?
Thank you for your message. Yes, the traffic of China is heavy. There is possibility of no time for the last attraction. We will skip the attraction and refund the admission fee. We will ask our driver and tour guide to take care of your time schedule to make sure you have enough time to connect your departure flight.

Hello, after our Xian tour, we need to be transferred back to Beijing. We need a morning flight back to Beijing. Then we plan to take a China Great Wall layover tour, to visit Mutianyu Great Wall. Our homeward flight departure from Beijing at 00:50 of early next morning. Can you arrange this Great Wall layover trip as well as the flight from Xian to Beijing for us ?
Thank you for your email. Yes, we can arrange the layover trip and Xian-Beijing flight for you. Actually there is enough time to Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Mutianyu Great Wall if you take early flight from Xian to Beijing departure at around 07:00am. Please let us know your advice as well as your departure flight.

Hi, our train reach Xian on the morning. Can you pick us up from train station and take a layover coach tour to Terracotta Warriors Museum? After the sightseeing trip, we need to reach Xianyang airport before 20:00.
Thank you for your email. Yes, it is possible to pick you up from train station if your train reach Xian before 08:00am. We can add airport transfer after the coach tour to transfer you to Xianyang airport before 20:00.

Dear Jasper, thank you for arrange the China layover trip for us. We travel with several suitcases, can we put the luggage on the vehicle ? Is this safe ? warm regards, Winne
Thank you

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