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sightseeing in Chongqing

  • Chongqing tour lead you to discover downtown Chongqing and the suburb area with private vehicle, driver and private Chongqing local tour guide.


    Chongqing tour of Beijingservice team offers classic tour routes based on popular attractions as well as deep tour based on unique Chongqing tour attractions.
    Most travelers take Chongqing trip before Yangtze River Cruise. The tour of Chongqing is available from half day to multi-days, from downtown to suburb.

Photo of Chongqing Tour

  • Chongqing tour photo covers image of top Chongqing attractions as well as the Yantze River cruise start from Chongqing.


    Being one of the most important cities by the Yangtze River, the 'mountain city' Chongqing offers abundant tourism resources, including both scenic and cultural attractions.
    Covering both classic attractions and unique places, Chongqing tour is called '重庆旅游' in Chinese.

    Chongqing travel service covers Chongqing transfer, Chongqing half day tour, Chongqing one day tour and Chongqing multi-days package trip. The transfer service of Chongqing covers airport transfer, train station transfer as well as cruise port transfer.

    Till now, all tours of Chongqing are operated based on private vehicle and private tour guide.


  • Convenient to combine Chongqing journey with Yangtze River Cruise,
  • Chongqing trip covers both culture and scenic attractions,
  • The amazing Dazu Baodingshan Grottoes is available to be visited from Chongqing,
  • Experienced Chongqing local operating team,
  • The flight between Beijing and Chongqing is convenient.

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    Chongqing Tour Tips

    • If time permit, Dazu Grottoes and Natural Three Bridges are suggested to be included in your Chongqing trip.
    • You are suggested to leave the afternoon at leisure if you are planning to board the ship on Yangtze River.
    • Dazu Grotto covers Baodingshan Grotto and Beishan Grotto. You are suggested to visit Baodingshan Grotto within one day trip.
    • It is possible to visit Mt.Emei and Leshan from Chongqing before heading to Chengdu.
    • Top Attractions

      The classic downtown attractions of Chongqing trip covers Eling Park, Ciqikou Ancient Town, Chongqing Zoo, Hongyadong, Chaotianmen area, Stilwell Museum, China Three Gorges Museum and Great Hall of the People.

      Dazu Grottoes, Natural Three Biridge, Furong Cave, Diaoyu Castle and Longshuixia Cave are also regarded as top attractions, although they are located in the suburb of Chongqing.

      Classic Itinerary

      There are two classic itineraries in Chongqing, the standard tour and deep tour.

      Standard Tour Day 1. Reach Chongqing. Be met and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. Erling Park, Chongqing Zoo, Stilwell Museum, Ciqikou Ancient Town. Be transferred to cruise port, airport or train station for departure.(breakfast, lunch)

      Deep Tour Day 1. Reach Chongqing. Be met and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. One day trip to discover Dazu Grotto. (breakfast, lunch)
      Day 3. One day tour to visit Natural Three Bridges. (breakfast, lunch)
      Day 4. Erling Park, Chongqing Zoo, Stilwell Museum, Ciqikou Ancient Town. Be met and transferred to airport, cruise port or train station for departure.
    • Start Place

      Most Chongqing tour start from hotel, airport or cruise port.
      It is also possible to start Chongqing trip from an apartment if you can provide detailed address and telephone number.

      End Place

      Most traveler end their Chongqing trip at Cruise Port to connect Yangtze River Cruise. Please communicate with your tour advisor on the departure time of the ship.

      Some travelers prefer to end their Chongqing trip at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport to connect flight to visit another city, or connect homeward flight.
      Most business travelers end their day trips at hotel.
      Few travelers end their trip in train station.

      Yangtze River Cruise

      Most travelers start 4 days Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing. Travelers enjoy the pleasant cruising of Yangtze River on the 2nd day, the 3rd day, the evening of 1st day and the morning of th 4th day. Almost all ships reach Yichang before noon of the 4th day and end the pleasant cruise.

      Being one of the popular products, Yangtze River Cruise package covers ship accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as a short land trip.
      Travelers should tailor the Chongqing tour itinerary according to the departure time of your ship.
      Yangtze River Cruise need to be reserved and paid in advance.

    Chongqing Tour Note

    • Chongqing tour itinerary needs to be adjusted according to the departure time of ship if you are planning to connect Yangtze River Cruise.
    • The flight 'between Chongqing and Xian' and 'flight between Chongqing and Guilin' are limited. It should be reserved in advance.
    • Prepayment and Scanned passport is needed before the booking of train tickets or flight.
    • Attractions in suburb is far from downtown, such as Dazu Grottoes and Natural Three Bridges.
    • Train is not often used in Chongqing travel.

    Chongqing Tour FAQ

    • Can we end the Chongqing tour at the Yangtze River cruise port ?
    • Yes, it is possible. We can transfer you to the cruise port at the end of the Chongqing trip. You are suggested to leave the afternoon at leisure if your ship departure in the evening.

    • Is it possible to combine Chongqing tour with Chengdu, Mt.Emei and Leshan ?
    • It is possible to combine these cities together. It will be a 4 to 8 days private tour including long driving of Chongqing to Leshan, Leshan to Mt.Emei and Mt.Emei to Chengdu.

    • Can you arrange Yangtze River Cruise after we book Chongqing trip with you ?
    • Yes, it is possible, we have good cooperation with most Yangtze River Cruise ship and company.

    • Length

      Most foreign travelers use Chongqing as the start place of their Yangtze River Cruise journey. Half day Chongqing tour is used in most itineraries.
      But actually, there are many excellent attractions worth visiting in downtown and suburb of Chongqing. Such as the Dazu Grottoes, Furong Cave and the Natural Three Bridges. 4 to 5 days is suggested if you prefer to take a deep trip in Chongqing.


      Any season is OK if you are planning to visit downtown Chongqing or Dazu Grottoes, because most of them are culture related attractions.
      Spring to Autumn is suggested if you will visit suburb of Chongqing, such as Furong Cave, Natural Three Bridges, etc.

      You will never be wrong to discover Chongqing during March to May and September to October, because of the comfortable temperature.


      Private vehicle is a must when foreigners travel Chongqing. Other vehicles are also necessary in the sightseeing.
      - Ship : Except the big ship on Yangtze River, smaller ship is also a good choice to take an evening cruising at Chaotianmen(朝天门) Pier.
      - Cable car over Yangtze River : This cable car station is located not far from Jiefangbei. It is a good method to take a bird view of Yangtze River.
      - Subway : The subway of Chonging not only takes you deep in the ground, but also possible bring you to the top of local building.
      - Elevator : The Crown Elevator of Chongqing is possible to help travels to reach the top of a hill. The lower end is Caiyuanba (菜园坝), the upper end is Lianglukou(两路口).


      For the time being, only private tour is available in Chongqing. The trip is operated based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.
      But Chongqing can be visited based on various type of theme, such as hiking, local building, daily life, culture, museum, Three Gorges, natural bridge, stone carving, etc.

      How to Book

      After you make your decision on visiting Chongqing, please send us the following information to make reservation:
      Number of travelers, travelers' name, tour name or request, arrival info (arrival date, flight or train number, arrival time), hotel request, departure info.

      Or you may select a Chongqing tour routes on and then press the booking button to submit your information.

      Connecting with other city

      Chongqing trip often arranged before Yangtze River cruise. And most travelers combines them with other city sightseeing.
      The classic itinerary covers Beijing Chongqing Yangtze River Shanghai tour, Beijing Xian Chongqing Yangtze River Guilin Shanghai tour, Shanghai Chongqing Yangtze River Beijing, etc.
      So the ordinary cities connect with Chongqing covers Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai.

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