2 Days Gubeikou Great Wall Package Tour include Hotspring, Dingling Underground Palace and Sacred Way

Tour code: BJ-PH-38-G
Focus:Gubeikou Great Wall, Hotspring, Dingling Underground Palace, Sacred Way, Outside view of Bird Nest, Water Cube


  • Tour type: Beijing private tour
  • Departure: daily
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Escorted: yes
  • Hotel: included
  • Language: English
  • Level: Easy
  • Shopping: no
  • Starting place: hotel in Beijing
  • Ending place: hotel in Beijing


Day 1. Gubeikou Great Wall

Gubeikou Great WallBe picked up from your hotel by English speaking tour guide and private vehicle at 08:30 am. Drive to Gubeikou Great Wall to start Gubeikou Great Wall 2 days package trip.

The Great Wall was built and maintained between the 7th century BC and 17th century BC. It was originally built to protect the empire from northern invaders. The Great Wall stretches through the countryside over deserts, hills and plains for 8,851.8 kilometers.

Gubeikou Great Wall was an important strategic pass, along with Shanhaiguan Pass and Juyongguan Pass. Constructed in 1368, the great wall stretches for about 40 kilometers with 14 beacon towers and 143 watch towers. It is the most dangerous and splendid section of the Great Wall. see Gubeikou Great Wall Tour map.

Then drive to a Hotspring resort to enjoy the pleasant hotspring.
Northern Beijing is abundant with excellent Hotsprings. The hot water is abundant with minerals and elements, which are beneficial to body. The hotsping we visit is one of the best level hotsping in Beijing.

Overnight in the hotsping resort.

Day 2. Dingling Underground Palace, Sacred Way, Outside view of Bird Nest, Water Cube

Sacred WayBe picked up from your hotel by English speaking tour guide and private vehicle at 08:30 am.

Drive to visit Dingling Underground Palace.
Ding Ling (the Tomb of Ding) is the mausoleum of the 13th emperor (Wanli) of the Ming Dynasty, who had the longest reign in Ming dynasty.
With five chambers, the underground palace of Dingling is 27 meters deep with a total floor space of 1,195 square meters. All chambers were built of stone without using a single beam or column. Dingling is the only excavated tomb for archaeological exploration. Tourists can see precious antiques in the exhibition hall.

Move on to visit Sacred Way.
The Sacred Way stretches 7 kilometers from south to north through the center of the tombs area. It was originally built for the first tomb Changling - the tomb of Emperor Yongle, the most powerful emperor in the Ming dynasty. But as the later tombs were built either to the right or to the left, it became the main road to all of them. They formed one group, but each tomb is independent of the other. Each lies at the foot of a hill.

Bird's NestThen visit the Olympic Park.
As the major venue of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Olympic Park contains three areas including the Forest Park in the north, major venue and supporting facilities area in the center and the completed stadiums and the reserved area. The completed stadiums contains the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), National Swimming Center (Water Cube) and the National Indoor Stadium (Folding Fans). Have an outside view of the venues.

Be transferred back to your hotel in Beijing after the whole day tour at around 18:00.



  • Deluxe ↓
  • 1 people: 656
  • 2 people: 441
  • 3 people: 403
  • 4 people: 365
  • 5 people: 339
  • 6 people: 317
  • 7 people: 313
  • 8 people: 304
  • 9 people: 296
  • 10 people: 167
  • 5 star standard
  • single supple: 124
  • Standard ↓
  • 1 people: 641
  • 2 people: 426
  • 3 people: 388
  • 4 people: 349
  • 5 people: 324
  • 6 people: 302
  • 7 people: 298
  • 8 people: 288
  • 9 people: 281
  • 10 people: 167
  • 4 star standard
  • single supple: 109
  • Comfort ↓
  • 1 people: 626
  • 2 people: 411
  • 3 people: 372
  • 4 people: 334
  • 5 people: 308
  • 6 people: 287
  • 7 people: 283
  • 8 people: 273
  • 9 people: 266
  • 10 people: 167
  • 3 star standard
  • single supple: 94

  • Include ↓
  • Hotel accommodation,
  • Air-conditioned private car or van,
  • Admission fee of mentioned attractions,
  • English-speaking tour guide,
  • Meals as mentioned,
  • Fuel, expressway cost and parking cost,
  • Pick-up from and transfer back to your hotel
  • Exclude ↓
  • Gratuities to guides and drivers,
  • Personal expense.