Great Wall Package Tours  |  Package Trips to Great Wall

Great Wall package tour refers to package tour routes to cover Great wall in itinerary.
For most pack tours, Great Wall just take one day or half day time. Other top attractions of the city will be included.

Beijingservice team offers the following Great Wall package tip:
- Beijing classic package include 1 day Great Wall visit
- 2 days Great Wall package include 1 night hotel near Wall
- Great Wall hiking package with hotel in downtown
- Great Wall hiking tour with hotel near Great Wall
- Beijing group tour package including Great Wall

Beijing classic package include 1 day Great Wall visit

Sample tour: 4 Days Beijing Classic Private Tour
Day 1. Entry Beijing, Temple of Heaven
Day 2. Ming Tombs, Sacred Way, Lunch, Badaling Great Wall
Day 3. Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Olympic Park, Summer Palace, Roast Duck
Day 4. Capital Museum, Lunch, Beijing Hutong, Tea Ceremony, Departure

This class Beijing package tour incluing a visit to Badaling Great Wall on second day. Other 3 days lead travelers to visit attractions in downtown Beijing. And here are several package tours:

Above tours are Beijing package tour , including visit to Great Wall in of of days.  This kind of tour is the best choice for travelers to touch the city on their first trip to this city.

2 days Great Wall package with 1 night near wall

This kind of package offer a chance for travelers to stay overnight under Great Wall. Travelers may visit Great Wall on early moring or late in the afternoon. It is a quite different experience when the Great Wall belong to your own.
Most travelers will take amazing photo of Great Wall, especially during sunrising and sunsetting.
The following tour show the sunrise and sunset of Great Wall and then lead travelers to visit two attractions on the way back to Beijing city:
Badaling Great Wall + One night under Great Wall + Ming Tomb + Olympic Park
Tour code: BJ-PH-35-C.
Day 1. Badaling Great Wall Hiking. Sunset on Badaling Great Wall. Overnight near Badaling Great Wall.
Day 2. Changling, Sacred Way, Olympic Park, Transfer to Beijing.
This kind of tour are available at the following sections of Great Wall:

Badaling Great Wall Package Tour:

BJ-PH-35A. Badaling Great Wall, Hotspring, Dingling Tomb and Sacred Way 2 days private package
BJ-PH-35B. Badaling Great Wall, Skiing, Hotspring, Changling and Sacred Way 2 days private package
BJ-PH-35C. Badaling Great Wall Hiking, Changling, Sacred Way and Olympic Park 2 days private package

Mutianyu Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-36A. Mutianyu + Wine Castle + Local Plantation + Private Museum 2 days private package
BJ-PH-36B. Mutianyu Great Wall + Skiing + Olympic Park 2 days private package
BJ-PH-36C. Mutianyu Great Wall + Underground Palace of Ming Tombs + Olympic Park 2 days private package

Jinshanling Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-37A. Gubeikou Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall Tiananmen and Forbidden City 2 days Private package tour
BJ-PH-37B. Jinshanling Great Wall + Skiing Resort 2 days private package tour
BJ-PH-37C. Jinshanling Great Wall, Wine Castle and private museum 2 days private package
BJ-PH-37D. 2 days Jinshanling Great Wall tour include Wine Castle and Local Plantation
BJ-PH-37E. Jinshanling Great Wall 2 days package include Yunfeng Mountain
BJ-PH-37F. Two days Jinshanling Great Wall package tour with Wine Castle
BJ-PH-37G. Jinshanling two days package tour include Ming Tombs and Hotspring trip

Gubeikou Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-38A. Mutianyu + Jinshanling + Gubeikou Great Wall
BJ-PH-38B. Gubeikou + Jinshanling + Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City
BJ-PH-38C. Gubeikou Great Wall + Nanshan Ski Resort
BJ-PH-38D. Gubeikou + Wine Castle + Private Museum
BJ-PH-38E. Gubeikou + Wine Castle + Local Plantation
BJ-PH-38F. Gubeikou Great Wall + Yunfeng Mountation
BJ-PH-38G. Gubeikou + Hotspring + Dingling Underground Palace + Sacred Way

Juyong Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-39A. Mutianyu + Juyongguan + Dingling + Sacred Way + Badaling Great Wall
BJ-PH-39B. Beijing City+ Juyongguan + Dingling + Sacred Way
BJ-PH-39C. Dingling + Sacred Way + Badaling Great Wall + Hotspring + Juyongguan Great Wall

Simatai Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-40A. Simatai + Gubei Watertown + Wine Castle + Local Plantation
BJ-PH-40B. Beijing City+ Juyongguan + Dingling + Sacred Way

Shixiaguan Great Wall Package Tour

BJ-PH-42A. Shixiaguan Great Wall Two Days Leisure Tour

Great Wall Hiking Package with Hotel in Downtown

All hotels near Great Wall can only provide basic needs of travelers. They can not compare with hotel in downtown area. If you love Great Wall very much, but don't want to stay in hotel near Great Wall, this kind of package tour will cater your need. Our driver and tour guide will meet you from your hotel in downtown and then drive to Great Wall, after visiting the Great Wall, you will be transferred back to hotel in downtown.
Tour routes:
BJ-PH-05. Beijing 6 Days Great Wall Trekking Tour Including Hotel
BJ-PH-41-A. Huanghuacheng Great Wall Four Days Tour with Beijing City, Great Wall and Hotspring
At the end of each day, travelers will be transferred back to Beijing city.

Great Wall hiking tour with hotel near Great Wall

Travel with this Great Wall package tour, you will stay overnight in a hotel near Great Wall, and on next day move on to visit another part of Great Wall and overnight near the Great Wall in the evening.
The tour leave you more time on Great Wall, favored by Great Wall fans.
Tour routes:
BJ-PH-06. Beijing Eight Days Great Wall Hiking Tour
BJ-PH-07. 12 Days Great Wall Hiking Tour
This kind of package tour mainly cover Great Wall in Beijing and Hebei province. Please contact us to tailor or design a tour itinerary.

Beijing group tour package including Great Wall

Group tour is a less expensive way to discover Beijing including one section of Great Wall.   This group package tour covers top attractions as well as one part of Great Wall.
Tour routes:
BJ-ST4-03. 4 days Beijing group tour include sightseeing of Mutianyu Great Wall
BJ-ST5-01. 5 days Beijing group tour include Badaling Great Wall
BJ-ST4-02. 4 days Beijing group tour include Badaling Great Wall
BJ-ST3-01. 3 days Beijing bus tour include Badaling Great Wall
BJ-ST2-01. 2 days Beijing bus tour include Badaling Great Wall

Great Wall Package Tour FAQ

Great Wall package tour pic How many days of the Great Wall package tour?

This tour is available from 2 days one night to more then 10 days.
Usually the 2 days one night package tour covers one or two part of Great Wall near Beijing, and one night hotel accommodation under the foot of Great Wall.
And we can tailor the tour according to your timetable. Please iform your tour advisor about your schedule.   If you only have one day in Beijing, please consider the Great Wall tour start from Beijing airport.

Great Wall package tour pic What is included in this Great Wall package tour?

All Great Wall package tour covers hotel accommodation, vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, expressway fee, parking and fuel. And most Great Wall package covers breakfast and lunch. But breakfast is not available in some remote Great Wall. We need prepare some food in advance. Tour advisor will give suggestion when travelers plan their trip to Great Wall.

Great Wall package tour pic Please let us know some details about the hotel near Great Wall.

Hotels near Great Wall can only cater the basic needs of travelers, we always use the clean and decent hotels in the area. The hotel service and facility can not compare with same level hotel in downtown Beijing, although Beijingservice select hotels carefully in advance. But all travelers are satisfied with the accommodation, because they come to see the amazing Great Wall in instead of enjoy the hotel.

Great Wall package tour pic Will the driver and tour guide stay same hotel with us when we stay one night under Great Wall?

Yes, tour guide will stay in same hotel with you, or stay in a small hostel near your hotel. You may just call tour guide is there is something need help. Or you may ask the tour guide to stay in same hotel with you when you make reservation of the tour.

Great Wall package tour pic How about the breakfast of the hotel near Great Wall?

Most hotel provide Chinese breakfast, such as congee, bun, steamed bread, egg, side dish. And part of hotel also provide western style bread, milk and coffee.

Great Wall package tour pic Can we arrange lunch on our own?

Yes, we can leave the lunch to be arranged on your own. Our tour guide many give you some suggestion on restaurant. And you may order dish by menu and pay in cash.

Great Wall package tour pic How long will we walk on Great Wall on each day?

Usually, we will walk around 4 hours per day along the Great Wall, then we will have good rest in hotel or near the Great Wall. For sure, you may talk about the speed with tour guide. And and if you travel with elder or child, our tour guide will control the speed and make the tour easy for them.

Great Wall package tour pic We travel with parents. Is it possible to include hot-spring and foot massage?

Yes, the hot-spring and foot massage are available. Usually we will arrange the hot-spring at the end of the Great Wall tour, and we may arrange one night in a hotel with hot-spring, then travelers may enjoy the time in hot-spring with family and erase the fatigue after Great Wall trip. Beijingservice always use the best hot-spring. For sure there is foot massage in the hot spring. You may pay the foot massage in cash on spot.

Great Wall package tour pic How about our luggage when we hiking on Great Wall?

The luggage may be kept in the hotel if you stay in hotel of downtown.
If you will stay in different hotels near Great Wall, the luggage will be locked in the car and transfer to the hotel of next stop. You will just take a small bag to walk on the wall, which will make the tour easy.

Great Wall package tour pic We reach Xingang Port in Tianjin, is it possible to take a Great Wall package tour?

Yes, it is possible. But we only suggest you to take two days one night Great Wall tour, because most ship will dock at Great Wall for one or two days in Xingang.
And here is the itinerary:
Day 1.
Be met by vehicle and guide from Xingang Port on first day.
Drive to Beijing, visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. Drive to Great Wall to enjoy the Sunset of Great Wall.
After all travelers leave the Great Wall, the Great Wall is belong to you.
Day 2.
Visit the Great Wall again. Be transferred back to Xingang Port.

Great Wall package tour pic What should we do if we want to camping near the Great Wall?

For the time being, there are only two places available to camping near Great Wall of Beijing.
Please inform us you need camping when make the reservation of Great Wall tour.
Then we will leave two days for camping.
You may take the camp of yourself, or just rent camp from hotel near the Great Wall.

Great Wall package tour pic Is it possible to take this Great Wall package tour with elder and child?

Yes, it is possible, especially the Great Wall near Beijing. The Wall is not so steep and the accommodation of nearby hotel is decent. But we don't suggest the elder and child to take the Great Wall package tour of more then 10 days, because this will make them tired.

Great Wall package tour pic  It is possible to combine downtown hotel and Great Wall hotel?

Yes, it is possible, and part of travelers did in this way in the past.
Usually we will travel Great Wall first, and overnight near Great Wall in first two or three days.
Travelers may enjoy the amazing Great Wall scenery including the sunrising and sunset of Great Wall.
In the later days, we will travel attractions in Beijing city and check in downtown hotels.
This arrangement make travelers to enjoy Great Wall, but the tour is comfortable, because you can enjoy the excellent service and hardware of hotel in downtown Beijing.

Great Wall package tour pic How should we pay the Great Wall package tour?

Please made 20% deposit when make reservation.
The balance should reach our bank account one week before tour date.
We also accept credit card ( Visa Master AmericanExpress and JCB ).

Great Wall package tour pic How long should we make reservation in advance?

We suggest travelers to plan the tour as early as possible, because the room near Great Wall is limited.
And we will use the selected hotel for early reservation. If the hotel is full engaged, we will use the backup hotel.
Fore sure the selected hotel is better than backup hotel.

Great Wall package tour pic We are two persons, is there any group tour we can join in?

No, Great Wall package tour is private tour designed and operated by Beijingservice.
There is no limit on number of travelers. Two travelers are available to take this package.

Great Wall package tour pic Will our tour guide always walk with us on Great Wall?

Great Wall of BeijingIt depends which kind of tour you will take.
For example, if you take multi-days Great Wall tour with accommodation near Great Wall, the tour guide will company you all the way, because we need to walk from one Great Wall to another one.
If you prefer to stay in downtown hotel, you may only spend 2 to 4 hours on Great Wall, the no time to walk from one section to another section, then the tour guide will introduce the Great Wall first and company you to walk some distance, then you may enjoy the Great Wall with your family or friends, the guide will give you some free time on Great Wall.

Great Wall package tour pic Which is the best season to take Great Wall Package tour?

We suggest travelers to take this tour from April 1 to November 15. The colorful mountain make the Great Wall more beautiful. There are travelers visited Great Wall in winter. The Great Wall under snow is amazing. But part of hotel near Great Wall is not available. Please reconfirm with our tour advisor when you make reservation.

Great Wall package tour pic Is it possible to take Great Wall package tour with public bus?

No, it is not available. The public bus will waste two much time when you move from downtown to first part of Great Wall. And there is no public bus available from one part of Great Wall to another section of Great Wall.

Great Wall package tour pic Is hot water available for shower in the hotel near Great Wall?

Many travelers asked this. Yes, the hot water is available. We only use good hotel, and most of them are in three star level, although they are far from downtown.

Great Wall package tour pic Is the Great Wall package tour possible to include skiing?

Yes, it is possible but only in winter, from the end of November to early February.
And Beijingservice will arrange the skiing near Great Wall, and you may even watch the Great Wall when skiing.