Great Wall Tour FAQ 
Frequently Asked Question of Great Wall Tour

Great Wall tour question pic How many days in advance should we make reservation for Great Wall tour?

photo of  Great Wall tourIf you want to book a one day Great Wall tour, we suggest to book one week before tour date and at least one day in advance to make reservation. If you need a package Great Wall tour to cover hotel accommodation, we suggest you to book the tour one month in advance, and at least three days to make reservation. We need time to reserve hotel room and remit payment to hotel in advance.

Great Wall tour question pic How many sections of Great Wall there are in China?

Beijingservice list different Part of Great Wall as below according to city:
Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall, Shixiaguan Great Wall, Badaling Ancient Great Wall, Shuiguan Great Wall

Qinhuangdao: Jiaoshan Great Wall, Shanhaiguan Great Wall, Laolongtou Great Wall
Jiayuguan: Jiayuguan Great Wall,
Jinan: Qi Great Wall,

Dunhuang: Yangguan Great Wall, Yumenguan Great Wall,
Tianjin: Huangyaguan Great Wall,
Shanxi: Niangziguan Pass,
Zhangjiakou: Dajingmen Great Wall
Dandong of Liaoning: Hushan Great Wall,
Suizhong of Liaoning: Jiumenkou Great Wall,
Inner Mongolia: Datong Great Wall,
Xinzhou of Shanxi: Yanmenguan Great Wall.

Great Wall tour question pic Can you arrange accommodation near Great Wall?

photo of  Great Wall tourVisit Great Wall during daytime and stay one night under Great Wall is a unique product designed by Jasper of Beijingservice team. We can arrange hotel accommodation under the Great Wall of Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall. Please let us know if you have this request. Please find the condition of hotel under Jinshanling Great Wall.

Great Wall tour question pic We want to hike on Great Wall for more than 3 hours, can you arrange this?

Yes, we can arrange Great Wall hiking tour in several sections of Great Wall.  Such as the hiking tour from Jinshanling to Gubeikou Great Wall,  Hiking tour of Badaling Great Wall.  The hiking tour on Badaling Great Wall is a new way discovered by Beijingservice team.  Please contact us for quotation and more details.

Great Wall tour question pic Which part of Great wall do you suggest to visit?

There are many sections of Great Wall located many cities of China. If you will visit Beijing, we suggest you to visit Badaling Great Wall or Mutianyu Geat Wall. Jinshanling Great Wall is suggested if you already visit above two sections of Great Wall. And you may overnight under the foot of Great Wall. If you want to see the real Great Wall before any reinforcement, we suggest you visit Gubeikou Great Wall.
Juyongguan Great Wall is closed to Beijing city, you may visit this Great Wall if there is time. If you visit Qinhuangdao, Beijingservice suggest you to visit Shanhaiguan Pass and Laolongtou pass of Great Wall. When you visit Jinan, Qi Great Wall is suggested. This is quite different with Great Wall in Beijing.  Yangguan Great Wall or Yumenguan Great Wall, can be visited when you travel Dunhuang.

Great Wall tour question pic Where can i start the Great Wall tour in Beijing ?

Travelers may star the tour from downtown Beijing,  airport, train station, Xingang Port and even the city near Beijing.
Most Great Wall tour in Beijing start from hotel in downtown area.
Part of Travelers take one day Great Wall tour start from Beijing airport. After beiing picked up from airport, we will drive 1.5 hours to Great Wall.  Visit Great Wall for about 2 hours, then you will be transferred back to airport.
It is also possible to take Great Wall tour from Beijing Railway Station.   Beijing Railway Station is located in downtown, it needs around 40 minutes to drive out of Beijing.  Beijingservice team suggest you to visit Great Wall not far from Beijing city, such as Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall or Juyongguan Great Wall. 
Great Wall tour star from Xingang port is very popular for cruise travelers. Xingang Port of Tianjin is 180 km photo of  Great Wall toursoutheast of Beijing, travelers only have time to visit one section of Great Wall near Beijing city although there is 10 hours available from the picking up from Xingang port and transferring back to Xingang. It will be better if you stay one night in downtown Beijing after the tour.
It is possible to star a Great Wall tour if you stay in a city or town near Beijing. Such as many travelers visit Great Wall star from Tianjin or Chengde.
Beijingservice also designed Great Wall tour from Shanghai, which make it possible to visit Great Wall when you are on a business trip in Shanghai.

Great Wall tour question pic What should we pack for Great Wall tour?

A pair of soft shoes is necessary. Sunglass is necessary in Summer. It is very cold on Great Wall in winter. Please take thick jacket when you visit Great Wall.

Great Wall tour question pic Is there any restaurant near Great Wall?

There is no restaurant near Great Wall, travelers need take food from hotel, or your travel agent will arrange lunch in restaurant near Great Wall. When you take Great Wall tour from travel agent, lunch will be arranged in restaurant near Great Wall or on the way to Great Wall. The food near Great Wall is simple. Don't expect the restaurant can compare with the one in downtown.

Great Wall tour question pic Can i visit Great Wall by public bus or subway?

It is not suggested for foreign travelers, unless you can speak Chinese and communicate with driver or local people. Travelers need to change several public bus to reach the bus station which offers bus to Great Wall. Usually it is a special line for Great Wall, and travelers need to walk a long distance when drop off at the last station.

Great Wall tour question pic Is there toilet on Great Wall?

There is no toilet on the wall. But travelers can find toilet near the ticket office.

Great Wall tour question pic It is possible to camping on Great Wall?

photo of  Great Wall tourIt is forbidden to camping on Great Wall. And it is not safe to do this. Beijingservice can find hotel accommodation near Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall and Jinshanling Great Wall. Travelers may stay in the hotel to enjoy the sunrising and sunsetting, which is an lifetime experience.

Great Wall tour question pic Do you offer private tour to Great Wall?

Yes, Beijingservice offers private tour to Great Wall of Beijing, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Qinhuangdao and jinan. Actually, the bus tour of Great Wall only available in Beijing. But private tour is available in all cities, which covers private vehicle, driver, tour guide, lunch and admission fee.

Great Wall tour question pic What kind of vehicle do you offer for Great Wall tour?

Beijingservice arrange private 5 seats car for 1 or 2 travelers, such as Red Flag or Passat, private 9 seats van for 3 to 6 travelers, 22 seats mini-bus for 7 to 15 travelers. When all 5 seats car engaged out, we will arrange 7 or 9 seats van for 1 or 2 travelers at the same price with Red Flag. For Great Wall bus tour, we will arrange 22 seats mini-bus, you will share the same bus with other English speaking travelers.

Great Wall tour question pic Do you include shopping stop in tour itinerary?

Beijingservice offers both shopping tour and non-shopping Great Wall tour. Travelers may choose normal shopping tour or non-shopping private tour according to need. If you take bus tour, shopping stops will be included, but no press on buying.

Great Wall tour question pic Is it hard or dangerous to walk on Great Wall?

Some part of Great Wall is steep, but it is not dangerous. You may talk about with our tour advisor when make reservation, we will suggest which part of Great Wall to visit. And you may decide how long to walk on the wall.

Please let us know the Great Wall tour Beijingservice can arrange.
Beijingservide service can arrange tour to all parts of Great Wall licensed by tourism bureau.
Such as : Badaling Great Wall tour, Mutianyu Great Wall tour, Jinshanling Great Wall tour, Gubeikou Great Wall tour, Juyongguan Great Wall tour, Shixiaguan Great Wall tour, Shuiguan Great Wall tour, Huanghuacheng Great Wall tour, Simatai Grat Wall tour.

Great Wall tour question pic Is bottle water available for Great Wall tour?

Yes, we have bottle water on each vehicle for travelers. And you may find small shopping store near the entrance of Great Wall, travelers may buy bottle water. When you take Great Wall hiking tour from Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Great Wall, there will be some local people to sell bottle water. Most of them are friendly and helpful, and you may buy some water from them.

Great Wall tour question pic Do you suggest us to use cable car when take Great Wall tour?

If you are healthy adult, cable car is not suggested, unless you travel with child or elders. It is more interesting to climb sometime before meeting with Great Wall.  

Great Wall tour question pic When we take private Great Wall tour, will the tour guide stay all the way with us?

photo of  Great Wall tourUsually, the tour guide will introduce the history and construction of Great Wall before reaching the Great Wall, and then walk with you at the beginning of Great Wall tour. Then you may enjoy the wall with your family or friend. Tour guide will wait you till you enjoyed the wall at named time and place.

Great Wall tour question pic Can we start a Great Wall tour from hotel in Beijing and end the tour in airport?

Yes, it is possible. Please take the luggage with you when you check out hotel. Our driver and vehicle will transfer you to airport after the tour. Beijingservice team offer many Great Wall tour routes start or end in airport.

Great Wall tour question pic We need a one day walking tour on Badaling Great Wall, can you arrange this tour?

Yes, Beijingservice offer this one day Badaling Great Wall one day tour. We suggest you to take some lunch box and have you lunch on Great Wall. Please contact our tour advisor for further details.