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Discover the fact of Great Wall tour in China

Great Wall is more of the Greatest wonders of China. All travelers to China will not skip this attractions. Badaling Great Wall photoBeijingservice team did some research based on the Great Wall tour data of past travelers.

Hope this is helpul for travelers to decide which city to start Great Wall, and what kind of tour to take.  And this article also include some ideas of Beijingservice team on the visiting of Great Wall.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Service covered in Great Wall Tour

Most Great Wall tour covers vehicle, guide, admission fee of Great Wall, lunch, parking, fuel, and express way fee.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Cities available to take Great Wall Tour within one day

Beijing, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe, Datong, Taiyuan, Chengde, Jinan, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Dandong. If you are on a trip of these cities, then it is possible to take a Great Wall Tour within one day.    Among these cities, Beijing is the most convenient place to visit Great Wall. Most part of Great Wall are available on the page of Beijing one day tour.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Great Wall sections favored by travelers

Mutianyu Great Wall photo99.9% of travelers choose to visit Great Wall start from Beijing. Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall and Jinshanling Great Wall are loved by most travelers.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Time Spend on Great Wall.

Most travelers prefer to stay on Great Wall and take a simple walk on the Wall for about two hours. 10% of travelers prefer to take a Great Wall Hiking tour, which last for around 4 to 5 hours. 5% of travelers prefer to stay in a hotel near Great Wall to enjoy the Sunsetting and Sunrising on Great Wall.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Best Season of Great Wall tour

April, May, September, October are the best season, not very hot and not very cold. But it is also very interesting when the Great Wall covered by snow.

Great Wall Tour Research pic The most interesting part of Great Wall

It is hard to say which part of wall is more interesting. Each part of Great Wall has its own charming.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Private tour and bus tour

Mutianyu Great Wall one day tour70% of our clients choose private tour to visit Great Wall. 30% of travelers prefer to join in a tour bus. With private tour´╝î travelers may talk with tour guide about the visiting time, speed, food and even the departure time. Great Wall bus tour is only available in Beijing. Take Great Wall bus tour, travelers share the tour bus and guide with other English speaking travelers. Travelers can not change anything on bus tour.   Bus tour is less expensive. We suggest Great Wall private tour if the cost is within you budget.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Accommodation near Great Wall

3 to 5 star hotels are available at some sections of Great Wall. Travelers may make reservation before tour date. Part of hotels offers clean and safe room, and part of hotel offers excellent service. But please do not expect the hotel can compare with hotel in downtown Hotel. Jinshanling Great Wall is a good place to stay overnight.  The admission permit the travelers to board the Great Wall again on next day. 

Great Wall Tour Research pic Cable car of Great Wall

Most Great Wall offers cable car, which make it possible for elder or children to visit Great Wall easily. We do not suggest healthy adult to use cable car, it is more interesting to take a climbing before seeing the Great Wall.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Vehicle to Great Wall

The road to Great Wall is very good now. So the sedan or van are enough to transfer you between City and Great Wall.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Tour guide to Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall one day tourA tour guide is very helpful when you visit Great Wall, to communicate you with driver, restaurant and ticket office of attractions. Tour guide will introduce the Great Wall on the way to Great Wall. And will introduce the Great Wall at the beginning of the Visit. Then travelers may visit Great Wall on their own, tour guide will wait till travelers come back.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Food of Great Wall Tour

There are restaurants near the most visited sections of Great Wall, such as Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall.But there is very few restaurant near other part of Great Wall. We suggest you to take lunch box or sandwitch if you travel on yourself. It is convenient and will save you money and time. The lunch will be arranged in restaurant near Great Wall if you take a Great Wall tour with travel agent. The service and flavor can not compare with the restaurant in downtown. Part of travelers needs to have vegetable lunch, it is possible to arrange. Please inform your tour advisor when you book the tour.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Crowded Great Wall and Quiet Great Wall

Gubeikou Great Wall photoMost of travelers start the Great Wall tour from Beijing, because there are some many sections of Wall near this city. It is crowded at the most popular sections, such as the Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall. Actually this is not the completely correct. Yes, it is crowded on the north section of Badaling Great Wall because there is cable care on this end and most people think this part of Great Wall is more grand. Actually it is the best place to enjoy the grand of north end when you walk on the south part of wall. And it is very beautiful, the most important is the south end is not so crowded. Yes, there is no cable car on south end. Travelers need to board the Great Wall by foot. Personally, i think it is more interesting when you step on the Great Wall by foot. And you will find the amazing scenery of the wall if you walk further on the Great Wall.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Great Wall tour start from Airport

Part of travelers have limited time in one city of China. So we are often asked, whether it is possible to take a Great Wall tour from airport. The answer is yes. The Great Wall tour is possible to start from the airport of Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Dunhuang, Jinan. For the time being, Beijingservice team offers Great Wall tour start from airport of Beijing. Tour guide and vehicle will meet you in airport and then drive to visit the Great Wall. Then you will be transferred to airport or hotel in downtown.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Great Wall tour star from Xingang port

More and more travelers choose the cruise ship to travel the world. It is a good choice to visit Great Wall when the ship dock at Tianjin Xingang Port. We suggest travelers to visit Juyongguang Great Wall, Shuiguan Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall or Huangyaguan Great Wall. These sections of Great Wall is closed to Beijing city, and there is expressway on the way there. Only one section of Great Wall is possible when you need to be transferred back to Xingang Port on tour date, because it is around 200 km and around 4 hours to drive back to Xingang Pier, and no one can control the traffic condition on the way. So most travel agent departure from Great Wall after lunch. Don't complain with tour guide and driver, they just want you to catch the ship in time.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Weather of Great Wall tour

Are you worried about the weather when you take Great Wall? Such as how should i do if there is snow or rain on Great Wall? Is it very cold or hot on Great Wall? My answer is, stay relax and don't worry for this. Great Wall is proud for the beauty of many aspects. You may find different faces of Great Wall when it is sunny, cloudy, rainy or covered with snow. Just enjoy the aspect of Great Wall fall crossed with you.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Wild Great Wall

Wild Great Wall refers to the Great Wall not opened to travelers. Part of travelers prefer to walk on wild Great Wall, which seems an adventure. We do not suggest travelers to visit wild sections of Great Wall because this kind of Great Wall is not in good condition, some stone or bricks got loosed. And part of wall have risk of landslide.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Camping on Great Wall.

It is not permitted to camp on Great Wall.  Many travelers choose to take Jinshanling Great Wall tour and stay one night in a hotel at the foot of Great Wall.

Great Wall Tour Research pic Regular travelers of Great Wall.

Part of travelers visit many sections of Great Wall of China. They will choose a new section of Great Wall to visit when they come to China again. It is quite different wall when you visit it in different city. Each part of Great Wall has its own charming.

by Jasper
of Beijingservice team
in Beijing