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Yangshuo Town

  • Yangshuo is a country of Guilin City. Surrounded by karst peaks, winding rivers and amazing caves, the natural landscape in Yangshuo is the highlight of Li River. There are many attractions in this one-thousand-year-old country. Yangshuo was listed on "the top of China Most Beautiful County" in 2014.


  • ID : 59
  • City : Guilin
  • English name : Yangshuo
  • Chinese name : 阳朔
  • Type : Ancient Town,
  • Level : easy
  • Kids : Suggested
  • Elders: Suggested
  • Best season : Spring, Summer and Autumn
  • Visiting length : 1-2 days
  • Distance to city center : 70 km

Introduction of Yangshuo

  • Yangshuo is a country of Guilin City, 65 kilometers from south of Guilin. Surrounded by karst peaks, winding rivers and amazing caves, the natural landscape in Yangshuo is the highlight of Li River. It has a reputation as a foreigners’ village in Southern China and very popular among foreign and Chinese tourists. There are many attractions in this one-thousand-year-old country. Yangshuo was listed on "the top of China Most Beautiful County" in 2014. Each year, more than hundreds of thousands of overseas tourists come Yangshuo for sightseeing and leisure. They lived for a few days, ten days, a few months, a year, even several years, and some of them even married and started business in Yangshuo West Street.

Photo of Yangshuo

  • The photo covers Yulong River, bridge, local hill and rafting along Yulong Rivre near Yangshuo.
  • Yangshuo photo

Highlights of visiting Yangshuo

    West Street, Moon Hill, Yulong River

Helper to visit Yangshuo

  • Address in English : Yangshuo Country, Guilin, China
  • Address in Chinese : 广西壮族自治区桂林
  • Tel : Null
  • Post code : 541900
  • Ticket time : All time
  • Open time : All time
  • Closing time : Null
  • Location : Yangshuo is around 70 km to downtown Guilin


    There is direct trains from Guilin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Most tourists will go to Yangshuo from Guilin by cruise, train or bus.
  • Private car is the best method to visit Yangshuo with local tour operator.


  • high season : 0 RMB/person.
  • shoulder season : 0 RMB/person.
  • low season : 0 RMB/person.
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Yangshuo Tour

Please send us an email if you can not find Yangshuo tour you need on this page. We can tailor a private trip to Yangshuo.

Hotel near Yangshuo

  • 5 star/duluxe hotel
  • Yangshuo Greenlotus Hotel
  • Kayumanis Yangshuo
  • Yangshuo Resort Hotel
  • Han Tang Xin Ge Hotel (Yangshuo Shili Gallery)
  • Yangshuo Moondance Hotel
  • 4 star/superior hotel
  • Yangshuo Elite Garden Hotel
  • Yangshuo New Century Hotel
  • Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
  • Secret Garden
  • 3 star/comfort hotel
  • Aiyuan Hote
  • Yangshuo Tea Cozy
  • New West Street Hotel
  • Days Hotel Yangshuo
  • Main Attractions in Yangshuo
  • West Street With a history of more than 1,400 years, West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo. It is a typical example of a southern China street with 517 meters long and 8 meters wide. There are many western or eastern bars, restaurants, Internet cafes, shops, hotels, snack counters, souvenir booths, art crafts stores on the West Street; some of them were opened by foreigners who have settled here. It is a good place to spend nightlife for visitors.
  • Moon Hill Moon Hill is one of the famous scenic spots in Yanghsuo. It is named because there is a round through moon shaped cave on the upper part of hill. You may also climb 890 steps up to the Hill to see the beautiful scenery.
  • Ancient Banyan Tree Park Ancient Banyan Tree Park is a park near Yanshuo town with an ancient Banyan Tree. With 17 meters high, covering an area of 1000 square meters, the tree has an age of more than 1,500 years. It has beautifully twisted roots and gnarled branches. Gorilla Mountain, Water Lion Rock and Camel Peak are also around the Ancient Banyan Tree Park area.
  • Yulong River Yulong River is the biggest branch of the Li River in Yangshuo, also called "small Li River" because of its beautiful nature scene. Yulong Bridge on the Yulong River was built in 1412 of Ming Dynasty. It is a single-arched stone bridge with a length of 36 meters, a width of 4.2 meters and a height of 9 meters. With strong ethnic characters, Yulong Bridge is in a simple style.
  • Yangshuo Garden Covering an area of 23 hectares, Yangshuo Garden is a garden with nature mountains and rivers. There are one stream, one pool, three mountains and four caves in the garden. Climbing up the mountain, visitors will have a panoramic view of West Street and Yanshuo Town.
  • Shangri-La Theme Park Shangri-La Theme Park is built according to the theme of an ideal world, which showing us a picturesque landscape of ancient bridge, clear water, green fields and ancient village of some minority groups of north Guangxi, such as Miao, Zhang, Yao and Dong. Visitors can take a boat cruise to enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty along the water or personally experience traditional culture and entertainments.
  • Fuli Village 8 km from east of Yangshuo County and with a history of 1000 years, Fuli Village is an old town on the east bank of the Li River. Fuli Wharf was an important wharf of the Li River in ancient China. Many traditional houses, pagodas and temples are reserved completely. Kuixing Tower is still an important gate to this ancient town. Fuli town is famous besides, the paper fan of this town has its unique style.
  • Xingping Ancient Town 25km from Yangshuo Country, Xingping Ancient Town was the largest ancient town along the Li River. The town was first built 1700 years ago. Surrounded by charming nature scenery, the traditional architectures of Ming Dynasty are mostly well-preserved at Xingping Ancient Street and Fishing Village. The highlights of Li River Cruise, Nine-horse Fresco Hill, Yellow cloth reflection and Lotus Cave, the background picture of 20 Yuan Renminbi can be found in this area.

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    • The ways of visiting Yangshuo
    • Cruise from Yangshuo to Puyi The cruise from Yangshuo to Puyi is the downstream section of Li River. It sails from Shuidongmen Pier to Puyi. The Yangshuo water upstream route is the downstream section of Yangshuo. It sails from the Dongshui Pier in Yangshuo County to Puyi. The attractions along the way include Green Lotus Peak, Fuli Town, Shutong Hill, and so on. The cruise will last about 3 hours. The ticket is 160RMB per person.
    • Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River Bamboo Rafting is an exciting way to appreciate the beauty of Yulong River. Rafting on the Yulong River, travelers can enjoy the limestone peaks, bamboos, peaceful villages, green fields along the river, which will bring totally relaxing.
    • Bicycle Cycling is the most popular way to explore Yangshuo. The classic route is the section from Yangshuo to Moon Hill (called Ten Miles Gallery). The main attractions alone the way include Yulong River, Big Banyan Tree Park, Moon Hill and Longtan Village, etc. Riding a bike, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery, you may feel traveling in a pictorial world. You can rent a bicycle from stalls in West Street or the hotel you stay.
    • Battery Car Tourist also can rent Battery Car to enjoy the landscape of Yanghsuo. The cost of Battery Car is a little higher than bike.
    More Photo
    • Performance of Impression Liu Sanjie
    • Impression Liu Sanjie is the large-scale performance in the Li River Mountain-Water Theatre. It expresses the beautiful scenery of the Li River, the colorful culture of the ethnic groups in Guangxi and the brave imagination of the excellent artists in China. The theatre is the nature itself. The performance is changing to match up with the changeable nature. It is the first of its kind the word.
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