Guilin Attractions 

Updated: 2019-11-26

Profile of Guilin China tour

Being one of the top tourist cities, Guilin offers many tourist attractions. This tourist city offers much more than Li River Cruise and Yangshuo, which are included in normal Guilin trips. Many attractions are very interesting and rich of locla culture, but very few travelers know them. Beijingservice team designed Guilin unique tour to cover these places to offer you an unique way to discover different aspect of Guilin.

Guilin attractions type

Part of them are beautiful scenery, another part of them contains abundant Guilin local culture or history. Guilin offers more amazing attractions than you can you expect.

Photo of Guilin attractoinsCharming attractions with picturesque scenery covers: Li River, Yangshuo, Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Mountain Yao, Tea Garden.

Place to know daily life: Local market, local living district, Guilin famous shopping area.

Guilin attractions include Chinese culture and history: Jingjiang Palace, Jingjiang Tomb, Ling Canal.

Guilin attractions offers ethnic culture: Zhuang village, Yao Village, Sanjiang area.
Please to know wild Guilin: Ziyuan, Mt.Maoer, Shilipingtan,
Many Guilin attractions are included in the Guilin package tour and Guilin one day tour, please visit the page to see how to discover them.

Name of Guilin popular attractions

Ling Canal, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River, Yangshuo West Street, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Jingjiang Palace, Duxiu Peak, Two Rivers and Four lakes, Seven Star Park, Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, Local Village, Yulong River, Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, Zhuang Ethnic Village, Sanjiang Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang Drum Tower, Sanjiang Dong Village.

Guilin attractions map

Beijingservice team list top attractions in Guilin and surrounding area. It is helpful when you plan you trip.

Brief introduction of top Guilin attractions

Ling Canal
Chinese name: 灵渠
Admission fee: 40 RMB/person
With more than 2200 years history, Ling Canal is one of the oldest artificial waterways in
the world. It is still used today as an important role in irrigation and irrigates 2700 hectare of agricultural lands. The beautiful scenery and cultural relics worth to visit.

Elephant Trunk Hill Photo of Guilin attraction
Chinese name: 象鼻山
Admission fee: 50 RMB/person
Located on the western bank of Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. The shape of the hill is just like a huge elephant drinking water from the river with its trunk. There is a Water-Moon Cave between the trunk and the legs. Through the arch, the reflection of the moon can be seen at night, which looks like a full moon floating on the surface of the water.

Fubo Hill
Chinese name: 伏波山.
Admission fee: 21 RMB/person
Located at northeast of Guilin by the Li River, Fubo Hill is one of the wonderful scenic spots in Guilin. There are lots of rock stone carvings and Buddha statues from Tang Dynasty on the hill. From the summit you may have a bird's-eye view of Guilin city.

Diecai Hill
Chinese name: 叠彩山
Admission fee: 25 RMB/person
Located on the bank of Li River and northeast of Guilin City, Diecai Hill is known for its amazing scenery and stone carvings. The main attractions of Diecai Hill include Diecai Pavilion, Wind Cave and Bright Moon Peak. From the summit of Bright Moon Peak, you may have a bird's-eye view of whole Guilin city.

Ruins of American Flying Tiger Team / Memorial Park of American Flying Tiger Team
Chinese name: 桂林飞虎队遗址
Admission fee: 00 RMB/person
The Flying Tiger is an all-volunteer pilot corps recruited from the United States Army Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps during the second world war(1941-1945). They transported supplies and soliders to support Chinese. The memorial park was built on the site of the former Yangtang airport, which was built by the locals and the US volunteers in 1942 under dangerous conditions. The park includes a memorial hall, the Monument and Relief Wall of Heroes during the period of Anti-Japanese War, the sculptures of Flying Tiger Team, a cave command post and aircraft shelters, etc.

Seven Star Park
Chinese name: 七星公园.
Admission fee: 45 RMB/person
Located at the east bank of Li River, Seven Star Park is the biggest comprehensive park in Guilin. The seven peaks in the park resemble the form of the Big Dipper constellation. Attractions in the park include Flower Bridge, Putuo Mountain, Seven Stars Cave, Camel Hill, Crescent Mountain, and Guihai Stele Forest, etc.

Reed Flute Cave
Chinese name: 芦笛岩
Admission fee: 60 RMB/person
Reed Flute Cave is a brilliant cave known as "the Palace of Natural Arts". It is a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition in this water-eroded cave. The stones in the cave shows in many different ways.

Jingjiang Princes Mansion
Chinese name: 靖江王城
Admission fee: 50 RMB/person
Tel: 0773-2803149
With a history of 630 years, City of Jingjiang King was built in Ming Dynasty as a palace for grandson of Ming Emperor Zhu Yangzhang and took 20 years to complete. It was used to be the Guangxi Examination House in Qing Dynasty. The Douxiu Peak is in the palace.

Cormorant Fishing
Chinese name: 鱼鹰抓鱼
Admission fee: 30 RMB/person
Cormorant is a diving aquatic bird. The fisherman lived on the bank of Li River has used well-trained cormorant to catch fish for centuries. They tie a snare near the base of the bird's throat to prevent the birds from swallowing larger fish. After a cormorant catch any fish, it will swim back to the boat and show off to the fisherman. Now Cormorant Fishing is done as a performance for travelers.

Li River Cruise
Chinese name: 船游漓江
Admission fee:
245 RMB/person for normal ship,
450 RMB/person for deluxe ship.
Li River is the biggest and the most beautiful Karst landscape. With its breathtaking scenery, the scenery along the Li River become one of China's top tourist destinations. Taking a cruise over the river, You will enjoy the picturesque mountains, peaceful green fields, farms and villages with water buffalo, cows wondering around on both sides of the river bank.

Dreams on Water / Cruise on Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Chinese name: 船游两江四湖
Admission fee: 180 RMB/person for evening cruise;  60 RMB/person for cruise during daytime; 
Two rivers and Four lakes offers a quite beautiful night view. Many lanterns and lights are lit and music fountains in the lakes start to entertain the public. Take a cruise on the water, you will enjoy a very beautiful view along the rivers and lakes. The cruise lasts one to two hours.

Daxu Ancient Town
Chinese name: 大圩古镇
Admission fee: 20 RMB/person
Daxu Ancient Town is located at the east bank of the Li River, with a history of 200 years. Well preserved traditional Chinese architectures stand on the both sides of stone-paved streets. Many old handicrafts, like bamboo-weaving, grass shoes, traditional funeral articles, are still remained. The attractions in the town include Longevity Bridge, century-old dock and Seven Stars Tombs.

Moon Hill
Chinese name: 月亮山
Admission fee: 10 RMB/person
Moon Hill is one of the famous scenic spots in Yanghsuo. It is named because there is a round through moon shaped cave on the upper part of hill. You may also climb 890 steps up to the Hill to see the beautiful scenery.

Ancient Banyan Tree Park
Chinese name: 大榕树景区
Admission fee: 15 RMB/person
Ancient Banyan Tree Park is a park near Yanshuo town with an ancient Banyan Tree. With 17 meters high, covering an area of 1000 square meters, the tree has an age of more than 1,500 years. It has beautifully twisted roots and gnarled branches. Gorilla Mountain, Water Lion Rock and Camel Peak are also around the Ancient Banyan Tree Park area.

West Street
Chinese name: 阳朔西街:
Admission fee: 0 RMB/person
With a history of more than 1,400 years, West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo. It is a typical example of a southern China street with 517 meters long and 8 meters wide. there are many western or eastern bars, restaurants, Internet cafes, shops, hotels, snack counters, souvenir booths, art crafts stores on the West Street, some of them were opened by foreigners who have settled here. It is a good place to spend a nightlife for visitors.

Sanjiang Drum Tower
Chinese name: 三江鼓楼
Admission fee: 15 RMB/person
Drum Tower is the symble and soul of Dong ethnic villages. It is the wooden structure without any nails or rivets. The floors of this kind of architecture are from a few ones to dozens of ones variously. The whole shape looks like a a pagoda. With a height of 42.6 meters, Sanjiang Drum Tower is the first tower of Dong ethnic. It is a 27-floor building and supported by 60 pillars with a floor space of 600 square meters.

Sanjiang Wind & Rain Bridge
Chinese name: 三江风雨桥
Admission fee: 0 RMB/person
Located on the Xunjiang River of Sanjiang Country, Sanjiang Wind and rain bridge is a crescent - shaped single arch bridge built in 2010. The bridge combining reinforced concrete and wood structure in architecture. The bridge is 368 meters long, 16 metes wide and 18 meters at highest point. It is the largest wind and rain bridge in the world.

China Dong Town
Chinese name: 中国侗城
Admission fee: 50 RMB/person
Sanjiang Bird Nest: Located in the Guyi Town of Sanjiang Country, Sanjiang Bird Nest is a stadium featured with Dong ethnic minority for bull fighting, ethnic singing and dancing, and other recreational activities. It was buit by local craftsmen in 2009. Covering an area of 6000 square meters, Sanjiang Bird Nest is a round structure with a diameter of 80 meters and a height of 27 meters. The basic platform was buit with einforced concrete and the main structure was buit with wood. The building has similar shape to the famous Beijing Bird Nest, and here are thousands if model birds on the roof, so called Sanjiang Bird Nest.

Longji Rice Terrace
Chinese name: 龙胜龙脊梯田.
Admission fee: 105 RMB/person
Dragon's backbone. The terrace rice fields were first built in the Yuan Dynasty ( about 800 years ago). The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, with the highest place of an elevation of 885m and the lowest 380 meters. Enjoy the hiking tours around Pingan village for the wonderful views.

Zhuang and Yao Minority tribe's villages
Chinese name: 平安壮寨
Admission fee: 0 RMB/person
The village has still retains the features of costumes and life style of the ethnic Zhuang. Their houses are the traditional three-floor wooden buildings with the typical architectural style in northern Guangxi.

Merryland Theme Park
Chinese name: 乐满地
Admission fee: 120 RMB/person
Merryland Theme Park is the best amusement park in south China. Combined with modern technology and beautiful natural landscape, the Park contains five sections including Merry town, American Wild West, Dream World, Pirate Village, South Pacific area and Forest area. All the dress, food, sights, shows and entertainment facilities in each section are themed.

Guilin attractions related tips & FAQ

How many hours should we spend in each Guilin attractions ?

The time is depending on which place you will visit. Small attractions needs 20 to 40 minutes, such as the Big Banyan Tree Park. Big attractions needs 2 hours to discover. And it is different based on travelers' interest. Part of our clients spend two days and one night in the area of Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace. For normal travelers, 30 minutes to 90 minutes to each attractions is enough.

Will the tour guide escort us all the way in attractions ?

Tour guide will make a introduction before reaching the attraction. After reaching the attraction tour guide will show the highlights of each attraction and introduce the history or culture to travelers. For most of the time, tour guide will leave some free time for travelers to enjoy the attraction. This can be talked with tour guide on sightseeing date with local tour guide.

We had visited Guilin with in 2007, can you include some interesting but not so popular attractions in our Guilin trip ? Thanks for the help.

Photo of Guilin attractionThank you for contacting Beijingservice again, welcome back :) Yes, it is available. Beijingservice team designed unique Guilin tour to include some 'new' attractions of Guilin. Many of them are not so popular but they are completely worth a visit. And this kind of attractions are not so crowded, which offers a chance for travelers to visit the place with leisure space, which is the best way to discover an attraction.

Will tour guide buy admission fee of Guilin attractions for us ?

Yes, tour guide will arrange the tickets if you take the Guilin trip with us.

Hello, My wife and I are planning a visit of 4 to 6 days in Guilin in October. We are aged 70 and I use a folding manual wheelchair. I can easily transfer into a medium sized car. We are wondering if Beijingservice has experience with providing private tours for people with disability like this.

Thank you for contacting Beijingservice team. Yes, we arranged wheelchair tours for travelers in the past. Guilin is a city famous for natural scenery. Many attractions are located in the cave or on the mountain. So we arranged easy level attractions for wheelchair travelers, which make it possible to enjoy the scenery. And we will arrange this tour in loose itinerary, which will make the tour in leisure time schedule with comfort. Please let us know your arrival and departure date, then we will tailor the itinerary for you and inform you the attractions we will visit in Guili.