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Guilin Li River Cruise

boat sailing voyage from Guilin to Yangshuo

  • Guilin Li River cruise offers an unique experience combining cruising boat with beautiful scenery of Guilin to Yangshuo. The whole cruising time is around 4.5 hours. Private tour and join in tour are both available to cover the sailing.


    Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is one of the highlights of Guilin and surrounding area. It is even one of the must things when planing a trip to China. During the 4 hours sailing, the picturesque scenery along the Li River leave a pleasant memory to all travelers. Li River Cruise should not be missed when you plan a trip to Guilin.
    Li River cruise can be completed within one day, or included in a multi-days trip of Guilin and the surrounding area.

Photo of Guilin Li River Cruise

  • The Yangtze River cruise tour photo covers the image of Li River, cruise ship, local fisher, cow on river bank as well as travelers on ship.


  • There are several choice to discover the beautiful Li River and its branches. The main cruising route refers to the sailing from Zhujiang Pier of Guilin to Yangshuo Pier, which is a 4.5 hours voyage. If this is your first trip to Guilin, then the main cruise route is the best choice. All cruising routes of Li River are presented as below

    - Li River cruise from Zhujiang Pier to Yangshuo.
    - Li River cruise in downtown to enjoy the city view of Guilin during daytime.
    - Li River cruise in downtown to enjoy the evening scenery and lighting of Guilin.
    - Li River cruise tour from Yangshuo to Fuli Town.
    - Bamboo rafting along Yulong River. Yulong River is the branch of Li River, so it also can be included in Li River Cruise products.

Map of Guilin Li River Cruise

  • Li River cruise map show the main scenic points along the river, such as Caoping Town, Guanyan Cave, Yangdi Town, Mt.Xianggong, Yellow Cloth Shoal, Xingping Town and Yucun Village.
  • Guilin Li River Cruise map

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    • Time Schedule of the Cruising Day

      Whether you take a Guilin package to include a day trip of Li River cruise or just take a one day Li River cruise, the following itinerary is available to be applied on the cruising day.

      - In the evening before the cruising day, tour guide will call your hotel room or leave you a message to inform you the accurate pick up time.
      - Tour guide will meet you in hotel lobby at appointed time, and transfer you to the cruise port to board the cruise ship on Li River.
      - Enjoy the beautiful scenery along Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo. The whole cruising time is around 3.5 to 4.5 hours based on the water condition. - Lunch is arranged on the ship.
      - Reach Yangshuo in the afternoon. Take a short visit in the small town before being transferred back to hotel in Guilin or check in the hotel in Yangshuo according to your tour itinerary.
    • Scenery Along Li River

      The following sceneries are available along the Li River from north to south:
      Huangniu Gorge, Caoping, Husband Waiting Rock, Liujiabao, Caoping Town, Guanyan Cave, Banbiandu, Shuiyantou, Langshi, Quanjiazhou, Hongsanjiao, Scenery of Xialong, Laochuntou, Lengshui, Mt.Xianggongshan, Yellow Cloth Shoal, Xingping Town, Liandaowan, Mt.Luoshi, Yucun Village, Pubutang, Jietourzhou, Gaozhou Village, Muqiaotou, Yueliangzhou, Gucuotang, Shuangtan, Mt.Longtou.

      It is not available to disembark. Your tour guide will introduce the interesting places when the ship cruise by. Part of above places is not so obvious, and part of them are not available to be found on ship.

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      Li River Cruise Knowledge

    • Start place of Li River Cruise
      The whole Li River start from Mt.Maoer in the north, end in the country of Pingle.
      Li River cruise the most beautiful section of the river, which start from Zhujiang Pier around 25 km southeast of Guilin city.
      Travelers needs to be transferred from hotel in Guilin and reach Zhujiang Pier on the morning to catch the cruise.
    • Transfer from Guilin to Pier before Cruising
      The transfer from Guilin downtown hotel to Zhujiang Pier is included in most Guilin package tours.
      If you are on a free and easy trip, we suggest you to book a private transfer from tour operator.
      The transfer takes around 50 to 60 minutes if the traffic is fine.
      Forget the public transfer, because the public bus takes you around 2.5 hours to reach Zhujiang Pier.
      Not all taxi would like to do this transfer, because they need to drive a empty vehicle back to Guilin. It takes sometime to find a taxi especially during rush hour.
    • Cruising Time Length
      The cruise on Li River takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours. The time changed a little according to season and weather.
    • End place of the Li River Cruise
      The Li River Cruise end at the Yangshuo Pier, which is also named 'Yangshuo Shuidongmen Pier', which means East Water Gate of Yangshuo. The pier is not far from Yangshuo West Street. It is very easy for travelers to discover the street after disembarking. Batter car is available if you take luggage to Yangshuo.
    • Best season of Li River Cruise
      April to November is the best season to take a cruising tour along Li River. The mountain is in fresh green and there is enough water in the river to show you the charming scenery of this top attraction in Guilin area.
      But no need to worry if you have to take Li River Cruise in December, January, February and March, you will find another kind of beauty of Li River.
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