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Guilin Package Tour

packaged sightseeing trip of Guilin

  • Being a worry-free product, Guilin package tour covers most service providers in the sightseeing trip of Guilin, which make this packaged product popular when travelers plan their first trip to Guilin.


    Guilin package tour refers to to sightseeing trip of Guilin covering most service providers, such as vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, meal, hotel and even the parking cost and fuel.
    The packaged tour of Guilin is the most convenient and easiest way to discover Guilin and the surrounding towns or villages. While other traveler is busying on selecting a hotel, tour guide or restaurant, you may just sit back and enjoy your time in this beautiful city in south China; your tour advisor and local experts took good care of all tour itinerary details based on experience more than 15 years.

    Guilin package tour covers both private and join in package. But private packages are the main products in Guilin.

Photo of Guilin Package Tour

  • Guilin package tour photo covers images of Li River Cruise, Longsheng Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace, Elephant Hill, vehicle and restaurant covered in packed trip.


  • The popular destinations in packaged Guilin tour covers downtown Guilin, Li River Ceruise, Yanshuo, Longsheng Longji(Dragon BackboneRice Terrace), XiangAn(Ling Canal) and Sanjiang (Ethic Villages and Buildings).

    Most Guilin package tour routes spend 2 to 5 days to discovers Guilin or together with the surrounding area.
    If you only want to visit downtown Guilin, then a 2 days package tour is enough.
    Three days package may covers downtown Guilin, Li River Cruise as well as a short visit of Yangshuo.
    Four days Guilin tour may covers one night in Yangshuo or add Longsheng Longji (Dragon Backbone) Rice Terrace.
    Extra two days is needed when you prefer to include ethnic Sanjiang in your package.


  • Local operating team with abundant experience over 15 years,
  • High quality service providers selected by local expert,
  • No shopping stop included in the package of Guilin,
  • No commission to other organization leads to reasoable price,
  • Convenient payment method,

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    Guilin Package Tour Tips

    • Guilin scenery of Winter can not compare with other season, but the price in low season is the best;
    • It is a good idea to include one night at Yangshuo in you Guilin package trip, then you have enough time to take a waling or biking in the beautiful village near Yangshuo.
    • Sanjiang is a little far from Guilin, Longsheng is on the way there. We suggest you to visit Longsheng Rice Rerrace on the first day and then visit Sanjiang on the second day.
    • Dongxixiang Street and cruising on Two Rivers & Four Lakes are suggested as evening activity after the daytime sightseeing with our package trip.
    • Top Attractions of Guilin Package Tour

      Downtown Guilin: Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Jingjiang City, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Seven Start Park.
      Li River: Cruise on Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo.
      Yangshuo County: West Street, Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill; Walking or biking trip to Jiuxian or other villages in the area. Rafting on Yulong River is a good idea.
      Longsheng County: Village of Ethic Zhuang, Longji (Dragon Backbone) Rice Terrace,
      Sanjiang County: Wind and Rain Bridge (Fengyu Qiao), Dong City, Drum Tower, Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Gaoding Village, Mapang Drum Tower.
      XingAn County: Ling Canal, Water Street, Local Village
    • Start and end place of Guilin package tour

      Most Guilin packaged trip start from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. Our Guilin local driver will catch a paper with travelers name. After the tour, travelers will be transferred back to same airport.

      It is available if travelers prefer to start and end the package from train station, hotel or apartment in Guilin. Please send us detailed address upon making reservation.

    Guilin Package Tour Note

    • The flight of Guilin is limited, please arrange arrival and departure flight for your Guilin package trip in advance,
    • Guilin is located in south China, only few trains connect Guilin with other big cities,
    • Accommodation can be arranged in downtown Guilin, Yangshuo, XiangAn, Longsheng or Sanjing,
    • The bamboo rafting in Li River is available, but we do not suggest it, only ship cruising is included in our packaged trip from Guilin to Yangshuo. Bamboo Rafting is suggested in Yulong River of Yangshuo.

    Guilin Package Tour FAQ

  • How long time shall we plan a package tour to Guilin ?
    Travelers may plan the Guilin trip 3 weeks to 3 month in advance if you prefer the package covers hotel and flights. 2 to 4 weeks in advance if you only need land service. The time is only for normal time. Please contact tour advisor as early as possible when you need a packaged tour during public holiday.
  • Is it possible to stay overnight in Yangshuo, Longsheng Sanjiang and Guilin downtown in our package ?
    Yes, it is possible. All these places are available to stay overnight. There are both standard tourism hotels as well as local hostels available. And the local hostel is in or closed to attraction. For example, many travelers prefer to stay in a hostel on top of Longji (Dragon Backbone ) Rice Terrace in Longsheng.
  • Is it possible to pay the packaged trip in cash ? How and where to pay the cash ?
    Yes, it is possible after your tour confirmed and your deposit received before tour date. The cash can be paid to our tour guide or our Guilin office staff on your first day of your packaged trip.
    • Theme of private package tour in Guilin

      Private vehicle is the best method to discover the beauty of Gulin. Walking, biking or rafting tour can be included in Guilin package to make the package more interesting. For example, take a biking tour in villages near Yangshuo and try the bamboo rafting on Yulong River make travelers touch the beauty with no distance.

      Besides the beautiful scenery, Gunlin is abundant with tourism resource, which focused on culture, history, suburb, village, leisure and folk art. The colorful tourism resource make it easy to design an unique package tour for travelers of family, seniors, child, woman, young adult, company, etc.

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