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Guilin Private Tour

visit Guilin with private guide and vehicle

  • Guilin private tour provides exclusive vehicle, private driver, private tour guide, separate table for meal and admission fee. Flexiblity and high quality service is the character of this private product.


    Guilin private tour refers to Guilin tour products includes private vehicle, driver and private tour guide.
    Travelers may tailor the tour itinerary before reservation. It is also available to talk about flavor of meal, visiting speed or sequence with tour guide during the visiting.

    Guilin private tour, especially Guilin private package tour, is the best way to discover Guilin and the surrounding area.

Photo of Guilin Private Tour

  • Guilin private tour photo covers the image of private vehicle, vehicle seats, seats in ship, 4 star Li River Cruise ship, staff on ship as well as the scenery of Li River near Mt.Xianggongshan.


  • Guilin local private vehicle, private driver, tour guide, attractions, nice local restaurant, well-selected hotels work together and organized by Guilin local tour operator; then a Guili private tour routes is presented in front of travelers. It presents the highest level travel service to each clients to Guilin.

    Pirvate Guilin trip is proud of privacy and flexibility, which make this product favored by business, organization, closely friends or family travelers.


  • Guilin local operating team with abundant experience since 2005,
  • Good relation with local private service providers in Guilin,
  • Possibility to tailor the itinerary based on your request and flexibility in traveling, include pick up time, visiting speed, food flavor, etc.

  • Real travelers' feed back form after traveling with Guilin private products,
  • No shopping stop, use all time for the sightseeing in the beautiful city,
  • No commission to other party, which makes every penny spent on travelers,

Map of Guilin Private Tour

  • Guilin private tour map covers the popular private tour area in green as well as unique private tour area in blue.
  • Guilin Private Tour map

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    Guilin Private Tour Tips

    • Stay one night in Yangshuo is suggested, which permit your leisure walking or biking experience in the quiet village or a bamboo rafting along Yulong River near yangshuo.
    • Cooking tranning, family visit, biking rental can be added on a private tour in Guilin or Yangshuo.
    • There are several kinds of ship from Guilin to Yangshuo. We suggest 4 star ship with buffet lunch onboard.
    • The cruising on Two Rivers and Four Lakes are available during daying and evening. Daytime cruising is less expensive.
    • The battery car is available from Yangshuo Cruise Pier to Parking lot.
    • Fishing Cormorant can be added in Yangshuo private tour.
    • It is available to take boxed meal from Guilin. Please inform your tour advisor when necessary.
    • Classic Itinerary for 1st Private Trip to Guilin

      The following itinerary is often used by travelers when they plan first private visit to Guilin. Most popular attractions are included.

      Day 1. Reach Guilin, be met by exclusive vehicle and private tour guide. Half day tour to vsit Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Hill if time permit. Overnight in Guilin.
      Day 2. Private Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. Short visit of Yangshuo. Overnight in Yangshuo near West Street.
      Day 3. This is a private sightseeing day of Yangshuo, we will take a biking tour to visit quiet village as well as the Yulong River before transferring back to Guilin.
      Day 4. Private one day tour to discover Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace in Longsheng. Drive back to Guilin.
      Day 5. Be met by private guide and vehicle from hotel and transferred to airport for departure.

      Ling Canal in XingAn County and Ethnic Village in Sanjiang are also interesting, which needs extra two days to cover them.
    • Region

      The following regions of Guilin is available to be Covered by Private Tours.

      Downtown Guilin : Available to be covered by all tours. Elephant Hill and Reed Flute Cave should never be skiped.
      Suburb closed to downtown : : Such as Mt.Yao, Daxu Ancient Town, Haiyang County, Gudong Forest and Waterfall, Guanyan Cave, Xingping Town, etc.
      Li River Cruise : : We will arrange a 4 star cruise ship covers buffet lunch on-board. Available in all tours of Guilin.
      Yangshuo : : Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, Yulong River, local village.
      Longsheng : : The main attractions covers Longji ( Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace ) and Village of Ethnic Zhuang.
      Sanjiang : : This is the best place to touch culture and custom of Ethnic Dong. Wind and Rain Bridge and Drum Tower is quiet different with other places. This area is only available by private vehicle and guide.
      XiangAn : : Ling Canal, Water Street and local village are available by private tour.
      Yanshan District : Weijiadu Ancient Village, Xiahan Village. Only available to be covered by private trip.
      Lipu : Yinzi Cave, Fengyu Cave. Located south of Yangshuo, this area is only available to be visited by private car after Guilin and Yangshuo trip.
      Pingle County : Rongjin Ancient Town, Chetian Stone Forest. Located southeast of Yangshuo, this county is only available to be covered by private trip.
      Ziyuan County : Mt.Bajiaozhai, Mt.Maoer, River Wupai, Shilipingtan. This is an excellent place for hiking trip, only available to be covered by private trip start from Guilin.
      Guanyang : Qianjiadong National Nature Reserve, Wenshi Stone Forest, Yueling Ancient Town. This is a good place for hard level hiking start from Dupangling and end at Dajiangyuan, lasting more than three days. The sightseeing of Guanyang is only available by private tour star from Guilin.

    Guilin Private Tour Note

    • Picking up tea experience and tea tasting in Guilin tea planatation is belongs to a shopping place, so this is not included in a Guilin private tour anymore, unless upon request.
    • If possible, please avoid visiting Guilin from middle to early February, because the scenery is not so good as other season. For sure, the price is better than other season.
    • Li River is only available one way from Guilin to Yangshuo direction; not available for Yangshuo to Guilin, although this is a private tour.
    • Longsheng is not far from Guilin, but the zigzag road takes more time to reach the Rice Terrace.
    • Biking tour or hiking tour is suggested in quiet village based on private trip, but not recommended along main road because of the safe reason.
    • Guilin private tour cost is higher than join in group tour, but it worth the money.
    • Three star cruise ship provides boxed lunch on-board.
    • After we park the private car in the parkinglot , it still needs a light hiking before reach hostel if you prefer to stay overnight on top of Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace.

    Guilin Private Tour FAQ

  • This is a private tour, can we have a small private boat on Li River and stop wherever we want, it sounds more interesting ?
    The small boat or bamboo are available on Li River, but we completely do not suggest it because of safe reason, especially when big ship passing by. We always arrange big ship on Li River cruise to secure the trip is safe and comfortable. If you are very interested in Bamboo Rafting or small boat, we can arrange it on a quiet Yulong river near Yangshuo.
  • Shall we take a stop on the way when take cruising from Guilin to Yangshuo. The ship will not stop before reaching Yangshuo. The scenery can only be enjoyed on ship during the 4.5 hours cruising. Travelers may visit the village near Yangshuo after disembark, the scenery is better.
  • Can we book hotel on your own when we take private tour with you ? How much should we cut down the cost ? Yes, it is possible, please reduce the single supplement, then you got a price of private trip without accommodation.
    • Theme

      Except popular private day tour, half day tour and private package tour, Beijingservice team also offers unique designed private theme tour, which make the privte trip of Guilin more interesting and colorful.

      The usual theme covers family, kids, culture, history, village, leisure, hiking, cruise, spring, autumn, golf, photography. If you can not find a private tour you need, please contact our Guilin tour advisor, we will tailor a private tour for you.
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