Guilin Unique Tour 

Travel Guilin with uniquely designed tour routes

Updated: 2019-11-26

Profile of Guilin unique tour

Photo of Guilin unique tourGuilin unique tour refers to the tour products uniquely designed by Beijingservice team. The unique covers both classic attractions and newly discovered interesting places. Most of the unique places have few travelers but worth a visit. Travel with Guilin unique tour, you will find it is the best way to discover Guilin in depth.

Why choose Guilin unique tour

Guilin unique tour is designed by Beijingservice team based on abundant Guilin local travel and operating experience. There are many unpopular attractions in Guilin, part of them are interesting, abundant with local culture. And this kind of unique attractions are not so crowded as popular places, even there are only few travelers in these attractions. We add many unique attractions to help travelers to discover Guilin in depth, at the same time to make the tour interesting and comfort. This is the best way to travel a city.

Guilin unique tour routes

The following tour types are belong to Guilin unique tour:

Guilin family private tour | Guilin Culture private tour | Guilin History private tour | Guilin Child private tour | Guilin village private tour | Guilin young adult private tour | Guilin walking private tour | Guilin Celebrity private tour | Guilin Suburb private tour | Guilin downtown private tour | Guilin airport transfer

  Guilin unique tour tips and FAQ

Guilin unique tour type

Beijingservice team designed different unique tours for travelers' choice. The unique tour cover from package to one day tour, or even transfer service. We even designed some unique bus tour, which offers the unique and less expensive way to discover Guilin as well as the county or town near Guilin.

Guilin Unique tour length

Photo of Guilin unique tourBeijing unique tour star from half day short tour to 6 days complete tour in Guilin. The tour length of each day is around 8 to 9 hours.

Departure place of Unique tour in Guilin

The package tour start from train station, airport or hotel in Guilin. One day tour start from hotel in downtown Guilin. Please let us know if you prefer the tour to be started from a town or county out of Guilin.

What kind of food are you arrange in the Guilin unique trip ?

Most unique package tour in Guilin covers both breakfast and lunch. The breakfast will be arranged in your hotel. Simple lunch will be arranged near attractions or on the way there to save time for travelers. The dinner will be on travelers own arrangement, which offers a chance for travelers to discover the city on their own in the evening. Most unique one day tour only include simple lunch. Deluxe restaurant or food with local flavor is only available when there is request from travelers when make reservation.

Shall we have special arrangement on vehicle or accommodation when we choose Guilin unique tour ?

The vehicle and hotel are not different with other tours of The main difference is the attractions arranged in the itinerary. Within the unique tour, we offers the choice of 'Guilin package tour based on super deluxe accommodation' and 'Guilin unique tour based on food with local flavor'. Please choose the unique tour as you like.

We are a group of 26 people, can we take the unique tour? What kind of will be arranged ?

There is no limitation on quantity of travelers. We will arrange a 45 seats coach for your group. There is luggage trunk in the vehicle, it is big enough even you have many suitcase.

We are interested in tea platning.  Can you arrange a visiting to local tea Garden.

There is local teal garden near Guilin. We can arrange the visiting in Guilin.