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Sightseeing of Guilin and the Surrounding Area

  • Guilin tour refers to the sightseeing trip to Guilin city and the surrounding area, such as Yangshuo, Longsheng(Longji Rice Terrace), Li River, Xingan(Lingcanal), Sanjiang(Wind and Rain Bridge), Lingui etc.


    Guilin tour is well known for the green and quiet water, mysterious cave, elegant mountains as well as minority in beautiful dressing.
    Private and join in Guilin tours are both available.

    The tag of Guilin tour include Land Mark Elephant (trunk) Hill, Li River Cruise, Leisure Yangshuo, Yulong River rafting, amazing Longji (Dragon Backbone) Rice Terrace, minority of Sanjiang, one of the greatest ancient Chinese wonders - Ling Canal.

    Being a small city in south China, Guilin owns an Airport, Liangjiang International Airport, which is around 30 km west of downtown. Most Guilin tours start from and end in this airport.

Photo of Guilin Tour

  • Guilin tour photo covers the image of Elephant Hill, Longji Rice Terrace, Reed Flute Care as well as rafting along Yulong River.


    When we talk about Guilin Tour, the range goes beyond the downtown area of Guilin. Except the top attractions in Guilin city, the tour also covers the following area:

    Li River Cruise : It start from a pier southeast of Guilin city and end at the pier of Yangshuo. The scenery along the river pleased every travelers on ship.
    Yangshuo : This is a small county around 75 km southeast of Guilin. Green mountains, quiet village, gentle flowing river make Yangshuo one of the best places for a leisure holiday.
    Longsheng : : The best season of Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace tour is April to October. It is amazing to see the rice terrace along the slope of local hill.
    XiangAn : The hilights of this place is the ancient dam around 2000 years ago. It is also available to see yellow leaves in late Autumn.
    Sanjiang : : This is the best place to touch the culture of Ethnic Dong as well as the local building, such as Wind and Rain Bridge.

More Products Belongs to Guilin Tour

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  • Being a worry-free product, Guilin package tour covers most service providers in the sightseeing trip of Guilin, which make this packaged product popular when travelers plan their first trip to Guilin. see more Guilin Package Tour
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Guilin Tour Note

  • The flights connects Guilin is limited. Early planning of your Guilin trip is suggested.
  • Li River cruise is only one way ride from Guilin to Yangshuo; you will be transferred back to Guilin by car.
  • Boxed breakfast will be provided by hotel if you take early flight, please reconfirm this with hotel one day in advance.
  • Bamboo boat rafting is not suggested in Li River; But it is a good idea in Yulong River near Yangshuo because there is no big ship passing by.
  • Please inform us one month in advance if you need Germany, French, Spanish or Russia speaking tour guide in Guilin.
  • Longsheng Longji ( Dragon Backbone ) located deep in mountain, which needs around 1.5 hours' driving along mountain way, please make sure you do not have car-sick.

Map of Guilin Tour

  • Guilin tour map presents four main tourist direction, Yangshuo by Yangtze River Cruise, Ling Canal of XingAn, Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace of Longsheng, Dong Ethnic County of Sanjiang.
  • Guilin Tour map

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Guilin Tour FAQ

  • Where can you pick up travelers if we book a Guilin trip with you ?
  • We can pick up travelers from hotel, airport, train station, cruise port, apartment or even a house in Guilin. It is also available to pick up travelers from a city or town near Guilin, such as Yangshuo, Longsheng, Xingan, Sangjiang, Liuzhou, etc.
  • Whis is the best season to visit Guilin ?
  • April to October is the best season for Guilin sightseeing trip. If you want to see the yellow leaves, then it is also ok till the middle of November.
  • Can we cruise back from Yangshuo to Guilin ?
  • This is not available. Li River Cruise is only available from Guilin to Yangshuo.

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    Guilin Tour Tips

    • Guilin is in south China, most leaf is green in winter, but we still suggest you to visit Guilin from April to October, you may find the best scenery of Guilin.
    • Li River cruise port is out of Guilin city, tour guide will inform you the accurate pick up time one day in advance.
    • One night accommodation in Yangshuo is suggested if time permit; and Yuong River rafting is an good idea to enjoy the quiet beauty of yangshuo.
    • We can arrange one night accommodation in a nice hostel on top of Longri (Dragon Backbone) Rice terrace. Please take light luggage, because it needs a light hiking before reaching the hostel.
    • Sanjiang is well-known for the ethnic village and custom. Longri (Dragon Backbone) Rice terrace is located on the way to Sangjiang. It is a good idea to visit Sanjiang after a day trip of Longsheng and overnight Sanjiang.
    • North section of Guilin is an excellent place for hiking.
    • Ling Canal should not be missed from your trip if time permit. It is another wonders in same level with Great Wall or Terracotta Warriors.
    • It is possible to reach Guilin by train from Guangzhou.
    • Yellow leaves trip is suggested if you visit Guilin in late Autumn, which can be arranged within one day together with Ling Canal and local village.
    • Learn some Chinese cooking skill or Chinese Kongfu is available. It is super cool when you tell this to your friend.
    • Popular Attractions of Guilin Tour

      Popular attractions of Guilin is the best choice for the first trip to Guilin.
      Li River: Li Rive cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo,
      Guilin city: Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill , Fubo Hill, Diecai Hill, Seven Star Park, Seven Star Cave, Jingjiang City, Duxiu Peak,
      Yangshuo: Banyan tree Park, Moon Hill, Jima Village, Yulong River, West Street,
      Longsheng: Rice Terraces, Zhuang and Yao Minority tribe's villages,
      Sanjiang: Wind and Rain Bridge, Drum Tower, China Dong Town, Mapang Drum Tower, Gaoding Village, Batuan Village, Chengyang Bazhai Village,
      XingAn: Ling Canal, Water Street, Merryland Theme Park, Local villages,
    • Classic Itinerary

      Most travelers stay in Guilin for 3 to 5 days. The following packaged tour is often used by travelers in the past.

      Day 1. Reach Guilin, Be met and transferred to hotel. ( , , )
      Day 2. Li River Cruise trip from Guilin to yangshuo, overnight in Guilin. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 3. One day Yangshuo leisure tour: Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, Yulong River. Drive back to Guilin. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 4. One day trip to visit Longsheng Dragon Backbone Rice Terrace. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 5. Morning tour of Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill. Be transferred to airport for departure. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
    • Planning and Operating

      Guilin trip is suggested to be planned several month in advance. If possible, please arrange tour date between April 15 and October 30.
      You need to make decision which place to visit among downtown Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo, Longsheng and Sanjiang.

      Then you need to decide number of days you prefer to spend in Guilin based on the places you want to visit.
      The next step is choose the place to overnight. All popular countys and towns are available to stay overnight, but the popular places to stay is downtown Guilin and Yangshuo.
      The attractions is suggested to be selected and arranged by a Guilin tour advisor.
      The latest step of planning is flight or train, which will be selected based on your tour itinerary.

      The first step of Guilin tour operating is flight or train to connect Guilin with other cities, because Guilin is not a big city, the flights and trains are limited. So the itinerary of Guilin trip should fit the time schedule of flight or train.
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