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Transportation to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport


There are 9 bus lines to the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport from city center.
No.806: Hongqiao International Airport(T1) to Lupu Bridge
Departs Time: 6:00-23:00
Fare: 2-5RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-22346541

No.807: Hongqiao International Airport(T1) to Qingjian Xincun
Departs Time: 5:30-23:00
Fare: 2RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-52757553

No.1207: Konggang Seventh Rd. to Hongqiao International Airport
Departs Time: 6:30-20:30
Fare: 1RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-62688177

Airport Line 1: Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Pudong International Airport
Departs Time: 6:00-23:00
Fare: 3RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-34661553

Hongqiao Line 4: Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Zizhu Science Park
Departs Time: 6:00-23:00
Fare: 1-8RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-34661556

Hongqiao Line 9: Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to West Jiading Metro Station
Departs Time: 6:00-23:00
Fare: 10RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-34661535

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Index

No.941: Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Shanghai Railway Station
Departs Time: 5:30-23:00
Fare: 2-6RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-34661573

No.316(Night Bus): Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to the Bund
Departs Time: 23:00-5:00
Fare: 2RMB
Phone Number: 86-21-34661573

Night Bus: Hongqiao Traffic Hub East Center to Lujiazui
Departs Time: from 22:30 to 45 minutes after flights finish
Main Stop: Jing'an Temple, People Square
Fare: 10RMB to Pudong, 16RMB to Puxi

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Subway Line 2 connects Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. Identification color for Subway Line 2 is Green. The cost is 9RMB for the whole trip and 8RMB from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport. It will take about 1 hour between the two airports. This line can only reach Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 station.
Subway Line 10 can reach Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 station and Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 station.


It will take about 30 minutes from Shanghai city center to Hongqiao International Airport and the cost is about 60RMB.