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  • Shanghai Half Day Tour

    half day sightseeing trip of Shanghai

    • Shanghai half day tour lead you to visit top attractions of Shanghai within half day , around 4 hours.


      Shanghai half day tour offers a short sightseeing of Shanghai within 4 hours. Most half day tours are operated based on private vehicle and private tour guide.

    Photo of Shanghai Half Day Tour

    • Shanghai half day tour photo covers images of vehicle and attractions often used in half day sightseeing.


    • Shanhgai half day tour refers to short Shanghai trip within half day (around 4 hours). It is also called Shanghai half day journey or '上海半日游' in Chinese.

      Most attractions of Shanghai half day tour are located in downtown Shanghai, because they do not need long time transfer. And almost all half day trips of Shanghai use private vehicle ad private tour guide.

      The half day trip of Shanghai is a good choice for business travelers. It is helpful to make full use of half day time in the biggest city of China.


    • Make full use of your each 4 hours in Shanghai,
    • Possible to discover top attractions of the city,
    • The half day tour of Shanghai is easy and convenient to be booked,
    • Half day Shanghai tour do not have high request on energy,
    • The tour is flexible,

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    Shanghai Half Day Tour Tips

    • Shanghai half day tour should be reserved in advance, although it is a short trip,
    • Please choose a hotel in downtown area when you need a half day tour in Shanghai,
    • Private half day tour is available to be tailored before final confirmation,
    • Join in half day tour is only available in part of peak season, please contact tour advisor when you need it,
    • Lunch or dinner is possible to be added based on extra cost,
    • Timetable

      Most Shanghai half day tour use the following timetable:
      Be met from your hotel lobby at 08:00 or 13:30.
      Drive to take sightseeing for two to three hours.
      Be transferred back to your hotel, service end.
    • Attractions

      The following attractions are often used in half day trip of Shanghai :
      The Bund, Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road, Yu Garden, Jade Buddhist Temple, Nanjing Road, Yu Market, Xintiandi, Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Pudong New area.
      Zhujiajiao is the only watertown can be included in a half day trip. And it needs extra hour when the traffic is heavy.
    • Classic Itinerary

      Most travelers takes the following half day tours:
      SH-PO-02. Shanghai half day tour of Yu Garden and the Bund
      SH-PO-03. Shanghai Museum, People's Square and the Bund half day tour
    • Type

      Most Shanghai half day trip are private tour based on private vehicle, driver and private tour guide. Sometimes there is join in half day tour available during peak season.
    • Sightseeing time

      Morning half day tour and afternoon half day tour are both available.

      Why us

    • Operate Shanghai half day trip since 2005, abundant experience,
    • High quality service based on professional vehicle, driver and tour guide licensed by Shanghai tourism bureau,
    • No hidden cost or trap in all half day trips,
    • No commission to third organization, low price promised.
    • Pick up time

      Most travelers start private half day tour at 08:00 on the morning or 13:30 in the afternoon.
      The pick up time of private half day tour is flexible. You may communicate with tour advisor to decide the pick up time.

      Pick up time of join in group half day tour is fixed and it will be included in the confirmation email.
    • Pick up place

      Private half day tour pick up travelers from hotel lobby in downtown Shanghai. Please let us know if you need to start the half day tour from exhibition center or conference center.
      The pick up place will be included in the confirmation email if you booked join in group half day tour in Shanghai.
    • Number of Attractions

      One to four attractions can be included in the half day trip of Shanghai. The number of attractions is affected by the size of attraction as well as your visiting speed.
      If you prefer to take a leisure pacing in Yu Garden sightseeing, then only one attraction can be arranged.

    Shanghai Half Day Tour Note

    • Deposit or prepayment should reach our account before tour date,
    • Shanghai half day tour is not suggested to be arranged before departure of flight or train,
    • Please try to avoid last minute booking,
    • Shanghai half day tour is not available to visit attractions out of Shanghai.

    Shanghai Half Day Tour FAQ

    • Is it possible to start Shanghai half day tour from airport ?
    • Yes, it is possible to pick you up from airport and then star the Shanghai half day tour. Please contact tour advisor to tailor the trip.
    • Can we visit a Watertown with Shanghai half day tour ?
    • It is possible. Zhujiajiao Watertown is located within Shanghai. So we can cover Zhujiajiao Watertown in Shanghai half day trip.
    • Is it possible to take Shanghai half day tour in the evening ?
    • Yes, it is possible to take half day Shanghai trip in the evening. We have separate section of Shanghai evening tour, which last around 3.5 to 4 hours in the evening.
    • Meal

      Shanghai half day tour do not include meal unless requested by travelers based on extra cost.
    • Vehicle

      5 to 50 seats vehicle are all available for the half day sightseeing in Shanghai. All vehicles are in good condition, equipped with air-conditioning.
    • Sightseeing Zone

      Only downtown Shanghai is available to be covered in the half day journey of Shanghai. The long driving to nearby city or Watertown is not available for the half day tour start from Shanghai.
    • Language

      All our guides in Shanghai speak both English and Chinese. Please contact us to reconfirm if you need other language speaking guides.
    • How to Book

      Please select a Shanghai half day tour routes and then press the booking button to make a reservation. Or you may send us the following information via email:
      Tour name, tour code, number of travelers, name of each travelers, payment method and hotel information (name, address, telephone, name used to reserve room)
    • Feedback

      It is available to fill in a feedback form at the end of each Shanghai half day trip. This is helpful to let us know the condition of our staff and service providers.
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