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  • Shanghai Transfer

    vehicle and driver service in Shanghai

    • Shanghai transfer service help travelers to move between airport, train station, hotel and attractions within or near Shanghai.


      Shanghai transfer offers vehicle and driver service to help travelers to move from one place to another one. The popular destination covers airport, train station, hotel and attraction in or near Shanghai.

    Photo of Shanghai Transfer

    • Shanghai transfer photo show you the airport, train station and vehicles of Shanghai.


      Shanghai transfer service is needed by most travelers, especially foreign travelers, to move between attractions, hotel and airport of Shanghai.
      Supported mainly by private vehicle and driver, Shanghai transfer is called "上海接送" or "上海接送服务".
      Only a few routes are available to use sharing transfer during peak season, and it needs reconfirm before reservation.

      There are two airports and two train stations for tourism in Shanghai. It is necessary to make it clear before making reservation. You are suggested to send us the flight or train information.
      All transfer needs prepayment or deposit before tour date.

      The transfer is available within downtown Shanghai or towns near Shanghai.


    • Help non-Chinese speaking travelers to reach their destination easily.
    • Make your stay in Shanghai convenient and comfortable.
    • Providing experienced driver to save your time.
    • The booking and confirmation of Shanghai transfer is eas.

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    Shanghai Transfer Tips

    • It is the best and comfortable way to reserve a private Shanghai transfer with experienced driver in advance.
    • We suggest private car or van from Airport, Train Station or Cruise port when you reach China with luggage.
    • If you travel with very light luggage, perhaps you may try the Maglev train from PVG airport to downtown Shanghai.
    • Please let us know the detailed address and telephone number if your start place or destination is apartment.
    • Popular Routes

      The popular Shanghai transfer routes covers:
      Shanghai Pudong International Airport transfer, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport transfer.
      Shanghai Train Station Transfer, Shanghai Hongqiao Station Transfer, Shanghai South Train Station transfer.
      Shanghai Waigaoqiao Cruise port transfer, Shanghai Huishan Port transfer,
      Shanghai Zhouzhuang transfer, Shanghai Suzhou transfer, Shanghai Hangzhou Transfer.

      Classic Itinerary

      Shanghai transfer often use the following itinerary:
      Be met from start place at appointed time.
      Transfer via vehicle and driver.
      Reach destination, service end.

      Start Place

      It is possible to start from any place of Shanghai, such as Shanghai airport, railway station, hotel, apartment, exhibition center, attractions, etc.
      When pick up travelers from hotel, driver will catch a paper with travelers name in hotel lobby. Waiting hall is the meeting place when driver pick up travelers from Shanghai Pudong or Hongqiao Airport.

      When travelers need to be met form train station of Shanghai, please follow other travelers to walk out train station. Driver will wait you outside of exit. We will inform travelers which gate to walk out in confirmation email.

      If travelers need to be picked up form cruise port, most tour guide wait outside of the exit to pick up travelers. If traveler travel with heavy luggage, we can apply a permit from cruise port, then we can drive the vehicle into the cruise port. The entry permit to cruise port needs extra cost based on different vehicle type.

      Please submit detailed address, telephone number when you need to be met from an apartment in Shanghai or a place out of Shanghai.

      Transfer Time

      Shanghai transfer can be started at any time of a day. But it needs extra cost when you need to start the transfer too early on the morning or too late in the evening.
    • Airport Transfer

      Shanghai airport transfer covers Transferring Start from airport and Transferring to Shanghai airport.
      Most Shanghai airport transfer start from arrival hall and end at departure hall.
      There are two airports in Shanghai, Pudong International Airport in east section of Shanghai and Hongqiao International Airport in south part of Shanghai. Please make clear which airport you are using before reservation.

      Train Station Transfer

      Shanghai train station transfer refers to 'the transferring to railway station' or 'transferring start from railway station'.
      Most Shanghai train station transfer pick up travelers from exit, or end the transfer at the entrance of railway station.

      There are three train stations for most travelers to Shanghai : Shanghai Station, Shanghai South Station and Hongqiao Station. Please send us the scanned copy of your tickets if you can not make clear which station you are using.


      Distance from downtown Shangai to main transfer hub of Shanghai is listed as below, which can be used as a reference when you book a transfer in Shanghai. The transfer time is subject to change in different weather or traffic condition.

      - Hongqiao Airport is 20 km west of Shanghai, around 40 minutes by car.
      - Pudong Airport (PVG) is around 50 km east of Shanghai, around 60 minutes by private car.
      - Hogqiao Train station is closed to Hognqiao Airport, 20 km west of Shanghai, around 40 minutes by car.
      - Shanghai Train Station is located at the north part of Shajnghai, around 7 km to The Bund.

    Shanghai Transfer Note

    • Shanghai is a huge city. It is not so easy for foreigners to move from one place to another when you do not speak Chinese.
    • Never arrange a tight time schedule before your departure flight, train or ship.
    • Do not use too cheap vehicle for transfer in Shanghai.
    • Please inform you tour advisor if you have many suitcases to Shanghai.

    Shanghai Transfer FAQ

    • How can we meet driver after booking a transfer in Shanghai ?
    • We will send a confirmation email including pick up place and time, after completing the transfer arrangement.
      Driver's name and mobile phone will be sent to you via email one day before transferring date.
      Please reach the pick up place before pick up time to find a paper with your name. Please dial the mobile phone number of driver or your tour advisor when necessary.
    • How long time in advance should we book the transfer of Shanghai ?
    • We suggest you to reserve your Shanghai transfer service as early as possible. Most travelers book the transfer one to 6 month in advance.
    • Can you do long distance transfer from Shanghai ?
    • Yes, we often arrange long distance transfer, such as Shanghai transfer to Hangzhou, Shanghai transfer to Mt.Huangshan, etc. 5 seats car to 50 seats tour coach are all available for the transfer.

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    • Vehicle

      5 seats car for 1 to 2 travelers, 9-15 seats van for 3 to 9 travelers, 22 seats mini bus for 10 to 16 and 30-50 seats coach for 17 to 40 travelers are all available for Shanghai transfer. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning.


      Tour guide is not a must for the transferring in Shanghai. Driver and vehicle can complete most transfers in Shanghai. Only few travelers request guide because of the extra cost, although tour guide is helpful for the communicating with driver.
      Most tour guide speak English and Chinese. Please let us know if you need other language speaking guide for the transfer as early as possible.

      Information for Booking

      Please send us the following information to make reservation of Shanghai transfer service.
      - Transfer date,
      - Name on passport, Mobile phone if available,
      - Numbers of guest, Number of suitcase,
      - Shanghai Hotel name, address and telephone number, Name you used to reserve hotel,
      - Arrival date, Arrival flight, Arrival time, Pick up sign,
      - Departure date, Departure flight, Departure time, Your preferred payment method.


      Most transfer service of Shanghai will be done by driver with private vehicle. Driver will catch a sign with traveler's name in hotel, airport, train station or cruise port.
      Almost all drivers do not speak English. An extra English speaking tour guide is necessary if you need to communicate with driver during transfer.

      Buffer time

      Beijingservice team leave one extra hour as buffer time when operate Shanghai transfer service because the traffic of Shanghai is heavy. This is the reason we pick up travelers from hotel 4 hours before departure time of flight.

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