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  • Shanghai Package Tour

    packaged sightseeing trip of Shanghai

    • Shanghai package tour offers convenient packaged trip including vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee, meal, parking and fuel.


      Covering most travel service providers, Shanghai package tour offers worry free travel service of Shanghai. Including hotel, vehicle, driver, tour guide, admission fee and meal, Shanghai package tour is the best product for your first trip of Shanghai.

    Photo of Shanghai Package Tour

    • Shanghai package tour photo covers images of most Shanghai packaged sightseeing providers, such as hotel, vehicle, guide, restaurant and tour guide.


      Shanghai package tour is also called 'packaged Shanghai trip', 'shanghai travel package', '上海包团旅游' or '上海包价旅游'.
      This kind of tour take cares most aspects of traveling in Shanghai, which makes travelers very easy to book and enjoy the sightseeing.
      Most Shanghai package tour covers Vehicle, Driver, Tour Guide, Admission, Hotel, Parking and Fuel.
      The convenience and easy makes Shanghai Package Tour the best choice for first trip to visit the biggest city of China.

      Shanghai private package tour and join in group package tour are both available. The join in group package is an less expensive way to visit Shanghai.

      The length of Shanghai package tour covers from 2 days downtown package to 7 days package covers Shanghai and surrounding area, such as Watertown, Suzhou or Hangzhou.


    • Shanghai package tour covers most traveling aspects, travelers do not need to arrange details on their own.
    • The price of Shanghai package tour is much lower than reserving each service separately.
    • Classic package tour covers most top attractions. It is the best choice for first visit of Shanghai.

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    Shanghai Package Tour Tips

    • Shanghai package needs to be reserved as early as possible, especially the package include hotel.
    • Taking package tour in winter offers you a lower price, which is only suggested to visit downtown Shanghai.
    • It is available to stay overnight in nearby city when you include the city in Shanghai package, such as Suzhou, Hangzhou.
    • Both old and New area of Shanghai are suggested to be included in your package.
    • Watertown or Suzhou garden are suggested to be included if you are not on a tight time schedule.
    • Classic Itinerary

      The following itinerary is often used by travelers to Shanghai.
      Day 1. Be met from Shanghai airport or train station and transferred to hotel.
      Day 2. 08:30am. Yu Garden, Yu Market, Shanghai Old Street, Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple, Xintiandi Area. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 3. 08:30am. Pudong New Area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Be transferred to train station or airport. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )

      The following days can be added if you prefer to visit Watertown or Garden City near Shanghai. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 4. Hangzhou : Visit West Lake, Six Harmony Tower, Hefangjie Historic Street. Overnight in Shanghai. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 5. Suzhou : Visit Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu Garden, Pingjiang Street. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 6. One day Watertown tour to visit Zhouzhuang. ( Breakfast, Lunch, )
      Day 7. Be transferred to airport or train station for departure. ( Breakfast, )

      Top Attractions

      Except the attractions in above classic itinerary, the following attractions are often used in packaged trip:
      Downtown Shanghai : City God Temple, old French concession area, 1933 Old Mill-fun, Tianzifang Art Zone, Huangpu River Cruise, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Old House Setting Museum, Postal Museum, Renmin Square, Maglev Train and Shanghai Fine Arts Gallary.


      According to above classic itinerary, most downtown Shanghai package tour is around 3 to 4 days.
      If you prefer to include Watertown, Suzhou Garden or Hangzhou, then one to four days need to be added.

    • Why Us

      Arrange Shanghai package tour since 2005,
      Well-selected and reliable service providers,
      High quality travel service based on quality-control-system,
      Reasonable price, no hidden cost, no trap,
      No commission to other organization, which secure a low cost.

      Unique Package

      Most travel agents and tour operators offers similar tour itinerary in Shanghai. Designers of Beijingservice made our own itinerary based on knowledge of attraction and experience.
      You may find both classic package as well as unique tour of Shanghai, which offer you a chance to discover the city in depth.

      You Own Package

      We offer plenty of packaged Shanghai tours on website. And it is also possible to contact our tour advisor to design or tailor your own packaged tour itinerary based on your interests. You may let us know your interests, tour date, tour length as well as you request on service providers.

    Shanghai Package Tour Note

    • It is not a good idea to visit Hangzhou, Suzhou and Water town in winter, because the scenery is not good as other seasons.
    • Deposit or prepayment should be received one week before tour date.
    • Do not arrange too many attractions in package, leisure pacing is better.
    • Most Shanghai package tour is based on English speaking guide, please let us know in advance if you need other language speaking guide.

    Shanghai Package Tour FAQ

    • What kind of vehicle is available in package tour of Shanghai ?
    • Shanghai package tour offers the following vehicles equipped with air-conditioning. Deluxe vehicles are only available upon request based on extra cost.
      5-7 seat bussiness van (for 1 to 5 persons)
      6-15 seats van (for 1-9 travelers group)
      22 seats mini-bus (for 10-16 travelers group)
      33-55 seats coach (for 16-30 travelers group)
      5 seats deluxe car, such as Benz M350, BMW740 (for 1-2 travlers).
    • Where can you start a Shanghai package ?
    • We can pick up travelers from airport, train station, cruise port or hotel. If you can provide a detailed address and mobile phone, we also can meet you from a housing estate. If you are in a city out of Shanghai, we can arrange the transfer between two cities.
    • Which hotel of Shanghai you often use in package ?
    • We often use the following hotels :
      5 star: Grand Central Hotel Shanghai, Jinjiang Hotel. 4 star: Central hotel Shanghai, Jianguo Hotel Shanghai, Wugong Hotel 3 star: Pacific Hotel Shanghai, Zhongfu Hotel Shanghai
    • Cities Nearby

      The following cities and corresponding attractions can be included in Shanghai package tour:

      Suzhou: Garden of the Master of the Nets, Lingering Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden
      Hangzhou: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Chinese Medicine Museum, Silk Museum, Tea Museum
      Nanjing: Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, Presidential Palace, Nanjing Museum, Ming Tomb, Linggu Temple Park
      Wuxi: Taihu Lake, Lihu Lake, Xihui Park, Jichang Garden, Liyuan Garden, Plum Garden,


      Ancient Towns or Ancient Water Towns available to be included in Shanghai package tour:
      Popular water towns: Zhouzhuang, Zhujiajiao, Tongli, Xitang, Wuzhen, Luzhi.

      Unpopular towns : Hexia, Yanguan, Congren, Mudu, Xidi, Longmen, Xinye, Jinxi, Dangkou, Nanxun, Fenghu, Qilishantang, Hongcun, Xinshi, Meili, Nanxi, Ershibadu, Gaoqian, Zhengyi, Shaoxing, Nanping, Zhenze Changxi, Yaowan, Yantou, Qiantong, Anchang, Qiandeng, Meicheng, Fantan, Liangnong, Ganlu, Huishan, Xuntang, Shifu, Digang, Huangqiao, Luzhen, Dongpu.
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